Nolah Mattress Complaints and Customer Service Rating

Nolah complaints include sagging, return policy, not remaining cool, too soft, the company not picking up the mattress for the return, and being uncomfortable. Customer service Live Chat tests showed excellent performance from knowledgeable and native English-speaking staff for a rating of 10 out of 10.

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Nolah Mattress BBB Complaints Analysis

There have only been four complaints filed with the BBB since September 2018. Surprisingly all four were filed in November and December of 2020. There are no details for two of the complaints, but I will share my thoughts on the two detailed ones.

BBB Complaint 1

Product in question: Nolah Signature Mattress 12″

The customer stated that the product was great for the first year and that they rotated it every four to six months. After one year the quality of the air pockets continued to degrade with excessive sagging and sinking, which is causing sleep issues.

Now, my wife and I are at a point that it sinks down far enough in the hips and center areas of our bodies, that we are unable to sleep on our side or stomach due to unnatural arching and curving of our bodies

BBB, accessed January 27, 2021

The customer did not get satisfaction from the Customer Service Representative and was denied a warranty claim.

Every company makes mistakes and it is, in my opinion, more important how a company deals with these issues. And I am impressed with the follow-up to this BBB complaint.

The co-founder of Nolah personally responded to the complaint and explained that it was a new employee that denied the warranty claim and that the Head of Customer Service approved it the next morning. The customer had filed the BBB claim during this timeframe.

The co-founder approved an immediate replacement to be sent to the customer, bypassing the warranty process.

This is a classy way to handle the situation and shows me that the company cares about its reputation. So I say score one for Nolah for the follow-up and taking care of the customer. The failing mattress is concerning of course.

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BBB Complaint 2

This customer is a company’s nightmare I think. The complaint is only one sentence long and basically says pick up my mattress and refund my MONEY.

It’s been over 30 days. Still waiting for them to pick up, the mattress, and refund my $$ $707.05

BBB, accessed January 27, 2021

Well, a company co-founder provided a long response and details about where the deal when off the rails.

The customer wanted to return the mattress before the end of the 30-day test period. This is a standard requirement with companies and should not be a surprise to anyone who did ANY research for buying online.

Rather than wait, the customer filed a chargeback with their credit card company. This means the money is removed from Nolah and is sort of “in escrow” until the credit card conducts an investigation and awards the funds to the customer or Nolah.

This can take a month or two, but the customer is demanding the funds from Nolah. If the credit card company awards the funds to the customer (which is doubtful in my opinion) then the customer would get their money back plus that amount again from Nolah.

Obviously, this cannot happen. This all would have been resolved if the customer didn’t go to DEFCON 1 right away. They created the situation they are in by filing a dispute with the credit card company rather than following the warranty policy requirements.

Score this one for Nolah. I am not taking sides, this is just how I see it based on my experience and research.

So that only leaves two other BBB complaints filed since September 2018 and I think that is a good track record… especially compared to some companies!

Reddit Complaints 

One common complaint among Nolah users is the mattress’s lack of ability to stick to its promise of remaining cool and relieving pain. 

Nolah Reddit Complaint 1

I am waiting on a response from Nolah about their ratings for the maximum weight for their products. I have not seen this information listed for any company so I doubt I will receive any information.

This customer is tall, heavy, and has bulging discs on his neck. Ok, so I am not sure how much value this complaint is going to have since he has two things that make it difficult for any mattress to provide him with a comfortable sleep.

He returned the Nolah and purchased a Winkbed and had the same issues. Well, he didn’t mention that his girlfriend had any issues with the two mattresses so I am going to guess that this situation is unique to a small percentage of the population.

I’m a hot side sleeper who is tall and considered heavy in the mattress world. I also have some bulging discs in my neck which makes sleeping difficult and I get pain in my neck/lower back.

Reddit, accessed January 27, 2021

Reddit Complaint 2

This couple liked it at first. His wife is a side sleeper and he is a stomach/back sleeper. After a month they were both pretty much pain-free and this is an improvement over their last mattress.

they both toss and turn all night, but wake rested and pain-free. So the tossing and turning is a complaint, but they feel good in the mornings.

