Are Spindle Mattresses Good? 6 Pros and 3 Cons

Still, it’s possible to say that there are great mattresses out there and that there are others that aren’t so good. Unlike others, I will list the real cons of each product that I research.

Spindle mattresses pros: natural materials, competitive pricing, custom firmness, can be easy to move, firmness calculator, and Spindle donates 10% of profits and 1 mattress per 10 to charity. Cons: have to assemble yourself, heavy, and hot for some sleepers.

Pros and Cons of Spindle Mattresses

These mattresses are made to high-quality standards and use superior materials. Nonetheless, they are not perfect. Here’s a look at a few pros and cons.

Pro 1: Natural Materials

I really admire Spindle’s commitment to all-natural materials that are sustainably sourced and grown. Nobody needs to sleep on a mattress that’s loaded with chemicals with unpronounceable names.

Those chemicals may be toxic, and it’s reassuring to be able to choose a one that is devoid of these substances.

Pro 2: Competitive Pricing

If you have ever browsed for an all-latex model in a store, then you know how incredibly expensive they can be. Nevertheless, the company is able to offer these high-quality models at impressive prices.

Don’t get me wrong. Buying a Spindle is still going to cost you, but it is about as cheap as you can find.

Why is the price lower? Part of it probably has to do with the owner’s long-standing and connections within the industry, but most of it is probably attributable to foregoing the overhead of retail stores, customer assembly, and low marketing costs.

Pro 3: You Can Customize Your Mattress Firmness

Ok, so I don’t like that I have to wrestle three heavy latex layers into a zip-up cover. Still, I appreciate being able to reorder those layers if I want more support or comfort. It’s just a nice option to have, particularly as your sleep preferences might change over the years.

The short video shows how much a medium firmness sags with 42 lb bucket on it and how much the weight sags.

Pro 4: Easier to Move a Heavy Latex Mattress

With the zippered cover, you can separate the three layers to move them to another room or house with ease. Sure, it is a PIA and I would just wrestle the heavy bugger, but many would appreciate the option of moving three layers one at a time to make moving easier.

Pro 5: Online Firmness Calulator

The website has a handy online calculator to help determine the firmness configuration best for you and your significant other.

Pro 6: Donations to Charities

I should have listed this as pro number 1. I love that they donate 10% of profits AND one mattress for every ten sold to charity. I would love for them to post stats about these donations so that we can see what the actual donation numbers.

And some proof would be nice too. This industry is not exactly known for its honesty.

Con No. 1: You Build the Mattress Yourself

If you’ve never tried this, then it’s difficult to understand just how awkward and frustrating this can be. By Spindle’s own admission, latex is heavy. If you’re wrestling three layers of it in a queen- or king-sized bed, then you need at least two people to get the job done.

Also, you have to be really careful to align each layer just so. Fail to do this, and the sides of the mattress will look lumpy and weird.

It’s not unusual for it to take upwards of 45 minutes to get this little project done.

Below is a good video by Sleep Mattress showing how to assemble.

Con No. 2: Difficult to Move

If you’re thinking of moving soon and are in the market for a new mattress, then you may want to wait to purchase a Spindle until you’re in your new place.

Did I mention before that these are heavy? Did I also mention that they move and fold and accordion all on their own when you try to lift them? Imagine trying to lift sofa size jello weighing as much as a small person.

Ugh. It is no easy task. Invite friends for Saturday afternoon beer and pizza.

Con No. 3: May Be Too Hot for Some

Are you a super-hot sleeper? If so, then a Spindle mattress may not be perfect for you. I found that the zippered cover added a nice layer of cooling.

Placing the mattress on a slatted foundation also helps with air circulation. Still, many find it hot. If you’re one of those people who overheats easily, you may want to look elsewhere.

These are high-quality, made-in-the-USA products that are attractively priced and offer competitive warranties. With a 365-night trial period, you’ll have plenty of time to decide whether or not this is right for you.

The below video is two years old, but it is from an actual owner, not a “Professional” review company that never had an employee sleep on it (and all their reviews are positive as they try to generate commissions from their “reviews”).

This video is poor quality, but it is worth watching if you are considering this mattress.

