70 Different Types of Beds

When shopping for a new bed, most people aren’t aware of the wide range of options. Our guide features 70 different bed types and frames, catering to various styles. So, next time you’re bed shopping, skip the ordinary and discover the perfect match for your home and lifestyle with our guide.

#1 Spindle Bed Frame

Spindle Bed Frame

What sets this bed frame apart is the inclusion of spindles in the headboard and sometimes the footboard, giving it a timeless appeal suitable for virtually any bedroom style.

#2 Slat Bed Frame

Slat Bed Frame

A slat bed frame is among the simplest bed frames available, consisting of wooden planks held together by rubber holders. It serves as a basic foundation for your mattress.

#3 Sleigh Bed Frame

Slat Bed Frame

True to its name, a sleigh bed frame takes its inspiration from a sleigh, featuring curved wooden footboards and headboards. This classic bed frame design originated in the early 19th century.

#4 Wingback Bed Frame

Slat Bed Frame

Wingback bed frames are primarily recognized for their distinctive headboards. In contrast to the standard flat headboards, wingback bed frames sport headboards with curved lines and extended sides. These headboards can be crafted from various materials, including luxurious velvet.

#5 Wrought Iron Bed Frame

Wrought Iron Bed Frame

Wrought iron bed frames are constructed using exceptionally durable metal, capable of supporting heavy loads without bending. Additionally, these bed frames can feature intricate designs on their headboard and footboard.

#6 Ornate Bed Frame

Ornate Bed Frame

Ornate bed frames typically feature elaborate designs on both the headboard and footboard, with materials ranging from iron to metal. These intricate designs bring a touch of complexity and a playful aesthetic to your bedroom decor.

#7 Platform Bed Frame

Platform Bed Frame

A platform bed frame is characterized by its robust base that provides mattress support, eliminating the need for a box spring or additional foundation. These bed frames are typically lower to the ground but can be elevated by adding a foundation for increased height.

#8 Adjustable Bed Frame

Adjustable Bed Frame

Equipped with a remote control, adjustable bed frames can be easily adjusted to various pressure-relieving positions, elevating both the feet and head to accommodate your desired posture. These bed frames are designed to alleviate discomfort during sleep. The Casper adjustable bed frame also includes a soothing massage feature with three intensity levels for added comfort.

#9 Upholstered Bed Frame

Upholstered Bed Frame

Upholstered bed frames are cloth-covered and offer a range of materials like suede, velvet, faux leather, and various designs, sometimes featuring embroidery and button accents.

#10 Brass Bed Frame

Brass Bed Frame

Brass bed frames exude an antique charm. Brass, a versatile metal, ranges in colors from gold to silver-yellow. Generally, the more silver-toned the brass bed frame, the more affordable it tends to be.

#11 Wood Bed Frame

Wood Bed Frame

Wood bed frames, crafted from solid wood, offer exceptional durability and are customizable. They can be relatively heavy but often don’t require a box spring. Always verify the product description when making a purchase.

#12 Metal Bed Frame

Metal Bed Frame

Metal bed frames are sturdy and straightforward, capable of supporting substantial weight and boasting remarkable durability. They come in a range of styles, with options featuring headboards and those without.

#13 Simple Bed Frame

A simple bed frame is minimalistic, featuring legs for support beams and no headboard or footboard. Additional headboards and footboards may need to be purchased separately, and in some cases, a box spring might be necessary. Always consult the product description before purchasing.

#14 Standard Bed Frame

Standard Bed Frame

A typical bed frame is low with both headboard and footboard, requiring a box spring.

#15 Novelty Bed

Novelty Bed

Kids’ novelty beds are unconventional, shaped like boats, pirate ships, space ships, or popular characters like Spongebob Squarepants, making bedtime enjoyable for children.