Some complaint about it not being good for stomach sleepers, but he says it is fine for him. So these are what I might call good complaints haha. The real issue seems to be sagging.

lots of sinkage especially next to another person in the bed

Reddit, accessed January 27, 2021

Reddit Complaint 3

Too much motion transfer for this customer. I cannot understand the other two complaints of too soft and too hard.

It was both too soft and not supportive and too hard feeling if that makes sense.

Reddit, accessed January 27, 2021

Nope, it doesn’t make sense to me. Please let me know if you understand what that might mean and I will update this article.

Reddit Complaint 4

One customer had trouble getting Nolah to pick up the mattress for the return under the trial period. The customer says that their Customer Service Representative is trying to make a deal to save the company money due to issues with picking it up due to Covid.

Well, Covid has been around for about a year so update your policies if you are going to try to use it as an excuse. If I was this customer I would send an email and cc their state Attorney General. That should get their attention.

State in the email that you are going to file a complaint with the Attorney General and the BBB and file a dispute with your credit card company to issue a chargeback if they continue to go against their policies.

I hate it. Today I asked about returning it and this was their response: (basically we need an unspecified amount of time to arrange pickup due to covid or we will give you 60% of the cost back and you keep it)

Reddit, accessed January 27, 2021

Nolah Website Complaints & Rating

Nolah features an excellent 4.7 overall rating on its website. Boasting mostly positive reviews, most users love the mattress’s medium-firm feel and revolutionary cooling technology. Buyers enjoy the pressure-relieving ability. 

At the same time, plenty of buyers complain that it failed to contour to their pressure points. In fact, they note that it led to an uncomfortable night’s sleep. 

Nolah Customer Service Rating and Performance Analysis

Live Chat Performance

Its website live chat feature is amazing and I give its staff a 10 out of 10 rating. Other companies had to dig around for information most times, which is ok as they were mostly pretty quick. But this service is awesome as I asked for a couple of somewhat tough questions and the Customer Service Representative was able to copy and paste the information into the chatbox.

One question she (Tracey) had to dig up only took a few seconds. I was super impressed and the answers to my questions indicate to me that this is a quality product that I would be comfortable buying.

A summary of the important information received included:

  1. The maximum weight recommended for the Signature and Evolution models is 750 pounds. That means 350 pounds for each side on Queen, King, and Cal King size for the Original, Signature, and Evolution models. The company recommends these two models for sleepers over 190 pounds.
  2. The maximum allowable gap between the bed frame slats is 4″. This is more than most other companies which are usually 2.5 – 3″. This indicates to me the company is confident in the quality, strength, and durability of the three models.

Live Chat Transcript

You — Please update your info Hi, I am wondering if there is a weight limit for the signature and/or the evolution?

Tracey S joined the chat

Tracey S Hi there!
You — Please update your info Hello!
Tracey S Due to Nolah’s high-resilience poly foam, the mattress should easily support 700lbs total or 350lbs weight per person per side.
-350lbs for Twin, Twin XL, and Full.
-700lbs for Queen, King, and Cal King.

If you’re worried about accommodating someone significantly heavier than that, please be assured that any sleeper, regardless of weight, should be able to achieve the cooling comfort of the Nolah mattress.

We do recommend the Signature and the Evolution mattresses for anyone over 190lbs, due to the thicker and more durable support layers.

That said, while a significantly heavier sleeper will not void the warranty, it may cause Nolah to soften more quickly than with an average weight sleeper and therefore may eventually alter the comfort-providing abilities of Nolah.
Let me know if you have any other questions, as I am here to help ?
You — Please update your info Ok, thanks for the very fast response. I guess others have asked the same question lol
Tracey S Yes.
You’re welcome! Glad I could help. Have a good one!
You — Please update your info Is there an actual number of inches of sag included in the warranty? I saw one warranty that stated a 3″ and deeper dip would be covered by warranty.
Tracey S Let me get you the link, and I will look at it too.
The warranty covers product defects not caused by normal wear and tear.