In my book, these are some of the characteristics to consider:

  • Natural, organic materials
  • Excellent support
  • A good amount of springiness
  • Outstanding cushioning for pressure points
  • A minimum of motion transfer
  • Superior craftsmanship that ensures a longer life

For new visitors to my website, you will learn that I have researched numerous mattresses. Many of them are good, some are decent, and some are bad (but with great marketing strategies!). The Spindle is a good one for most people in my opinion.

While Spindle builds better models than some of its competitors, this doesn’t mean that it’s perfect or that it will work for everyone. Keep reading to discover whether or not this brand is right for you.

The below video is by produced by the company so keep that in mind. However, it does a decent job of explaining air flow heat transfer of three types; coil, latex, and memory foam.

An Overview of Spindle

Taking a quick tour through the company website reveals a great deal about this manufacturer. They are made in the USA using materials that are produced or manufactured at various places across the US.

It is a small, family-owned business, with a founder who is a fourth-generation manufacturer. This is a nice change from all the new companies springing up in the past few years and offering lifetime warranties.

The website emphasizes the all-natural components that go into every latex mattress and talks about the various eco-friendly certifications that each material must meet.

It’s good to see that it offers free shipping and a 365-day trial period, which only a few companies can top. Returns appear to be handled efficiently, and you do have options for changing the firmness if you’re not comfortable with your current firmness.

The Spindle Company Information

On the company’s website, Spindle’s story is charmingly told. Readers are put on a first-name basis with company founder Neal, whose father, great uncle and great-great uncle all were involved in the business.

With Neal growing up in the industry, he reassures customers that he’s seen it all in both huge international concerns as well as small, family-owned ventures.

The company even advertises itself as an “Old Fashioned Mattress Company” that listens to customers and believes in doing the right thing.

Spindle focuses on latex models because they believe that this material is healthier, cleaner, and more comfortable than alternatives. Neal points out that his grandparents slept on a latex mattress in the 1950s.

Also from the website, the company states that it’s able to offer lower pricing than companies selling in retail stores. This is because the middle man has been removed from the equation, not to mention the physical store expenses.

You can only buy a Spindle online and that means that you’re not paying the retail store markup. And I think you can imagine how expensive it is to have a store in many cities with the cost of:

  • Store rent
  • Sales and management staff
  • Utilities
  • Truck for deliveries
  • Marketing budget
  • Insurnaces
  • Business licenses
  • Office expenses (computers, prints, stationery, etc)

However, they do pay a commission to online affiliates who send people to their website and people who click their links and purchase a product. It is a small price to pay for an army of marketers and this helps to keep the price competitive.

And if I do add affiliate links in the future it would be really nice to get enough income to pay for the costs of this website, especially if I am still not working 🙂

It also may be valuable to know that Spindle donates one mattress to charity for every 10 that are sold. Moreover, the company gives 10 percent of its profits to charities that protect the environment.

Mattresses Certifications

Spindle makes clear its dedication to using natural, sustainably sourced materials. Accordingly, the company uses Global Organic Textile Standard, or GOTS, certified organic cotton for components such as sleep surfaces and side and bottom fabrics.

Raw cotton is obtained from Texas, New Mexico, or India. Spindle prioritizes getting cotton from US sources but may obtain the raw material from India depending upon availability and the season.

All of the cotton is then woven in the Carolinas before being incorporated into its mattresses.

Similarly, Spindle is dedicated to using only eco-wool for the batting inside the organic cotton cover. The wool usually is a blend of pure and organic wool that does not contain polyester, synthetic materials, or chemical flame retardants.

All wool is obtained from sheep that are humanely raised in Northern California or Oregon before being carded in California. This wool is rated Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, demonstrating a commitment to using materials that are not detrimental to human health.

The company uses all-natural latex that is produced by Mountain Top Foam in Pennsylvania. It is 100-percent natural latex that is Rainforest Alliance certified, Forest Stewardship Council certified, and rated Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX.

Spindle points out that its latex does not include fillers, polyurethane, synthetic latex, or any petroleum-based products. While it’s not “certified organic,” it is 100-percent natural.

Mountain Top Foam, which manufactures the latex that Spindle uses in its mattresses, sources its latex from Guatemala, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Sri Lanka.

To make the latex, the liquid latex obtained from the rubber tree is mixed with ingredients like fatty acid soaps, zinc oxide, sodium, sulfur, and other compounds that are necessary for vulcanization and curing of the latex.

Shipping Policy

As with many bed-in-a-box companies, Spindle has chosen to offer free shipping to all customers in the contiguous U.S. Boxes are shipped via UPS Ground.

