3D Modeling and Product Designing Services

3d modeling
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Over the past few years, 3d Modeling has gained immense popularity due to its wide range of applications in all fields. 3d designs are accurate and precise. Moreover, it allows you to get a realistic view of the product from different angles even before it is truly built. In other words, 3d product modeling allows you to judge ideas and make them flawless.

The CAD software is mainly used for 3d process modeling and 3d product modeling or rapid prototyping. Creating 3d Architectural Models for project assessment is an emerging use of CAD software. GP Bullhound predicts that by 2023, the CAD software market for 3d designing will reach up to 8.4 billion USD.

What is 3d Modeling?

3d Modeling is the process of creating a 3-dimensional image of an object using specialized CAD software. To get the 3d-coordinate based representation of an object, geometrical entities like edges, lines, triangles, curved surfaces, vertices, polygons, etc., are used.

In addition, 3d designs can be physically made using 3d printing technology. This helps in further examination and prototyping of the products. It also eliminates the need to buy expensive molds and assembly parts.

To sum up, 3d modeling technology aids in creating a 3-dimensional image of anything and everything that lies above the surface of the earth. CAD software used to make 3d designs of an object are SketchUpAutoCAD3D CAD Pytha, etc.

3d product modeling

The consumer goods industry is continually evolving. For survival and progress, you must develop innovative product ideas every day because this is the only way to pace up with your competitors. Here, the need for an excellent product design engineer arises.

We provide 3d design services for everything from new 3d product modeling to developing an architectural model. We use the latest CAD software for 3d product modeling.

3d product modeling is not only helpful in the initial stages of manufacturing. It acts as a sneak peek before releasing a final product to your audience. This helps in product advertisement and to create excitement amongst the interested audience. Therefore, product modeling is recommended before proceeding to mass production. Product design engineers at dizz.com suggest ideas that meet your customer expectations and require less money and time.

3d architectural modeling

Every architectural project is nothing but an idea on a piece of paper in its formative stages. One of the highlighting advantages of architectural Modeling is one central model that highlights all the core details of the complete project. In addition, it creates ease in your work while presenting your ideas to your client and stakeholders.

The architecture or construction industry uses 3d printing and 3d modeling technology for the visual representation of the project. 3d designs can be used to figure out the site layout of the complete project. This creates ease of work, reduces the overall cost of the project, and increases worksite efficiency.
In addition, 3d designs can be created for the MEFP plan of a complete architectural project. 3d design of an architectural project can be used throughout the project life cycle. To sum up, it helps in maintenance, operation, and management purpose.

In conclusion, the use of 3d Modeling increases accuracy and avoids rework. In addition, it cuts down on the operational and labor costs of the project.

3d architectural Modeling of a project includes the following.

  • Exterior modeling- Highlights landscaping, walkways, bridges, and other exterior components around the building.
  • Interior Modeling – Complete interior designing includes everything from space planning, furniture modeling, color customization, and beautification of the space.

Freelance 3D Modeling services

Services at dizz.com are accessible to everyone from architects, interior designers, furniture retailers, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs. We start simple and work towards complexity to give you a realistic view of your thoughts in a short time. Our priority is to give you the best possible experience once you engage with us. We offer 3d modeling services for industrial and residential projects for better visualization of the concept.

Our 3d model library includes everything from hardware to sanitary and different appliances used daily. Further, we address the need of furniture manufacturers by providing them with 3d designs of all kinds of furniture accessories. For instance, office, bedroom, living room, kitchen accessories, base cabinets, wall cabinets, shutters, etc.

Our core strengths are:

  • 3D MODELING – Creating 3d models from images, sketches, and concepts for an effortless manufacturing process.
  • RENDERING 3d rendering of products and photorealistic imaging of interior or commercial projects.
  • FURNITURE MODELING – 3d product design for furniture, interiors, or exteriors in 3d max. Carving and texturing for 3d furniture models.
  • PRODUCT MODELING – Making 3d models of customized consumer products using suitable CAD software.
  • CAD CONVERSION – Convert your 2d drawing, pdf files to 3d with the relevant CAD format.
  • 3D PRINTING – 3d printing of 3d designs or we can optimize your existing 3d designs for 3d printability.
  • ANIMATION – Provide functional animated videos and exploded 3d files of any product.
  • 3D ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN – Building plan, Site layout, and MEPF plan of complete Architectural project.

Why dizz.com for 3d product design?

  • Unlimited modeling features in 3D.
  • On-time delivery of all your projects.
  • Experts in this field work on your project to deliver superior-quality 3d product designs.
  • We are here to provide cost-effective solutions to all your ideas quickly.
  • We also offer 3D architectural design services for AEC professionals.

Our team of experts personally interacts with you to represent and elicit your expectations. Freelance 3d modeling service from us and we will give you the best customer experience with a cost-effective solution to all your ideas. Rely on us for 3d designing, photorealistic rendering, drafting, and detailing to get a birds-eye view of the complete architectural project.