The 10″ Original, the 12″ Signature, and the 15″ Evolution all have a limited lifetime warranty

Please click the below link for a detailed explanation of the warranty
You — Please update your info thank you 🙂
Tracey S You’re welcome.
if used correctly on a supportive and proper foundation/base which is substantial enough to support the mattress and its users – must only show normal deterioration, which is defined as having visible indentations of less than one inch (1.0”);
You — Please update your info ahhh, thanks. Is there a maximum gap between slats? I saw 3″ max on one and 2.5″ on another
Tracey S Yes. the max. is 4″.
The Nolah mattress can be used with almost any bed frame or foundation.

Most of our customers just continue to use their current foundation with their new Nolah mattress. If your bed foundation is slated, please ensure that the slats are not more than 4″ apart.

Any box spring, platform, adjustable base, hardwood floor, or carpet will all work great for your Nolah mattress.
You — Please update your info Wow, that is more than any other I noticed. That is great!

Nolah Warranty Policy Analysis

The lifetime limited warranty should be carefully looked at because after 15 years the coverage changes considerably. Some important points that I think potential buyers should consider includes:

  1. During the first 15 years “Nolah Sleep LLC shall be responsible for the repair or replacement and shipping costs associated with repair or replacement.” I am not sure how they would “repair” it.

    So this should be pretty straightforward, but there is no mention of the original defective mattress. So I am going to guess that the customer is responsible for disposing of the original one.
  2. Between years 15 and 25 years the company will decide between two options: 1. “repair the mattress at a handling cost to the original owner” and 2. send a replacement and the original customer must pay 50% of the cost of the original purchase price plus a $75 shipping fee.
  3. A warranty claim more than 25 years after purchase date is the same as #2 except the customer pays 60% of the original purchase price.
Screenshot of Nolah Warranty Policy
Screenshot of Nolah Warranty Policy. Source accessed January 29, 2021

WOW: I just realized that Nolah updated the warranty on November 1, 2020, and it makes ZERO SENSE. They need a lawyer or anyone to review it and fix it. The company states:

Only Nolah Mattresses which meet the following requirements will be replaced or repaired under the Limited Warranty:

  1. When the sag, or indent, is less than 1″. That means a brand new mattress that was never used qualifies for replacement under the warranty haha. Perhaps they should say something like “when sag exceeds 1″???
  2. “The Nolah Mattress must not show any physical damage to the foam caused by craftsmanship”. Again, a new mattress qualifies while a failing one cause by poor craftmanship is NOT cover lol.
  3. “must not show craftsmanship defects including seams and zipper”. Who is writing this important policy!
Screenshot of Nolah Warranty Policy. Source accessed January 29, 2021

Trial Period 

Nolah boasts a fantastic lifetime warranty that covers all manufacturing and craftsmanship defects. In case your shipment is defective, the brand replaces or repairs while covering all shipping costs.  

Moreover, the company offers consumers a 120-night to try out their desired mattress. That way, buyers can judge whether it meets their unique sleeping style or not. 


  • Three models: Original, Signature, and Evolution  
  • A medium-firm feel
  • Lifetime warranty 
  • 120-nights trial 
  • Donates returns to a local charity or recycling program  
  • Free delivery all over the US via FedEx
  • US-based products

Brief Introduction of the Company

Aiming to rejuvenate your sleeping experience, Nolah mattress manufactures a variety of models to cater to the unique needs of different sleeping profiles. These employ the best practices to design luxe and comfortable mattresses boasting a medium-firm feel. 

Nolah was launched in 2015 in Denver, CO.   


Three types of high-quality foam. These are available in an extensive range of sizes. 

Nolah Original 10

The Nolah Original comprises three layers of top-notch quality foam that combine together to provide a ten-inch tall mattress. 

The top 2-inch comfort layer of the mattress perfectly contours to your body to help relieve aches. The mattress AirFoam with its temperature regulation features, ensures you stay cool through the night. Furthermore, the layer offers sleepers a soft and luxe surface to lay on. 