It also is able to ship to Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada, but this will incur additional fees. These fees appear in the cart at checkout.

All mattresses are shipped unassembled, which means that you have to be prepared to do some work upon receipt. Of course, this effort saves you money so keep that in mind.

Each model is made up of three layers of latex plus a zippered casing. Depending upon the size you ordered, you may receive either two or three boxes.

TIP: Most often the mattresses arrive at their destination within seven days of the order. It notifies the customer if their shipment is likely to arrive late, and the customer is free to cancel their order without penalty.

The boxes hip from Acton, Massachusetts.

No-Hassle Returns

On day 364, if you decide that this just isn’t right for you all you have to do is contact customer service, they’ll process your refund, and you don’t even have to send the mattress back to them. Just donate it to charity.

TIP: That sounds like a great refund plan, and it is, but there are some exceptions. This 365-day return period only applies if you buy the mattress through Spindle. If you buy through Amazon or another third party, then this guarantee goes out the window.

Spindle encourages customers not to give up if they aren’t satisfied with their mattress after a few weeks.

Instead, the company recommends rearranging the three latex layers, each of which may be medium or firm, depending upon what was initially ordered.

Sometimes, switching a softer layer from the top to between two firm layers is just what’s needed to give you a better night’s sleep. Of course, to get there, you have the not-so-fun task of wrestling all of those layers into a different configuration and zipping the cover back over them.

That’s not the kind of thing that everyone is willing to do. Personally, I think it is fantastic as I could try many configurations until I find Goldilocks comfort.

Spindle also encourages people to think about the foundation on which their mattress rests. If the foundation is inadequate, then no mattress will be as comfortable and supportive as it could be.

The company recommends box or platform foundations or solid wood slats that are placed no more than three inches apart.

TIP: The company says that its mattresses are compatible with adjustable beds. They recommend Leggett & Platt as a reliable, high-quality brand.


Spindle also does a good job in the warranty department. It’s a 10-year limited warranty that begins with the order date and covers certain claims like a larger than three-quarters of an inch sag in the latex.

If you do have a warranty claim within the 10-year period, then Spindle will send you a replacement component for free if you live in the contiguous 48 states. Outside of these states a shipping fee will apply.

Things such as body impressions or indentations in the latex are not covered by the warranty as they are a natural part of the mattress conforming to the sleeper’s body.

Spindle recommends that people use a protective covering on their mattress as any burns, stains, or unsanitary conditions may void the warranty.

Moreover, customers are required to keep original proof of purchase and ensure that the “law tag” stays attached to the mattress to make a warranty claim.

It additionally offers a 25-Year Comfort Life Guarantee that allows customers to replace components at a discounted rate for a 25-year period that runs from the date of purchase.

Are Spindle Mattresses Good?

Many actual owners post legitimate favorable reviews of Spindle’s products, so I think that this is a high-quality and well-made product. I definitely appreciate the natural materials and how hard the company works to source those materials in the U.S.

I don’t mind that you have to assemble the three layers of the mattress yourself upon receipt and zip it into its cotton cover. I like to see the “guts” of an investment with this price-tag and I will know how much effort it requires if I want to change the firmness configuration in the future.

This is no easy task, and you will need an extra set of hands, or you are a stubborn ass like me.

One Single Mattress, but Several Firmness Options

Here is where the company keeps everything really simple. While other manufacturers have several product lines and a variety of materials, construction techniques, etc., Spindle has just one.

Granted, you do have customization options, but having just one model to look at can really simplify the process.

Of course, if it isn’t right for you, it’s not like they have an alternative product that might tempt you.

It is available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, and king sizes. When ordering, you also choose whether you want a medium or firm.

TIP: Spindle also used to offer a soft option, but it no longer appears to be available. Remember this when looking at online reviews as they may not be up to date.

It consists of three three-inch layers of natural latex. You choose whether you want a medium or firm, and this will determine which layers are sent to you.

Spindle recommends that customers start with the medium firmness level, and they provide a Comfort Calculator to help you determine whether or not this firmness level is right for you.

Once you’ve chosen either medium or firm, it’s up to you to place the layers in the order that gives you the right combination of softness, comfort, and support. If you don’t like the initial order of the layers, then you’re encouraged to reorder them and try the mattress for a few more weeks.

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