Aviya Mattress: Pros and Cons Analysis

Aviya mattress pros: good buoyancy, five foam layers, affordable, pocketed coils, airflow, wicks heat and moisture, CertiPUR US certified, and extra support in the mid area. Cons: motion transfer, not for stomach sleepers, cheaper comparable options, and 100-day trial.


  • Exceptionally buoyant to prevent sinkage and easy movement, making it highly suitable for combination sleepers.
  • Five layers of foam and spring create a perfect balance of contoured and conformed support to relieve aching joints, sore muscles, and prevent pressure formation.
  • Its affordable price range makes it a pocket-friendly choice for individuals searching luxury comfort within the set budget.
  • Pocketed coils and porous foam promotes air circulation for effective temperature regulation each night.
  • Its breathable cotton cover wicks away heat and moisture to provide cool and comfortable slumber, especially to hot sleepers.
  • Being CertiPUR US certified ensures that the company uses premium polyfoam free of harmful chemicals and ozone depleters, thus safe for sleeping.
  • Its HD foam base adds stability to the mattress and efficiently absorbs motion to mitigate disturbances during the night.
  •  Quilted plush top offers extra padding and cloud-like comfort to provide you with restful sleep night after night.
  • Zoned coil unit offers soft comfort at the head and toe area with a bolstered mid area to maintain natural spinal alignment.
  • 10-year warranty with free return shipping.


  • Being purely spring mattress, light sleepers may experience a slight amount of motion and noise disturbances.
  • Its buoyant structure makes the mattress unsuitable for individuals who prefer sleeping on their stomachs.
  • Although it’s quite an affordable, the prices are higher compared to other unbranded sleep surfaces.  
  • 100-day warranty trial, which is low compared to many other companies.

Aviya Brand Highlights

  • 100-nights trial period
  • Single mattress variety
  • Three different firmness levels
  • 10-years warranty
  • Free curbside delivery
  • Optional white glove services
  • Old mattress removal for $60
  • Made in the USA

At a Glance

  • Cotton cover with quilted foam backing
  • 5-layered Innerspring mattress
  • 3 layers of polyfoam
  • 8-inch innerspring core
  • Polyfoam base
  • Reinforced perimeters
  • Caters to various sleeper types

Firmness and Feel

Available in three different comfort levels, Aviya works for multiple sleeper profiles. Its 12-inch thick mattress composition offers well-rest snooze time and rejuvenating comfort, irrespective of your sleeping position.

Typically designed for back, side, and combination sleepers, Aviya coil unit relieves your pressure point while providing maximum spinal alignment.

Photo Source: Aviya

However, the feel of the mattress is subjective to your body weight and sleep position.

Typically, heavyweight back sleepers will provide adequate comfort on the firm Aviya mattress, whereas petite side sleepers will prefer the plush firmness.

Due to its remarkable buoyancy, combination sleepers will find all firmness options equally comfortable.

Nevertheless, stomach sleepers will experience stuck-in feel due to its deep compressional support.

This will lead to misaligned spine and uneven back support, causing pressure formation in the lumbar region, knees and shoulders.

If you co-sleep or share a bed with kids or pets, then Aviya is a great choice for you due to its reinforced perimeters. You get to use the entire surface without the risk of rolling down.

Besides, secure edges also make it easier to get in and out of bed, especially elderly and ailing persons.

What is an Aviya Innerspring Mattress?

Aviya Innerspring is a relatively new design by an innovative online bed-in-a-box brand, suitable for most sleeper types. Its exceptional comfort, durable construction, and pressure-relieving properties set this model apart in the industry.

If you’re looking for a cradled sleep area, the Aviya Innerspring provides restorative slumber time without any stuck-in feel. Its unique construction and innovative design support the company’s claim: “we build our mattress better.”

Establish in 2014, the company set up its headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, to manufacture innovative products. With an eye for details and aim for perfection, the company created an innovative Innerspring bed in three different firmness levels to suit various sleeper types.

If you’re living in the U.S., you can avail free shipment to receive your box right at the doorstep. Those looking for professional assistance for old mattress removal and setting up a new mattress can book white glove delivery services at a nominal fee of $99.