Below the comfort layer rests a sturdy 1-inch support layer foam layer. The resilient layer offers incredible buoyancy, as well as motion isolation. It means that the Nolah Original is good for couples that want to enjoy an undisturbed night’s sleep. 

The last foundation layer of the Nolah Original is a staggering 7-inch tall. The high-density foam used reinforces the support of the above layers. Moreover, it ensures longevity and stabilizes the whole mattress.

These premium quality foam layers are encased in a snow-white Tencel cellulosic and organic cover. Boasting botanic origin, the luxurious layer ensures sustainability and a relaxed sleeping experience.  


  • It offers pressure relief to side and back sleepers. 
  • Zero motion transfer means combination sleepers get to enjoy a relaxed night’s sleep.
  • Good for relieving back and hip pain.
  • Durable 
  • Those who are on a shoe-string budget  


  • A stomach sleeper may not find it comfortable
  • Heavy sleeper may experience discomfort 

Nolah Signature 12

The Nolah Signature 12-inch mattress is manufactured from high-quality materials to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep. 

The 2.5-inch comfort layer features Nolah’s special AirFoam to ensure temperature regulation. That way, particularly hot sleepers can enjoy a cool and relaxed resting time. In addition to this, the layer offers a soft firm that perfectly contours your body.

Next comes a 1.5-inch high support layer. The second layer boasts a durable foam that makes it sufficiently buoyant. Moreover, it offers excellent motion isolation that lets sleepers move around without feeling trapped. 

Below the support, layer rests a 7-inch tall, sturdy foundation. The high-density and sustainable foam support the above layers, as well as increases its lifespan.  

Last but not least, Nolah Signature boasts an additional 1-inch support layer that doubles as the firm sleeping surface for back and side sleepers. The layer perfectly contours all your pressure points to help enhance your sleeping experience. Moreover, combination sleepers seeking a firmer surface can simply flip their mattress.

Engulfing all four top-tier quality layers is a custom-made, luxe cotton cover. The layer uses no harsh chemicals and is organic to ensure comfort and temperature regulation. Enjoy a cool sleeping time as the cover naturally wicks away moisture. 


  • The flippable design allows you to choose between two firmness options.
  • Incredible motion isolation 
  • Medium-firm favors side and back sleepers.


  • Poor-quality edge support
  • Heavier sleepers may feel uncomfortable through the night. 

Nolah Evolution 15

Nolah Evolution is an amalgam of xyz varying layers that unify to form a total height of 15-inches.  

The top 2-inch layer of the Nolah Evolution mattress features the brand’s custom-made ArcticTex quilted top. Featuring high thermal conductivity, the layer draws excess heat away from your body. Not to mention, the layer lacks any harsh chemicals to ensure sustainability and comfort.     

Below the innovative top layer rests another 2-inch comfort layer. The cooling layer boasts a graphite infusion that further assists in drawing excess heat away from your body. Moreover, it contours to your pressure points to offer relief and comfort. 

Next comes a 2-inch support layer featuring a durable and resilient foam. It ensures a smooth transition from the comfort layer to the core layer. Moreover, it offers incredible buoyancy that allows sleepers to comfortably switch positions. 

Underneath the foam support layer is an 8-inch patented tri-zoned coil unit. The high-quality support coils offer 25% more support, thus relieving pressure points. Moreover, these coils are encased in a proprietary Edge-Tech foam that naturally wicks away moisture to ensure you stay cool throughout the night. Moreover, the mattress boasts reinforced parameters.

Last but not least, the mattress includes a 1-inch high-density support foam. The resilient material stabilizes the above layers and increases the mattress’s lifespan.

Encasing these top-tier layers is an incredible ArcticTex cover. The layer encourages air circulation and wicks away moisture. It means that buyers can enjoy sleeping on a cool and comfy layer free from harsh chemicals.      


