Are Ikea Mattresses Worth It? Helpful Tips

I am familiar with Ikea furniture as a friend of mine managed a small store (really, they did have some small stores in smaller cities… LONG ago haha). When I started my research I was concerned about quality, durability, and comfort. Was there any way that an Ikea mattress could actually be worth the money?

Ikea mattresses are worth it for sleepers in areas with one of their stores with a large selection of models, firmness, and materials that can be tested. They also have excellent customer service and return policy, a large online selection, and the security of purchasing from an older global company.

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Are Ikea Mattresses Worth It?

Whew! This is always a tough one to answer. It really comes down to personal preference. However, I can draw a few broad conclusions based on my research.

Ikea specializes in making good design aesthetics available to everyone. This means that they tend to sell their products at much lower price points than competitors.

While some of Ikea’s wares may be designed well enough to stand the test of time, this is not necessarily the case with everything they sell.

What I am trying to say is that I am suspicious of the durability and comfort of these affordable mattresses. Models like the Minnesund and Meistervik are incredibly inexpensive. They also are incredibly thin.

Is it really possible that such thin foam could ever hope to live up to the brand’s 25-year limited warranty? It hardly seems possible.

Even if they could, can they really be that comfortable?

I might be inclined to consider buying one of those to take camping. With a real foam mattress alone, I suppose that I could even call it glamping.

So, the cheapest models are not worth it. They may serve you well enough in a seldom-used guestroom or as a very temporary sleep solution, but I don’t think they are going to hold up over the long term.

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Scott Boyd

However, I have to say that I am surprisingly impressed with some of their more expensive and luxurious offerings, which are still really affordably priced when compared with the competition.

I kind of like how accessible and straightforward Ikea’s materials are. There are no fancy names or proprietary materials. They just keep things basic. That kind of transparency is refreshing in an industry that is sometimes dominated by exclusive, unidentifiable materials, the benefits of which may be dubious at best.

Whether you prefer springs, foam, or a hybrid, Ikea has something that may interest you at a surprisingly approachable price (learn when to replace foam models last here).

What Do Customers Say?

I really expected to find a more mixed bag of results when I went trawling the Internet for reviews.

While I did find some really negative opinions, the overall impression was a positive one.

People seem to appreciate the relatively generous warranty and the variety of selections. Performance seems to sit at about average to above-average levels. In fact, many people say that this brand has excellent value potential.

Nonetheless, some people do take a more negative view. To be fair, these concerns seem pretty valid to me.

For instance, some consumers do not like having such a limited variety of firmness levels. I definitely observed that during my review, as many of Ikea’s offerings do not come with any firmness choices. It’s basically just a matter of what you see is what you get.

Then, there does seem to be a lot of back and forth about the durability. To their credit, they are willing to offer 25-year warranties with their mattresses, but who knows if they will actually last that long?

Numerous people have mentioned that they noticed sagging issues within the first eight to 10 years my tips to stop the sagging issue here).

Still, that’s a pretty good run at these price points. I don’t know that I would complain too much about having to replace a $400 mattress after eight years.

Nonetheless, I do have an issue with the company’s exchange-only policy. This is a giant, multi-national corporation with deep pockets.

Can they really not afford to outright return a few mattresses?

After all, many of their more specialized competitors, which are far smaller business concerns, do offer more generous return policies. If they can afford to do it, why can’t Ikea?

I’m not certain as to why Ikea would refuse to do this. It would let them donate the slightly used mattresses to any number of local charities, which I would think would be a major publicity plus.

For now, I would say that if you go to Ikea and are intrigued by the comfort and quality of their mattresses, then it’s probably OK to give them a try.

So much of the industry is only found online today. That is certainly the case with the many bed-in-a-box companies that have sprung up in recent years.

I don’t have anything against these companies. In fact, many of them offer superior products, extended trial periods, and generous return policies.

Still, a mattress is one of those things that can be really beneficial to feel and lay down on before you buy.

Have you ever laid down on a mattress that felt like a cardboard box and then laid down on another one that felt like a fluffy and supportive cloud?

You instantly knew which one you would take home.

You just can’t get that kind of immediate, visceral reaction simply by reading an online description.

That’s why I really appreciate that Ikea gives you the chance to touch and even lay down on it before you make a buying decision. It’s especially critical if you’re buying from them since they have an exchange-only policy.

Clearly, in this case, it pays to try before you buy.

I was overall really pleased with what I discovered in Ikea’s offerings. While I would definitely shy away from the cheapest options, some of their more deluxe models appear to offer excellent value.

Longevity may be an issue, but when you get decent quality at these price points, it’s asking a lot to expect it to truly last for a quarter of a century (they typically last 7+ years per my article here).

Heck, at these prices, I would be happy with five or six years.

I definitely think Ikea mattresses are worth it for many shoppers.


Of course, the best way to shop for an Ikea mattress is to go to a store and actually try some of them out, but this isn’t always feasible.

The website is ok but not as nice as most of the competition. It does provide you with some easy-to-use filter buttons so that you can shop based on firmness, sleep position, material, or price.

That’s pretty standard stuff, but the website also now has a comparison tool that lets you quickly and easily review two or more products with a few mouse clicks. You’ll get all of the pertinent information on one screen so that you can do a head-to-head comparison with ease. This can make your selection easier than ever.

Unlike other companies, there is no free shipping offered, which is a strike against it. But shipping is cheap and worth it in most cases since the prices are so low anyway.


Ikea has two main categories: spring and foam and latex.

The spring models are designed to offer excellent support through better distribution of body weight. This style tends to sleep a little cooler than most foam and latex models, and they can be quite durable.

