I am getting enough articles on Ikea that I thought I should make a separate page to make it easier to find the resources.

Do IKEA Beds Break Easily: Models to Avoid and Legs to Buy
Some IKEA beds break easily, but problems are mostly related to NEIDEN and TARVA models, and lack of maintenance by owners such as tightening the fasteners when they become loose and not sturdy. Longer screw-in-style legs have a higher breakage likelihood over solid short legs and headboard legs.

Ikea bed slats review: 312 lb weight test results
I tested the IKEA’s Luroy bed slats with my homemade concrete weights that I use for strength training while spending winters in Thailand. I am shocked at how strong these thin and light wood slats are, even with 312 lb on four of them!

Thuma Bed alternative: $150 Ikea crushes $900 Thuma
Thuma Bed alternative comparison had Thuma Bed winning six to four, but the modified Ikea Tarva won the more important categories including 12 times cheaper, strength, company history, and customer service. Thuma’s better for assembly, ecologically friendly, joinery, color options, appearance, and weight capacity.

Ikea Tarva strength test: Did it break?
I realize that the slats are taking a small amount of weight. but I balanced the weights over the rail as best I could without the concrete weights falling over, which they almost did a few times.

Are Ikea Mattresses Worth It? Helpful Tips
Ikea mattresses are worth it for sleepers in areas with one of their stores with a large selection of models, firmness, and materials that can be tested. They also have excellent customer service and return policy, a large online selection, and the security of purchasing from an older global company.

Ikea bed assembly: Tarva videos and photos
I created this helpful article as a resource for anyone who is about to try assembling an IKEA bed because the assembly manual is crap.

IKEA metal bed frame strength test fail?
For this test, I purchased an IKEA Grimsbu metal platform bed. For testing the strength and sag of the side rail I used my homemade concrete plates that I use for powerlifting training while spending the winter off-grid in Thailand