  • Those that are looking for budget-friendly memory foam 
  • Medium-firm is perfect for side and combo sleepers
  • The combination of memory foam with coil ensures durability 


  • Stomach sleepers may find the mattress too firm
  • Heavier sleepers may experience sinkage around the hip and shoulders area
Back StomachSide Combination
Unnatural spinal
Contours to
pressure points
Relieves pressure
Sleepers may
experience discomfort 
Relieves pressure
Even distribution Proper spinal
Twin38 x 8064910991799
Twin XL38 x 80 79911991899
Full54 x 75 89913992099
Queen60 x 80 114915992299
King76 x 80 124917992399
72 x 84 124917992399

Buying Experience

Nolah Mattress aims for maximum customer satisfaction by combining premium quality with user-friendly policies. 

Shipment, Delivery, and Returns

Nolah delivers top-notch quality in an eco-friendly box to reduce shipping volume by a substantial amount. Typically, shipment takes anywhere between two to eight business days. After you place your order, Nolah crafts a brand-new mattress in a day or two before delivering it to your curbside in one to four days. 

You may even track your delivery using the FedEx tracking number sent to you via email. In case you don’t like your mattress, you may contact the company for a full refund. Here Nolah will pick up the mattress from your location and donate it to charity or recycle it through local state programs. However, Nolah encourages all buyers to try it for at least 30 days. 

Helpful Information 

I have seen the same questions popping up during my research so I will try to provide that information here. Please let me know if you want something else added to this section.

Does it Off-gas?

Just like any other brand, it will also off-gas. However, it will dissipate within a day or two. So it is best to plan to put it in a spare bedroom for a night or two with a window or two open. This goes for all mattresses in my opinion.

Does it Sleep Hot?

They feature a breathable cover that encourages air circulation. The AirFoam is designed to prevent the trapping of heat to ensure hot sleepers can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.

I haven’t found much information available online so I am conducting more extensive research and will post the information once the research and analysis are complete

Do You Require a Box Spring?

 The three models can all be placed on a platform foundation or base with gaps between the slats less than 4″ to comply with the warranty requirements.

I verified with a Customer Service Representative that any bed frame should work as long as the gaps between slats are not more than 4″.

Here is the basic answer-The Nolah mattress can be used with almost any bed frame or foundation.

Most of our customers just continue to use their current foundation with their new Nolah mattress. If your bed foundation is slated, please ensure that the slats are not more than 4″ apart.

Any box spring, platform, adjustable base, hardwood floor, or carpet will all work great for your Nolah mattress.

Nolah Customer Service via Live Chat
Nolah Customer Service Live Chat Screenshot
Nolah Customer Service Live Chat Screenshot

My concern about the metal wire grid type of platform foundation is that the pictures on the website only show wood bases with wood slats.

So you might want to bookmark this page (for the screenshot of the live chat) if you have a metal grid platform foundation and have problems with a warranty claim in the future.

Customer Reviews 

Nolah Mattress boasts a remarkable overall 4.7 rating on its website and a 4.8 on its Facebook page. Moreover, 7 out of every 10 buyers have had a positive experience. 

Nolah consumers rave about the luxurious sleeping surface boasting premium quality materials. A buyer on their website says, ‘I love my Nolah mattress. The first night or two I was unsure about *** because the mattress felt a little harder than I like, but within a couple of days it softened up and I am now in love with it. So comfortable and cozy!”

Apart from that, an extensive range of users proves that Nolah sticks to its mission of relieving pain in a comfy yet affordable. “My husband and I suffered from headaches, neck aches, and backaches upon waking every morning. Did a bit of research and for side sleepers, this mattress scored high! Super fast shipping and easy assembly! We have 0 aches and pains.”  

In addition to back and side sleepers loving it, combination sleepers and couples also enjoy it. “Comfy. My partner can’t feel me moving around all night (I’m a crazy sleeper). We both love it.”


Nolah mattress offers users a comfortable and luxe sleeping surface to lay on. All at an affordable price. Side and back sleepers can benefit from the memory foam layer that relieves pressure points. 

The mattress boasts a medium-firm feel that allows most sleeping types to enjoy a relaxed night’s sleep. However, stomach sleepers and heavier sleepers may want something firmer.    

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