Ikea’s mattresses in these collections have pocket springs that are layered to work cooperatively to give you softness, support, and comfort.

Thanks to the individual springs, there is a great deal of space to allow for improved airflow. This may help you to sleep cooler if you tend to get overheated at night.

Ikea’s other collection includes foam, memory foam, and latex models. These materials are meant to mold themselves to your body’s unique contours, providing you with more personalized support.

Because some of these can be turned or flipped, they are particularly resilient. Surrounding each of Ikea’s foam or latex mattresses is a knitted cover that is designed to relieve stress on pressure points like the shoulders and hips.

Foam and latex are especially good at absorbing impacts. This means that they can be the ideal solution when a partner does a lot of tossing and turning that routinely disturbs the other.

Spring Mattresses in Depth

Currently, Ikea offers seven different spring mattresses. Most of these are available in all of the standard sizes, with the exception of the Husvika, which is available only in a twin size and is mainly suggested for use on daybeds.

Of the remaining six collections, the Hasvag is the least expensive. It’s a straightforward product with Bonnell springs and a layer of filling for softness.

Next, we have the Haugesund. Still an economical choice, this model can be purchased either in medium-firm or firm softness levels. It features individually wrapped pocket springs that move independently. A soft layer of filling ensures greater comfort.

The Haugsvar is available in firm, medium-firm, and plush comfort levels. Its slightly higher price point comes from its individually wrapped pocket springs, which are coupled with a thick layer of memory foam for the surface on which you sleep. Accordingly, this is effectively a hybrid mattress, something that is much sought after by many sleepers who are looking for a balance between support and comfort.

Similarly, the Hesstun is available in firm, medium-firm, and plush softness levels. This more deluxe model features two layers of springs. The mini-pocket springs are designed to conform to the curves of the sleeper while the individually wrapped response coils help to isolate movement. High-resilience foam is placed on top, and there also is a generous amount of soft filling.

The Hjellestad is one of Ikea’s most luxurious spring models. It is a pillowtop model that does not offer any variety as far as firmness levels go. Still, the pillowtop, which includes memory foam, is really soft yet supportive. Then, there’s a layer of mini-pocket springs and the second layer of individually wrapped springs at the core of the mattress. The soft filling is just another luxurious touch.

When only a top-of-the-line mattress will do, go with Ikea’s Holmsbu. The queen size is still priced cheaper than many competing brands. Here, you again do not have a choice as far as firmness levels are concerned, but you do get that luxurious pillowtop. This time, it includes gel-infused memory foam to help keep you cool and comfortable all night long. Including three layers of pocket springs, this is Ikea’s most supportive and responsive mattress.

Foam and Latex in Depth

Ikea currently offers six collections of foam and latex mattresses. Many of them are available at impressively affordable prices. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Typically, the least expensive of these is the straightforward Minnesund. Many people like this model because it can actually be thrown into the washing machine. As you might have guessed, this is quite thin. You might almost say that it might be better used as a topper.

Next is the slightly thicker and slightly more expensive Meistervik. Seriously, there is not much difference between this one and the Minnesund, except that the Meistervik has two layers of foam instead of one.

Then comes the Morgedal. You have a few more options with this slightly more expensive mattress. You can choose firm or medium-firm, and this one is still machine washable. Consisting of high-resilience foam with comfort zones as well as soft filling, this is a soft but supportive choice.

With the Matrand, Ikea hikes up the price a bit but doesn’t give you any firmness options. Still, you get a top layer of memory foam to mold to your curves while additional layers of foam and soft filling promise you comfort while you sleep.

The Myrbacka actually is two collections, one made of regular foam and the other of memory foam. Price points are the same, so you really only have to choose whether you prefer memory foam or not. Some customers may appreciate the addition of lambs’ wool filling for a softer surface. This material also may help to keep you cooler at night.

TIP: Some people can’t abide the way that memory foam feels, so it’s nice to have the option to go without.

Ikea’s top-of-the-line model is the Amsosen. It features gel memory foam. Accordingly, the foam molds to your body, but the gel gives you a cooler sleeping surface. The covers on these mattresses are not designed to be removed.


Ikea offers a 25-year limited warranty. In addition, there is a 90-day exchange policy.

The warranty covers defects in workmanship or material in certain mattress components such as springs, foam core, and latex core. If you want to make an exchange within the 90-day period or take advantage of the warranty, then you’ll need to have your original purchase receipt.

Like many warranties, this one requires that Ikea be able to inspect the product before deciding whether or not the defect falls within the confines of the warranty.

If it is determined that the damage is covered, then Ikea undertakes to pay for the costs of things like labor, spare parts, and repair.

TIP: Be certain to hang onto that sales receipt! Without it, you cannot take advantage of the warranty.

How to Bring an Ikea Mattress Home

You have a lot of options for this, which may make it attractive to many consumers.

Of course, the most obvious thing to do is to head to your local Ikea store to try out the products. Most items are found in the attached warehouse, which means that they are available to take home right away.

Many of the memory foam mattresses come rolled up, so you should have little trouble transporting them home even if you have a small car. Read my article here How to Move a Mattress with a Small Car.

TIP: Don’t want to go to the store? Ikea may offer home delivery in your area. Typically, they charge $49 for delivering a large item or $5 for delivering a small item.

It may be a bit more difficult to get a spring or hybrid home by yourself. If you have a truck or an SUV, it should not be too much of a problem. If all you have is a subcompact car, then you definitely may want to take advantage of Ikea’s delivery service.

The other alternative is to order from their website. This can be a good way to get a product that may not be in stock at your local store or if you don’t have an Ikea store in your region.

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