#16 Cabin Bed

Cabin Bed

Much like treehouse beds, cabin beds are designed in the shape of cabins. These wooden beds are slightly elevated and feature a roof and windows, offering kids the opportunity to cozy up and imagine they’re in the woods.

#17 Car Bed

Car Bed

Car beds cater to kids who have a passion for cars, offering various styles like race cars and Jeeps. They are typically close to the ground, ensuring safety and preventing falls.

#18 Bed with Slide

Bed with Slide

For active kids, opt for a bed with a slide. Raised on one side with a ladder and a slide on the other, it adds a fun morning element for your little ones.

#19 Loft Bed

Loft Bed

A loft bed is a raised single bed with space underneath, ideal for kids’ bedrooms. It’s like a bunk bed but lacks a bottom bed. The space below can be used for a desk or play area.

#20 Trundle Bed

Trundle Bed

Trundle beds are the inverse of bunk beds, featuring a pull-out bed underneath. They’re an excellent space-saving solution for kids’ rooms and are perfect for sleepovers.

#21 Futon Bunk Bed

Futon Bunk Bed

Futon bunk beds combine a top bed with a futon below, offering versatility and suitability for small bedrooms or studios.

#22 Built-In Bunk Bed

Built-In Bunk Bed

Built-in bunk beds are integrated into the room’s wall, serving as significant space-saving solutions and often suitable for DIY projects.

#23 Triple Bunk Bed

Triple Bunk Bed

True to their name, triple bunk beds consist of three stacked beds made of either metal or wood. They are available in various sizes, including full, twin, and queen, catering to children of different ages.

#24 Bunk Bed

Bunk Bed

Bunk beds are a popular choice for kids sharing rooms. They maximize space by stacking one bed above the other, creating a compact unit with a ladder for access to the top bed.

#25 Single Bed

Single Bed

Single beds, though a standard size, are often chosen for kids’ rooms due to their smaller dimensions (36 x 75 inches), suitable for toddlers and young children.

#26 Scandinavian Bed

Scandinavian Bed

These Nordic-inspired beds offer a simple, clean look that’s great for modern homes. The headboards of this style bed are usually clean and made of solid wood.

#27 Distressed Bed

Distressed Bed

Distressed beds exude a vintage appearance, crafted from weathered wood intentionally showcasing imperfections. For a DIY approach, you can create your own distressed bed using sandpaper or paint stripper.

#28 Woven Bed

Woven Bed

Woven beds, also known as rattan or wicker beds, offer a casually chic ambiance. They feature a distinctive bed frame created by weaving wooden materials, adding texture to farmhouse, country, or beach-style homes.

#29 French Bed

French Bed

French beds, known for their timeless beauty, typically feature opulent upholstered headboards. They are an excellent choice for master suites, infusing a touch of romance into any space.

#30 Mid-Century Bed

Mid-Century Bed

Mid-century beds showcase a sleek design, often drawing inspiration from the 1900s and crafted from wood, evoking a vintage aesthetic.

#31 Cottage Bed

Cottage Bed

Cottage beds, an older bed style, are characterized by distinctive headboards with unique carvings or colors. They are an excellent fit for farmhouse, country, or beach-style homes.

#32 Mission Style Bed

Mission Style Bed

Mission style beds are known for their use of natural wood to achieve a simple and elegant appearance. These bed frames typically incorporate flat panels and a combination of horizontal and vertical lines.

#33 Retro Bed

Retro Bed

Retro beds offer distinctive vintage and antique designs, suitable for both old-fashioned and modern looks, complementing mid-century modern homes.

#34 Industrial Bed

Industrial Bed

Industrial beds, inspired by factories, feature wrought iron frames and exude a rustic ambiance. These beds serve as remarkable statement pieces and are an excellent fit for contemporary homes. For a cabin-like feel, opt for an industrial bed with wooden elements.

#35 Modern Bed

Modern Bed

A modern bed boasts up-to-date design, offering simplicity and versatility that complements various home styles.

