Amerisleep Mattresses Review: Pros and Cons

Sleepless nights due to a non-supportive, worn-out mattress can ruin your day or even week. Amerisleep models are one possible solution to your sleeping problems. 

Sleeping on Amerisleep mattresses can relieve pain, give you support and comfort, while also cooling you in your sleep, made possible through its breathable technology. They come with a 100-night trial period, in which you can test it in your own home, where you are most comfortable.

Amerisleep Mattresses Pros

Your main concern will be not to oversleep with an Amerisleep mattress. They come with high-end technology that helps you sleep more comfortably, deeply, cooly, and they allow you to wake up feeling rested.

While they take care of you, they also take care of the environment, composed of environmentally friendly material.


For those seeking pain relief, it’s not only about how the mattress contours and supports the body, but the way it helps blood circulation and body warmth also play a significant role.

In this regard, Amerisleep has taken their memory sleep to the next level and worked with a material called Celliant.

Celliant is a material used in covers made up of thermo-active minerals, which help turn body heat into infrared light. This infrared light is then emitted back to the body. 

In return, it increases blood flow, leading to more oxygen in your body. It also reduces pain and helps regulate your body temperature, making it especially helpful for those suffering from back pain (source).

Added Support and Comfort

Amerisleep mattresses work with the HIVE® technology, which is how the mattress is structured. The foam is shaped in hexagons, all grouped into five comfort zones overall from head to toe. 

These comfort zones are there to supply you with more comfort at your head, shoulder and back, hips, upper leg, knees, and lower leg areas.

Using this technology helps align your spine while you sleep, improving sleeping positions and giving you full-body support.

Additionally, due to this memory foam’s setup, it will quickly go back to its original position after you have left the bed and started with your day.

Overall, the HIVE® technology ensures targeted support with much fewer pressure points on certain parts of your body.

In other words, it is designed in such a way that the naturally heavier parts will have a different, sturdier type of support than your head or leg areas, removing the problem of pressure points. 

It is important to note that the HIVE® technology is not found in all the Amerisleep mattresses, but they are typically found in the softer models (source).


Bio-Pur® is the technology that ensures the mattress is more responsive than other memory foam models. The material used is an advanced open-cell design, which helps to easily contour your body and gives you the support you need. 

The body heat and weight will make the mattress mold to your body, ensuring your body weight is evenly distributed.

In addition to the HIVE® technology, Bio-Pur® also takes part in letting it pop back into shape quickly to its original form, never leaving you feeling like you are sinking into your bed.

This technology makes use of plant-based material, therefore, supporting the environment and your body.

The softest memory foam model in the Amerisleep mattresses line uses the active flex layer.

This layer provides you with extra cushioning without removing any responsiveness, still giving you the needed support while also able to quickly jump back to its original form the second you have left the bed.


These memory foam mattresses make use of lightweight covers and its Bio-Pur® technology, which enhances the airflow, preventing overheating while you are sleeping.

This technology is found in every single Amerisleep model, making them all a viable option to keep you cool during the night.

If you are a hot sleeper, sweat a lot during the night, stay in a hot area, or your room tends to get hot at night, then the special mattresses that have extra channels worked in at the bottom of the foam will enhance the airflow and keep you cool.

No Need to Flip

One of the best things about a memory foam mattress is that you will not have to strain your back while flipping it. Some spring models require flipping every three to six months due to spring wear and adapting to your body weight. But this can also be a benefit as it can potentially extend its life. 

With the memory foam, you can purchase it, place it into your bedroom, and never move it again, unless you… move.

No Off-Gassing

Traditional memory foam mattresses are known to give off a chemical smell, which is known as off-gassing. This happens when certain components, especially Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), start breaking down and start forming gasses. 

Even though this off-gassing is not overly harmful, it is still best to let most mattresses air out for at least 24 hours before use.

Not so with the Amerisleep. These memory foam models have made minimal use of the VOCs that necessitate off-gassing, and, instead, they worked with natural, environment-friendly materials.

Thanks to this low toxicity, there’s no need to air it out before going to sleep on it. If you have one and found this not to be the case please shoot me an email and I will update this article.

100-Night Trial

Try it out for 100 nights and receive a full refund or exchange with no extra fees charged. Why 100 days?

The reason is that the memory foam takes about 30 to 90 days to break in and start becoming comfortable, while you, the sleeper, will only then truly find out if it is suitable for you (source).

Amerisleep mattresses are known to not only outrank but also outlast traditional memory foam models but they come with a 20-year warranty, known to last longer than the usual 10-year memory foam mattresses.

Image by Kristin Voght via Pexels

Amerisleep Mattresses Cons

As with everything on Earth, there are positives and negatives, even with Amerisleep mattresses. While these give you five firmness options to choose from and show many benefits, they do have a few cons to take note of.

They might not be the usual bouncy that some sleepers are accustomed to. Furthermore, the extra benefits that these mattresses offer also carry added costs with them.

Non-Traditional Feel

There’s no need to upgrade to memory foam mattresses if you are happy with spring or latex. The traditional sensation of sleeping on such mattresses is not quite there with the Amerisleep. 

For some, the memory foam makes you feel more like you’re sleeping inside the mattress, although without that sinking feeling. 

Regarding the old dead bed that you might be accustomed to sleeping on, these might feel a bit firmer or softer than what you are comfortable with.

To compare and contrast other options, make sure you read our reviews of Puffy mattresses and Casper mattresses.

No Bounce like Latex

If you have always enjoyed the bounce of traditional mattresses, then switching over to mem ory foam might not be the best decision.

Latex mattresses have quite an amount of air in them, which is where they get their bounce from in contrast to spring beds.

The energy-absorbing nature of Amerisleep memory foam mattresses means that you will not have that same springiness or bounce. 

Memory foam is ideal when sleeping in the same bed with another person because it dampens the other person’s body movement, but the downside is that you will not be able to jump on it like a little kid again (source).

If you are looking for that nostalgic feel with a little springiness of a traditional mattress, then you may wish to look elsewhere.

Added Costs

When looking at the price tags of these memory foam models and comparing them to conventional spring or foam, it becomes clear that they belong in the medium to higher price range

However, this is understandable, considering all the added benefits they have to offer, while also lasting up to 20 years. You might consider them as a better long-term investment.

Image by Burst via Pexels

Final Thoughts

All mattresses have their pros and cons, even Amerisleep, but the pros certainly outweigh the cons to a large degree. The appropriateness of this mattress for you will likely come down to cost factors and whether or not you like memory foam. 

If you have some back pain, or you know that you need comfy support during the night, then perhaps this is the ideal solution for you.

However, if you are looking to keep the bouncy feel of a latex or spring mattress and you’re on a budget, then perhaps you’ll choose to stick with your old dead bed or stay in the category of latex or spring designs.

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