Are PlushBeds Mattresses Good? 8 Pros and 3 Cons

PlushBeds manufactures of all-natural, organic mattresses. Their offerings appear to be well-made and supportive, but do they make the right one for you?

PlushBeds mattresses are good: pros include they sleep cool, removable cover, adjustable firmness, excellent buoyancy, 100% organic and natural, no off-gassing, highly customizable, and great customer service and support. Cons: return policy, too much motion transfer and poor edge support.

Pros and Cons of PlushBeds Mattresses

These pros and cons are general because the company offers incredible variety with regard to layers, firmness, and other characteristics.

In fact, the customer can choose just how many layers and what firmness you want.

Accordingly, you have the ability to build a one that’s perfect for you.

TIP: If you’re sleeping with a partner who likes a different level of firmness and support, it’s no problem. PlushBeds makes many queen, king, and Cal king-sized beds as a split so that you and your partner can each choose an appropriate comfort level.

Let’s dive into the pros and cons so that you can get a better sense of whether or not a it is right for you.

Pro 1: These Mattresses Sleep Cool

All-natural, organic latex is a fantastic choice if you are one of the many people who always sleeps “hot.” That’s because latex tends to keep its cool even when you’re sleeping without air conditioning.

If you’re still worried about getting too hot at night, then consider one of PlushBeds’ mattresses with cooling gel. This can prove to be a lifesaver in even the hottest climates.

Pro 2: Removable Cover

The cover can be unzipped and removed for cleaning. This is an awesome benefit for some like me who sweats a lot. Sorry for the graphic 🙂

Pro 3: Adjustable Firmness

The layers of foam are not glued together, which is a good thing too as most glues are toxic.

If you are not completely happy with the comfort of the firmness you can remove the cover and shuffle the deck to try many configurations and layers on the top. Many options!

Pro 4: Excellent Buoyancy

Overall, PlushBeds mattresses are pretty bouncy. This is a great feature if you don’t like the feeling of sinking and getting trapped in it.

Of course, if you choose its memory foam, the experience will be less buoyant.

For those of you who don’t like the memory foam feel, then you like the responsiveness of its all-natural latex mattresses.

Pro 5: Organic and All-Natural

One of these brand’s main selling points is that it takes its commitment to using organic and all-natural materials really seriously. This is important to many people who prefer to limit their exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

TIP: If you are not aware that chemicals are something of a problem in this industry, then it’s time to get in the know. The typical mattress is loaded with chemicals, many of which are harmful.

Pro 6: No Off-Gassing

Going hand-in-hand with PlushBeds’ commitment to all things natural and organic, you don’t have to worry about off-gassing.

In fact, while some customers have noticed an initial odor of wool and latex upon unwrapping this smell dissipated within 24 hours.

TIP: Perhaps you haven’t heard of the dangers of off-gassing, but it’s more than just an unpleasant smell. Some of those chemicals can be hazardous to your health. It’s nice to know that you don’t have to worry about that with PlushBeds.

Pro 7: Highly Customizable

Do you prefer a soft mattress or one that’s extremely firm? Perhaps your preferences are somewhere in between. With PlushBeds, it doesn’t matter, your preferences can nearly always be accommodated.

You have many choices, including how many layers will be included and precisely how firm it will be.

This puts you in charge of designing a mattress that’s guaranteed to give you a great night’s sleep.

Pro 8: Great Customer Service

There’s a lot to like about PlushBeds’ commitment to customer service. From free shipping and 100-night trials to no-hassle returns and a 25-year warranty, there’s very little risk associated with buying from PlushBeds.

I have seen many compliments of thier customer service and the people that answer the phones and emails. The more research I do the more important this seems to be.

And the more companies I look at the more important I realize this is as some of you may already know! I crapped all over one company recently and have two more in my cross-hairs.

Photo source: PlushBeds

Con 1: Return Policy

The return policy is different than most companies. You have to find a big-ass box, rollup your mattress, stuff it into the box, and tape the heck outta it.

Then drag that sucker to the curb on the day you expect the replacement to arrive. If it is just a return they will tell you the day to kick it to the curb.