#36 Country Bed

Country Bed

Like rustic beds, country-style beds exude an outdoor, aged charm. These beds are usually crafted from wood and frequently showcase paneling at the head and foot.

#37 Rustic Bed

Rustic Bed

A rustic bed achieves the desired rough, weathered, and natural appearance, making it a popular choice for cabins and older homes.

#38 Traditional Bed

Traditional Bed

Traditional beds encompass a variety of designs from bygone eras, such as poster beds and canopy beds. They are often crafted from dark wood to embody the enduring traditional style.

#39 Open-Frame Bed

Open-Frame Bed

Open-frame beds are minimalist with metal frames that offer various styles incorporating open rectangular spaces. They are an excellent choice for modern homes, adding a touch of style to any bedroom.

#40 Cot Bed

Cot Bed

While not the top choice for sleeping, a cot bed offers great convenience. It comes with wheels at the base and can be folded for easy storage, making it a handy solution when space is limited and you have overnight guests.

#41 Lighted Bed

Lighted Bed

A lighted bed is defined by its headboard with built-in lights. It’s ideal for individuals who enjoy reading in bed or prefer gentle lighting when sleeping.

#42 Upholstered Bed

Upholstered Bed

Upholstered beds use diverse materials for frames like suede, velvet, and faux leather, with padded headboards that offer a soft and comfortable feel, ideal for reading or working while seated on the bed.

#43 Indoor Hammock Bed

Indoor Hammock Bed

Hammocks, typically crafted from canvas or rope, are suspended by tying ropes to higher supports. Traditionally used for outdoor lounging and camping, hammocks have gained popularity as indoor beds.

#44 Wave Bed

Wave Bed

The wave bed has a frame shaped like a wave and can be made from leather or wood, making it a stylish choice for modern and contemporary homes.

#45 Rocking Bed

Rocking Bed

Relive the soothing feeling of being rocked to sleep from your childhood with a rocking bed designed for adults. It features a circular frame with an attached motor that, when activated, gently rocks the bed back and forth, helping you fall asleep in no time.

#46 Sonic Bed

Sonic Bed

For music enthusiasts, the sonic bed is a unique option with a built-in speaker system for playing music while you sleep. Resembling a large wooden tank elevated about three feet off the ground, it houses the mattress inside the frame, creating a surround-sound experience with built-in speakers. Whether you enjoy podcasts or classical music to wind down, this bed could be an ideal choice for you.

#47 Magnetic Floating Bed

Magnetic Floating Bed

A magnetic floating bed is an unusual style, using permanent magnets to levitate the bed, making it a luxury item with a higher cost.

#48 Enignum Bed

Enignum Bed

The Enignum bed, a canopy bed by Irish designer Joseph Walsh, is known for its unique design at the head. Delicate wooden pieces arch over the bed, often adorned with silk curtains, creating an intimate and enchanting aesthetic.

#49 Hanging Bed

Hanging Bed

A hanging bed is precisely that, suspended from the ceiling. It provides a distinctive style and versatility, serving as outdoor lounge furniture or a comfy bed swing, particularly for those who find comfort in gentle rocking to sleep.

#50 Panel Bed

Panel Bed

A panel bed has rails at the foot and head, designed to accommodate both a mattress and a mattress foundation. The bed base usually incorporates wooden panels for enhanced breathability, contributing to the longevity of your mattress and foundation.

#51 Half Tester Bed

Half Tester Bed

Half tester beds resemble poster beds, but with low feet and only posters rising near the headboard, hence the name “half.” These beds were prevalent in the late 1700s and are often found in older-style homes.

#52 Contemporary Canopy Bed

Contemporary Canopy Bed

A contemporary canopy bed is a modern take on the traditional canopy bed. It features a thin frame made from various materials to suit your style, making it versatile for most bedrooms and capable of adding height to smaller spaces.

