3d Printing and its Advantages to AEC Industry​

3d printing
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Traditional manufacturing is solely based on human labor, and it requires more time, effort, and material. 3D printing is a toolless process of transforming a digital 3D model into hand-holding 3-dimensional objects. The material used for printing is added layer by layer until the final model is made. Therefore, it is also known as additive manufacturing. 3D print of an object can be made overnight; hence before proceeding to the CNC machining of an object it is recommended to 3D print the product and judge all the aspects. The most common industrial application of 3D printing is manufacturing tools, prototypes, and functional end-use parts.

In the past few years, CAD has evolved so much that it is also accessible to small companies at an individual level. However, in the early years of invention, 3d printing was an expensive Technology. Since 2000, a remarkable increase in both the affordability and advantages of 3D printing is seen. According to research published by Thomas Alsop on Sep 22, 2020, the global 3D printing market was worth 12.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2019, and it is likely to rise to 15.4 billion U.S. dollars by the end of 2020. 

Today, 3D printing is used in almost everything – for instance, product designing, tool and component manufacturing, metalworking, aerospace, etc. Rapid manufacturing is another emerging use of 3d printing where industries use it for small-batch custom manufacturing. It helps designers and manufacturers to get a rough idea of how the finished product will look before investing a lot of time and money.

Other uses include:


Making consumer products like eyewear, footwear, furniture, and movie props.


To replicate ancient artifacts and historical evidence.


To reconstructs evidence in forensic pathology.


In the medical field for making dental products.

Advantages of 3d Printing

Less Workforce

The toolless method for making models, therefore, eliminates the cost, lead time, and labor required for the production of tools.

Easy to Work

Allows you to eliminate assembly requirements for products with intricate geometry and complex features.

Cost Management

It helps designers to manufacture numerous products depending on their requirements using the same build chamber at no additional process cost.

No Expensive Tools

No, don’t need to buy expensive tools and more draftsmen for manufacturing prototypes.

Fast and Easy

Making models using 3D printing technology is just a matter of days.

Work on Time

In addition, it offers higher precision and a shorter lead time.

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