It is all free to you, but it is a PIA compared to other companies where a charity can pick it up and poof, you are done.

Con 2: Motion Transfer Can Be an Issue

This is less of a problem with PlushBeds’ memory foam model, but their natural latex models don’t have the best ability to isolate motion. If you have a restless sleep partner, then a PlushBeds organic latex mattress may not be for you.

Con 3: Edge Support Isn’t Good

With several things going for them, PlushBeds mattresses generally are a good investment.

They are buoyant, supportive, and all-natural, which ensures that they are comfortable and provide pressure-point relief, offering you a superior night’s sleep.

And my favorite is two firmness options on the same side!!!

Photo source: PlushBeds

PlushBeds Reviews & Complaints

The company only had three complaints filed at the BBB in the past year. This is a really low number so I consider that a pro more than a con. You cannot see the actual complaint, but feel free to see the information available on BBB here (UPDATE: I checked this link on September 16, 2022 and the page seems to have been deleted).

Reddit 1: I found a guy who responded to a question and he said he has a friend who is very happy with his mattress after three years.

I consider this to be valuable information when considering a long-term investment where you will spend about one-third of your life. The post can be viewed here on Reddit.

Reddit 2: Wow, I came across one awesome post by Bill who did a lot of research after buying two mattresses from another company and he then sent them back for various reasons including poor quality and non-organic materials.

He listed what he knows about the eight different models that the original poster inquired about. #7 is PlushBeds and he has very positive things to say about it. You can read it on Reddit here. The post is almost at the bottom.

Photo source: PlushBeds

How Long Has PlushBeds Been in Business?

The Natural Latex Company was established in 2008 by founder and CEO Michael Hughes. Hughes was inspired to start a company that specialized in making healthy, non-toxic mattresses after his father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, and PlushBeds was born.

Although the precise cause of Parkinson’s remains unknown, some researchers believe that it may be caused by chemicals with which people come into contact on a regular basis.

Hughes began researching just how many chemicals are in the furniture and household goods that he owned.

He discovered that they were loaded with potentially harmful chemicals, like excessive amounts of fire retardants.

Hughes decided that there had to be a way to bring healthy, non-toxic mattresses to families like his. That is how it got its start, and it remains a small, family-owned enterprise.

Where Is PlushBeds Located?

The company headquarters is located in Camarillo, California, which is the hometown of the Hughes family.

Where Are PlushBeds Made?

Just like the company’s headquarters, all PlushBed mattresses are made in the factory in Camarillo, California. This means that all products are made in the USA.

The company takes pride in paying its employees a competitive wage and ensuring safe working conditions.

Photo source: PlushBeds


PlushBeds works hard to provide customers with safe, organic mattresses that will help them sleep at night. Accordingly, the company has achieved several certifications.

TIP: You can see their twelve certifications on their website here and the best thing of all is that they don’t JUST CLAIM they have the certifications. They have links to them so that you can verify them!

The first of these is the Global Organic Latex Standard or GOLS. This organization sets the standard for the processing and material quality of both organic latex foam and organic latex.

Accordingly, people who buy a PlushBeds mattress will know that the latex in their mattress is organic and that the processes used to manufacture the mattress were safe, healthful, and environmentally friendly.

Another certification held by PlushBeds is the Global Organic Textile Standard or GOTS. This is a meaningful distinction because non-organic cotton production uses more agrochemicals than any other crop.

The result is that most cotton products found in the home are loaded with potentially toxic substances.

Organic cotton that is grown and processed according to GOTS standards is safe, non-toxic, and much softer than non-organic cotton.

PlushBeds also uses GOTS-certified organic wool. To achieve this certification, companies must demonstrate their commitment to standards for human and environmental safety.

PlushBeds further ensures the safety of its mattresses by using CertiPUR-US certified foam.

Using independent laboratory testing, this certification demonstrates that the foam used in these mattresses has met standards for indoor emissions, performance, and environmental stewardship.

Some PlushBeds mattresses contain Arpico Organic Latex. This latex is always sustainably harvested and certified by GOLS and the USDA as pure and natural.

