Airbag Light 10-Step Guide to Resetting [PDF]

In this article, we shall learn the steps of how to reset your Airbag Light. We have also provided a PDF for the same.

Introduction To Airbag System

One of the most important car safety features is the airbag light which should never be ignored. If the light is blinking or is on then the airbag safety system is working improperly. if someone ignores the airbag light then you are responsible for putting yourself and your passengers in danger. It gets complex to reset this airbag light so we have got you covered with the 10 steps to resetting your airbag light.

Here we shall educate ourselves on how to reset our airbag light beginning with the identification of the problem followed by how to resolve it and also provide additional tips on how to maintain one’s airbag system to prevent problems in the future.

what is car airbag system
what is airbag system

Understanding the Airbag System

It is important to understand how the airbag system works before we get into the details of resetting the airbag light. This is a safety feature that is designed and installed to deploy in case the vehicle meets an accident

This airbag system consists of various parts such as control modules, sensors, and airbags. The sensors are used to detect the impact and the control modules is to interpret the signal received from the sensor and deploy the airbag to cushion the passengers in case of an accident. For this reason, we are emphasizing why it is important to prioritize this issue.

Why is the Airbag Light On?

Whenever there is a problem or malfunction within the airbag system the airbag light starts blinking in the car’s dashboard. This light starts showing on the dashboard either due to a malfunctioning control module, faulty sensor, or damaged airbag.

Airbag warning light
importance of air bag warning light

Importance of Resetting the Airbag Light

To ensure that your airbag system is functioning properly it is important to take measures for resetting the airbag light. If the airbag light stays on it means there is some problem with the airbag system and the airbags are deactivated which could put everyone in danger in case of an accident as there will be improper or no deployment of airbags.

To ensure your airbags are deployed on time or the whole system is reactivated then it is important to reset your airbag light. This ensures that the passengers and the driver all are safe during the course of an accident.

Precautions Before Starting the Resetting Process

These are the precautions that one must undertake before they get into the process of resetting the airbag light. Firstly to prevent any accidental deployment of airbags make sure the battery of the car is disconnected. Secondly, to protect the mechanic or the person working with the car from any debris that might be released from the airbag system it is necessary to wear safety gloves and glasses. Lastly, it is advised that the resetting of the airbag light must be done following the procedure specified in the car’s owner’s manual

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10-Step Guide to Resetting Your Airbag Light

Now I hope everyone is clear with why it is important to reset the light and the precautions to be undertaken. Here are the 10 steps to resetting your airbag light

Steps to rest airbag light'
steps for resetting airbag warning light

Step 1: Identify the Problem

As mentioned earlier the first step in the process of resetting your light is to identify the source of the problem which can vary from a malfunctioning control module or a faulty sensor or a damaged airbag. Identification of the problems helps us save time and provide the best possible solution to the problem.

Step 2: Disconnect the Battery

Once the problem is identified again as I mentioned in the precautions before you begin any task to avoid the sudden deployment of the airbag it is advised to disconnect the car batteries as not doing it can be dangerous.

Step 3: Remove the Airbag Fuse

Locate the airbag fuse in your car’s fuse box and remove it. This will prevent any electrical current from reaching the airbag system.

Step 4: Wait for 15 Minutes

After removing the airbag fuse, wait for at least 15 minutes before proceeding. This will allow any residual energy in the airbag system to dissipate.

Step 5: Reconnect the Battery

After waiting for 15 minutes, reconnect the car’s battery. This will reactivate the airbag system.

Step 6: Turn the Ignition On

Once you have reconnected the car batteries, Turn on the car ignition what that does is activate the airbag system to further reset it.

Step 7: Check the Airbag Light

Once the ignition is turned on check if the airbag light is off then it means everything is functioning properly and the airbag light has been reset

Step 8: Replace the Airbag Fuse

Once you’ve confirmed that the airbag light has been reset, replace the airbag fuse in the fuse box.

Step 9: Test the Airbag System

Test the airbag system by driving the car and braking hard. This will trigger the airbag system, and the airbags should deploy correctly.

Step 10: Ensure the Airbag Light Stays Off

Hopefully, your airbag light goes off but if it blinks again that indicates there is still some issue with the airbag system and it is then mandatory to seek professional help.

STeps to reset airbag warning light
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Common Mistakes to Avoid During the Resetting Process

These are some of the common mistakes to avoid when resetting the airbag light. To begin with, always protect yourself from any debris that is released due to the sudden deployment of the airbags for that use safety glasses and gloves.

