Alwyn Home Platform Bed Frame Good or Bad Review

I was looking for a new bed frame to take a look at, and the Alwyn Homes platform stood out to me as one with a lot of food reviews. So I did research into the good, the bad, and the ugly of this bed frame to see if it deserves the 4.7 average rating.

Alwyn platform bed frame pros are that it is sturdy, doesn’t squeak, is headboard compatible, is low to the ground, easy to assemble, and comes with non-slip tape on the slats. The cons are that the box it comes in is heavy and needs two people to move it, and not compatible with a footboard.

This is the one I have and it is less than $100 at Amazon here.

Review Highlights & Scott’s Thoughts

Summary of the many reviews that I choose to include in Table 1.

Best For:

  • Sleepers with thick mattress
  • Mattresses that can handle large slat gaps up to 4”
  • Easily adding a headboard
  • A box spring and a mattress as it is low to the floor
  • A small budget but want a quality product

You may want to consider this model I am writing about now for $103 at Amazon, and it is looking good for this price

Scott Boyd
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Not For:

  • Super anal people who cannot accept that the frame might be 0.2” shorter than the listed dimensions
  • The center rail is too short so you have to just start the screws on one end, then install screws on the opposite end, and then tighten the screws on the first end. After years would think the company could easily fix this… however.

There are better options such as:

Table 1. Alwyn Home Platform Bed Frame Reviews Highlights and Analysis

Review HighlightScott’s Thoughts
5Received it in two days.
Low enough for an old cat.

Looks great with
short tables.
Easy to put together alone.

This is a good review that is
several paragraphs long.
5It is a beast! Surprised at
how heavy it is. Thick
gauge steel tubing.

Works perfectly with 8”
mattress. Shopped in many
places and am very happy to
have bought this one.

The perfect balance of price
and quality. Love the look.
188 people found this
review helpful.

This person is a huge fan.
I hope to find some reviews from
people who have owned it for a year
or two to see how it holds up.
5I am guessing that the
the buyer did not install the
adhesive strips onto
the wood slats.

Or more are needed.
Great quality. Easy to assemble.

Perfect height for watching
TV without needing to
prop up against a wall or

Smart slat design. Looks
better than other modern
bed frames she has seen.
2Mattress slides.This should be a 5-star rating
because it clearly states that
the clearance is 7”.

It is not the companies fault
that items with legs sink
into carpet and the foam
under the carpet.

This is like complaining
that it doesn’t have 7”
of clearance when installed
in a pool with 7” of water…
well, terrible analogy but
you get my point (I hope).
4Husband and wife put
together in 30 mins.

Looks nice and is sturdy,
especially for the price.

One star deduction for
not enough clearance
for their storage plans.
Lots of information in this
one and it was about a
the year before the 2-star
rating above.

This means that the
company was providing
the adhesive strips
before the 2-star rating.
5More sturdy and solid
than expected.

Easy to assemble.
Wood slats have
strong Velcro to
hold the slats to
the frame.

Strips of adhesive
to hold the mattress
in place, although
he did not install
them and his light
mattress only moves
a little bit.
Get a life lady. You aren’t building a piano or a rocket ship so deal with it. If you are so anal you can do the below:

TIP: If you are insanely anal and “need” the exact measurements then you can place a plastic or foam spacer between the rails to make up that whooping 0.20” difference.

I saw a buyers picture showing a Zinus box so I have been looking into this.

It seems a little odd since most factories in China will duplicate any product and stick any name on it, so I am not sure why they are just delivering a Zinus product.

Perhaps because it is such a good product?
5Instructions were clear
and as easy as 1-2-3.
FedEx delivery man put
the 65 lb package inside
the house, and then
he took one piece at
a time to the bedroom.

Holes aligned and screws
fit well using the provided
Allen wrench.

The center beam is slightly
short and caused a minor
issue during assembly by
loosening screws on one
side and then starting
the screws on the
opposite side.

Once all four screws are
started you can tighten
them all up. The Tuft
and Needle mattress
does not move thanks
to the adhesive strips.
It is a beast
Wow, this guy wrote a novel
without paragraphs. I am
getting a headache from
reading it.

The Bad: Make sure to follow
the instructions perfectly
or as warned (in the manual)
or the center rail may be short.

This gentleman is 100% confident
that he assembled it correctly
and it is still short.

This review was in early 2018 so
if it is a design flaw hopefully
they have it fixed by now.
3This is an unfair rating in my opinion. If one is perfect then maybe a 2.5 rating?

And it would have been damaged by the shipper, not manufactured with bent rails.
The Cons:
The measurements listed
on the website are 54” x 75”
but are only 53.8″ and 74.8″.

The description shows the bed frame is from Alwyn Homes, but it is actually a Zinus product.

The same problem with the center rail so only start the screws at one end and then attached the opposite end

The Pros:
It arrived a day early Mattress fits on it (Scott: well then why cry about 0.2”?
1Could not assemble due to the center rail being too short.Install the adhesive strips that you likely throughout and Voila, no problem.

Or at least not a 1-star problem.
3Bought two twins. One was perfect and the other was dented and had to be hit it with a hammer.Either he did not follow the instructions clearly or he is not as smart as the previous two reviewers who managed to make it work.
1Mattress slides off, very unhappySome mattresses require gaps between slats to be less than 3” so make sure you can handle up to 4” or you will need a box spring mattress.
Happy the slats were easy to install.

Bad: Gaps between slats were not consistent and ranged from 3.5 – 4” and too wide for her so she bought a box spring.

The two adhesive strips were not sticky enough and too few. Purchased an anti-slip mat.
The typical good things other list plus his headboard was easy to attach.