With these and other certifications, it is clear that the company is thoroughly committed to sustainability and using the most healthy and non-toxic materials available.

If you want more certifications? How about NINE! Check out my review here of the Avocado Green and the links to copies of all nine certifications.

Photo source: PlushBeds


PlushBeds offers free shipping on all of its products for customers living in the contiguous United States.

Most deliveries arrive within seven to nine business days after the order is placed. Obviously it takes less time to receive if you are on the west coast and longer if you are on the east coast.

Each order is given a tracking number so that customers can watch the progress of their delivery.

I always love it when companies offer free shipping, especially on large, relatively expensive items.

Maybe the cost of shipping is just added to the price of the mattress, but having free shipping really does make me feel like I’m getting something for nothing.

It’s a genius marketing ploy and most companies in this industry and include it for free now.

Photo source: PlushBeds


After receiving a new mattress, customers have 100 nights to sleep on it before making a final decision.

Dissatisfied customers only have to call the customer service line to schedule pickup within those 100 nights. But you have to box it up and get it to the curb.

A full refund is returned to the original method of payment.

Plushbeds Warranty

The warranty is excellent. It’s a full 25 years. Considering that most mattresses aren’t expected to last even half that long, this is a really outstanding offer.

So, do they really last for 25 years? The company hasn’t been in business for that long, so that question remains unanswered.

And some companies offer lifetime warranties, so who knows what will happen if you try to return it in 24 years.

At that point, I think I would be happy with the durability of the mattress lol.

My mattress must have been pushing 17 years and it was still fine when I tossed it after I sold the house. But it was an expensive quality mattress so if you want it to last don’t go cheap.

Are PlushBeds Mattresses Good?

After closely examining each of the mattress options offered by PlushBeds, I’d say that their construction is of excellent quality.

That means that not only is the company utilizing the very best materials available but also that these beds are being put together with real care and attention.

Moreover, I really appreciate the company’s dedication to using all-natural, organic resources, and the many certifications that they have achieved.

It’s also reassuring to know that PlushBeds genuinely seems to care about its employees and the satisfaction of its customers.

Accordingly, it probably comes as no surprise that I would feel comfortable ordering from them.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that they are right for everybody, but I think that they have enough variety and options to appeal to many people.

Let’s take a closer look at each model before diving into some overall pros and cons. This will help you decide whether or not it’s worth it to try a give them a go for 100 nights.

The PlushBeds Product Line

While PlushBeds makes sofa bed and RV mattresses, I’m going to focus on the company’s Natural & Organic and Memory Foam offerings.

Natural & Organic Mattresses

This line consists of three main products: The Botanical Bliss, which is made from organic latex; The Natural Bliss, which is made from natural latex; and The Luxury Bliss, which is a hybrid latex and coils.

Each Botanical Bliss features GOLS-certified organic latex in addition to GOTS-certified organic wool and GOTS-certified organic cotton.

Offering superior support and pressure-point relief, this consists of Dunlop latex originating from Arpico.

Like their others, this one is available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and firmness levels so that you can get the comfortable night’s sleep that you deserve.

The Natural Bliss is constructed from 100-percent natural latex, which means that there are no chemicals, synthetics, or blends involved.

It comes with a certified organic cotton cover that is animal-free, wool-free, and vegan. With layers of organic Arpico latex for comfort and support, this is built to stand the test of time.

When you choose the Luxury Bliss mattress, you get a top layer of organic latex that’s GOLS-certified as well as a pocketed coil core in which every coil is individually wrapped.

The coils help to provide superior motion isolation while organic latex provides support and pressure-point relief.

PlushBeds Memory Foam Mattresses

PlushBeds manufactures two memory foam models: The Ocean Mist with gel memory foam and the Cool Bliss luxury memory foam.

The Ocean Mist features a top-of-the-line cooling gel that handles heat and moisture with aplomb. With memory foam, this mattress ensures the best in pressure relief as does the four-way stretch cover.

With the Cool Bliss, you get five layers for the best in comfort, support, and cooling.

Features materials like gel memory foam, a high-density supportive core, organic latex, and organic cotton.

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