Secondly, if you are new and unfamiliar with the whole resetting process then please don’t do it yourself as it concerns your safety and improper technique can cause catastrophe. One should always follow the specific instructions given in the owner’s manual that comes with the car. Lastly, to avoid sudden deployment of the airbags then don’t play with the wires or disconnect it in any circumstances.

Signs that Your Airbag Light Needs Professional Attention

If you really put your attention to it then this resetting process is quite simple but there are instances where you should seek professional help. if your light doesn’t go off following these steps indicates there is still some issue with the airbag system that cannot be resolved by an ordinary individual.

Other warning signs that the car’s airbags need professional help are the difficulty faced by the steering wheel to turn, or the horn has stopped working, and even when warning lights come up on the dashboard

Tips for Maintaining Your Car’s Airbag System

For the safety of you and your passengers, it is important to maintain the car’s airbag system. These are some tips to maintain the airbag system

  • Inspection of the airbag system for any signs of wear and damage should be done on a regular basis
  • One should keep the vehicle’s airbag system free and clean from dirt and debris
    Keep the airbag system clean and free from debris.
  • To prevent any damage or malfunction of the airbags or systems overall avoid keeping heavy objects on the steering wheel or dashboard.
  • To keep your airbag in pristine condition schedule their maintenance as given in the manufacturer/owner’s manual.
Tips to maintain car airbag system
how to maintain car airbag systems


How much does it cost to reset the airbag light

Based on the underlying issue The cost of resetting the airbag light varies accordingly. If the issue is minor it is generally done at a low cost say a few bucks or sometimes free. But if the issue is severe then the repair cost can go from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

What does an airbag light in a car signify

Any potential issues with the airbag system are pointed out by the airbag light indicator in the car’s dashboard. Its illumination means malfunctioning of the airbag system could be one component or sometimes more. It is important to ensure the airbag system is properly functioning so that it deploys in case of an accident and saves the people involved.

How to reset the Airbag light

Identification and addressing of the underlying issue are critical processes to reset the airbag light. If the issue is minor then follow these steps

  • Turn off the car and remove the key
  • Then proceed to remove the negative of the battery by opening the car hood and using a wrench
  • Let the electrical components discharge fully which takes around 15-20 minutes.
  • After which reconnect the battery and close the car hood
  • Turn off the ignition and remove the key from the ignition switch.
  • Turn the car back on and check if the light is still On. This method is useful to remove any minor issue only.

If the light is still on that means the problem is due to failure of the control module faulty sensor or even defects in the airbag for which you should immediately seek the help of a professional mechanic

Does the airbag light go away itself?

If the airbag light is due to a temporary glitch then it can go away on its own such as low battery or power interruption. If the light is turned on due to a malfunction in the control module, faulty sensor, or defect within the airbag which cannot go away on its own, and should be immediately taken to the certified mechanic for further diagnostics and repair.

Is it safe to drive with an airbag light on

It is strictly advised to not drive the car when the airbag light is on because you might be driving with a faulty airbag system and in case of an accident they won’t work properly which can lead to severe injuries or death. Ignoring the airbag light can put the driver’s and other passenger’s life at risk.

causes of airbag light
airbag light fix
Can Scanner reset the airbag light?

To answer your question the scanner can only reset the airbag light but not fix the actual issue that led to the light blinking in the first place. Sanner is just a communication tool to identify and solve any airbag system errors. It is advised to always have a certified mechanic inspect the car airbag system for any issues to avoid any malfunctioning when the airbags are needed.

Can we reset the airbag module and how long does it take

It requires special knowledge and tools to reset the airbag module of the airbag system. It is never recommended to even try to reset the light without any proper equipment and training for that matter. Resetting the module doesn’t entirely fix the issue within the system for something like a faulty sensor or damaged wiring it is best advised to visit a mechanic. If you ask about the time required for resetting the airbag module then that depends on the car type, model, etc it can range from a few minutes to several hours depending on the severity of the issue.

The airbag light comes On and Off what does it mean

To warn the driver of any issues with the airbag system the airbag light is illuminated in the dashboard. If it’s turning on or off it could be due to a faulty sensor, control module, or damage wiring for which it should be taken to the professional car mechanic to prevent safety risks.


In conclusion, For the safety of the driver and other passengers, it is important to reset the airbag light. If done the right way the process is simple and ensures your safety by keeping your airbag system working properly at all times. We hope this guide helps you with resetting the airbag light and answer your question if any. Feel free to reach out in the comments for any queries or doubts.

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