#53 Traditional Canopy Bed

Traditional Canopy Bed

Traditional canopy beds, like poster beds, have posters rising from each corner. What sets them apart is that these posters connect to form a frame around the bed. They feature thick wooden posters, and fabric can be draped over the frame to create a cozy and intimate ambiance.

#54 Ottoman Bed

Ottoman Bed

An ottoman bed utilizes gas-lifting hydraulics beneath the mattress to raise it, unveiling extra storage space. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking to declutter their living space and add additional storage without compromising comfort.

#55 Divan Bed

Divan Bed

Divan beds have a distinctive base with a wooden frame wrapped in fabric, frequently including a headboard and storage drawers. They’re equipped with a mattress that’s tailored to fit the base, serving as a comprehensive solution for those in search of a combined bed and mattress.

#56 Round Bed

Round Bed

A round bed, shaped like a circle and approximately the size of a king-sized mattress, is perfect for lounging and suits TV rooms, theater rooms, or positioning near large windows.

#57 Half Poster Bed

Half Poster Bed

The half poster bed, the final member of the poster bed family, stands out due to the differing poster sizes. The foot posters are exceptionally short, even shorter than those on the low poster bed, while the head posters are of regular height.

#58 Pencil Poster Bed

Pencil Poster Bed

Similar to the previous poster beds, the pencil poster bed features four corner posts, but these posts are notably thinner and were especially popular during the 18th century.

#59 Low Poster Bed

Low Poster Bed

A low poster bed resembles a four-poster bed but stands out due to its significantly shorter corner posts, typically only a few inches in height.

#60 Four-Poster Bed

Four-Poster Bed

Four-poster beds feature prominent corner posts and are a favored choice for spacious bedrooms, with post designs ranging from rustic to regal.

#61 Convertible Bed

Convertible Bed

If you appreciate multifunctional furniture, a convertible bed is perfect for you. It easily converts from a bed to a sofa and vice versa, suitable for various spaces, but commonly found in guest rooms.

#62 Murphy Bed

Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed, also called a pull-down or wall bed, is ideal for space-saving. It has a hinge for folding it against the wall and often includes storage in the sides, making it perfect for studios and small apartments.

#63 Bookcase Bed

Bookcase Bed

Bookcase bed designs are great for book lovers, featuring bed frames with built-in bookshelves in the headboard for easy access to your favorite reads.

#64 Air Bed

Air Bed

Air beds, distinct from air mattresses, are filled with air but serve a more permanent purpose for home use rather than camping or travel. They can function as regular beds and even be used in pull-out couches.

#65 Water bed

Water bed

Unlike memory foam or spring mattresses, waterbeds are filled with water. While not the most common choice, they offer benefits such as soothing sore muscles, and are used in various physical therapies. The heated water can provide therapeutic relief and alleviate pressure on aching joints.

#66 Futon

Futon bed

Similar to a daybed, a futon serves as both a couch and bed. This traditional Japanese bedding is ideal for small rooms and apartments. Its folding design allows for easy storage and placement throughout your home.

#67 Daybed


A daybed is incredibly versatile, serving as a bed, bench, and sofa. It’s a more elegant option than a futon and comes in various sizes, often for twin beds. Daybeds are suitable for home offices, guest rooms, and even outdoor patios.

#68 King Bed

King bed

A king mattress, measuring 76 inches in width and 80 inches in length, is the widest available. It’s ideal for single sleepers who prefer plenty of space or couples with kids and pets.

#69 Queen Bed

Queen bed

A queen mattress, 60″ by 80″, suits both single sleepers and couples. It’s ideal for master bedrooms of at least 10 x 10 feet.

#70 Twin Bed

Twin bed

A queen mattress, 60″ by 80″, suits both single sleepers and couples. It’s ideal for master bedrooms of at least 10 x 10 feet.


That’s all about the ‘Different Types of Bed Frames’. If you still have any questions feel free to write in comments.

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