The only bad thing is again the center rail is too short.
3I call BS on this review. I have not found any other reviews claiming no holes for headboards.

I can assure you that if one had no holes then an entire sea container of these bed frames was the same.

And if this was the case there would be many poor views around the same time as this review.

I don’t understand why it is such a big deal if a bed frame or mattress is a day late arriving. Who throws out their bed and mattress before receiving the new one? So you still have a bed, no problem.

I understand that there are situations where this is a bigger deal, but I would guess the percentage is low.
This review was in September 2019, so not too long ago and the design flaw is still not fixed. Shame on Zinus.
1Too squeaky
1No place to screw in a headboard

Took longer to arrive than expected (Scott: boo hoo)

Waste of money and time
Crap happens. Not every delivery or package is going to be perfect.

I would be happy to get a free replacement and I would have spent 30 minutes making legs for a second and free foundation.
1Came with only 3 legs and took a long time to get the replacement. And she did not like having to dispose of the first one.Another shipping issue. Come on FedEx, what the heck are you doing to bend metal rails???

Well, this was in 2016 so maybe it was a different company there.
1Bent railSome folks don’t realize that a 5 is better than a 1 rating.
1Easy to assemble, quick delivery, would order againAll bad: Two-day delivery took 10 days Center middle rail too short
1Works perfectly for her 14” high mattress.
5This guy is French so I am going to guess that he means strong. This is the only comment he made and I can not see anyone else say it was even “somewhat strong”.

So I don’t agree with this review.

2The center rail is not welded to the footboardWell Duh. You need to fasten it to the footboard with the screws provided.
1A bent piece made it wobbly, but a piece of foam fixed it.I would say a 1-star rating was a little harsh.
2Not enough hard than I expectedThis guy is French so I am going to guess that he means strong. This is the only comment he made and I can not see anyone else saying it was even “somewhat strong”.

So I don’t agree with this review.
Source: Wayfair

The Good

  • Low to the ground, which is good for dogs that like to jump up on the bed.
  • It has Certi-PUR US certification so it won’t affect air quality.
  • N formaldehyde, mercury, chlorofluorocarbons, prohibited phthalates, or PBDE flame-retardants.
  • 5-year limited warranty.
  • It is sturdy and has a center beam and leg.
  • The frame doesn’t squeak.
  • You don’t need a boxspring.
  • It is compatible with a headboard.
  • Simple, clean look that goes with most decor.
  • It comes with non-slip material on the slats, so the mattress won’t move around.

The Bad

  • A twin won’t take the weight of more than one person.
  • There isn’t much storage underneath, because of how low it is to the ground.
  • You can’t use a footboard with it.

Why Does The Alwyn Home Platform Have so Many Good Reviews?

It has over 3500 reviews and an average rating of 4.7 out of 5. The main reasons why it has so many good reviews are because:

  • It is visually appealing. It has a simple, minimal design, that goes with most decor. So, it works for many different rooms and color schemes.
  • It is easy to set up. It takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour to put the bed together.
  • It has a low price point relative to quality. It comes with many added features such as tape on the slats to stop the mattress from sliding, and slots for a headboard.

The Specs of The Alwyn Home Platform Bed Frame

Alright, down to the fine details. Though this might be a bit of a bore for some people, I made the specifications as easy and relevant to read as possible. Here goes,

The Frame

The frame is made from steel that has a black powder finish. Powder finish is a method of finishing metal to make it last longer, and give it a different color.


It has 6.8 inches (17.2 cm) of clearance from the bottom of the bed.

Twin**250 lb46.9 lb
Full**500 lb61.8 lb
Queen60″80″500 lb68 lb
King**500 lb76 lb

* Details not given.

The weight capacity of a twin is only 250 pounds. Two people would typically weigh more than this. So, the twin bed isn’t suitable for a very large person, or for two people. I would go with anything bigger than a full size.


The slats are connected down the sides making them easy to install. The two connected parts of connected slats are half the length of the bed, and you place them on top of the assembled frame.

Headboard and Footboard

The Alwyn home platform bed frame is compatible with a headboard, but it doesn’t come with it. It also does not come with a footboard and it also does not have holes or a bracket to accept one. So, if you like footboards you’re best to go with a different model or get your drill.

TIP: If you want to add a footboard you can position the new footboard against the bed frame and have someone hold it in place. Mark the footboard location on the bed frame legs.

Drill all the way through the legs with a drill bit larger than your fasteners. Use metal self-drilling screws and start from within the bed frame and drill out and into the first layer of metal in the footboard.

Make sure to have someone hold the footboard in place.

This method won’t revel any fasteners so the appearance is not affected.


The ratings speak for themselves regarding the quality of this bed. As mentioned previously, after over 3,500 reviews it has an average score of 4.7 out of 5. The high amount of reviews means that the score is reliable and you can read my thoughts and comments in the table above.

Price Point

Table 3. Alwyn Home Platform Bed Frame Prices

  • Prices updated July 2020,


The Alwyn home platform bed is a good all-around slat bed and is very popular with more than 3,000 reviews on Wayfair.

The Good and Bad

High ratingOnly 6.8″ of clearance (but this may be a pro for some people)
Foam on metal rails to reduce squeaks and creaksYou can’t use a footboard with it without some effort of drilling holes and using fasteners.
Easy to assemble
Non-stick tape on the wood slats to reduce mattress movement

If you are looking for a decent cheap platform bed frame I think this is a decent option and likely your opinion on its looks is what will determine if this is the right one for you and your family.


Compare this one to the Hanks with my review here.

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