The company also offers a 10-year warranty and a 100% cashback guarantee, which is an example of the company’s confidence in its premium-quality materials. Moreover, you can also enjoy a 100-night home trial to test the performance, and if unsatisfied, you can claim for a return.

100 nights is likely plenty long to determine if this is the right one for you.

Aviya Innerspring is a masterpiece for your bedroom sanctuary that offers you the utmost comfort and maximum support. The bed has earned many positive reviews online for its soft, cooling, and responsive surface.

And I scoured throughout the Internet to week out the fake, biased, affiliate websites and YouTube reviews to get to the real comments from owners who actually sleep on this mattress every night.

Construction and Materials

Aviya, a new brand, is a group of professional mattress engineers who carefully source and select premium materials offering optimal comfort. The company is continuously striving to improve based on new technologies, innovative designs, and customer feedback.

Made of five layers, Aviya Innerspring totals a height of 12-inch. The combination of foam and spring provides a buoyant yet conforming support that allows rejuvenating sleep each night.

With its three different comfort levels: firm, medium-firm, and plush, Aviya Innerspring works well for various sleeper profiles and positions.

 Each layer is designed to offer multiple features, such as body contouring support, spinal alignment, deep compression, and pain relief.  

Its organic cotton cover keeps the surface cool and soft to touch while the pocketed coils promote airflow, making the bed ideal for hot sleepers.

The Comfort System

It comprises two layers of polyfoam, each with a thickness of 1-inch to relieve pressure points, including shoulder, neck, hips, knees, and legs. However, the density of foam varies depending on the chosen firmness option.

When pressure is applied, the layer offers deep compressional support but springs back quickly to prevent sinkage and resist permanent indentation.

Its polymerized structure tends to trap lesser heat compared to memory foam, thus providing a much cooler sleep.

The Transition Layer

Below the comfort system is an HD polyfoam layer of 1-inch height, to provide you with a firmer transition from plush comfort to buoyant support. Its dense structure offers perfect lumbar support to relieve your backache problems.

It also contours to body curves, especially when sleeping on sides, to alleviate your aching joints and sore muscles. Thanks to its high-density, the layer provides even weight distribution and pain-relief

The Mattress Core

It is made of 8-inches of coils enclosed in 3-inch wide polyfoam perimeters for sturdy edge support necessary for bed-sharing. These individually wrapped coils move independently to limit motion transfer.

Its zoned comfort system bolsters at the mid-region for extra lumbar support.

The pocketed coils promote air circulation as well as remarkable conformity and subtle resilience.

This provides you with luxurious sleep. Its secure edges allow you to use the entire slumber surface without the fear of falling off and ease of getting in and out of bed.

This makes the bed safe for seniors, children, overweight, and ailing persons.

The Base Layer

Last is the 1-inch thick polyfoam base designed for motion absorption and provide stable support to the entire construction. It resists sagging and adds durability for long-lasting use, thus giving the mattress a stable foundation.

The Cover

The mattress is wrapped in an organic cotton cover with heating wicking and moisture absorption properties. Its foam backing provides plush comfort to provide you with a soft, comfortable snooze time.

Best For

  • Back sleepers under 240 lbs
  • Those looking for pressure-relieving comfort
  • Those who need lumbar support when sleeping on their back
  • Those who turn and toss frequently
  • Those who sleep hot
  • Sleepers who love the bounce of spring mattress

Not The Best For

  • Those who like pure foam mattress or hybrid beds for exceptional motion isolation
  • Those who are light sleepers
  • Those who sleep on their stomach
  • Those who are on a shoe-string budget

Features as Per Sleep Position

Back StomachSide Combination
Even weight distributionUnbalanced supportPressure-formationBouncy support
Maximum spinal alignmentImproper back alignmentSink-in feelMotion isolation

Sizes, Dimensions, and Price

Size (US Standard)Dimensions (inches)Cost (US$)
Twin39 x 74799
Twin XL39 x 80849
Full52 x 75949
Queen60 x 801,099
King76 x 801,399
Cal. King72 x 841,399

Buying Experience

This new brand is known for its affordable sleep area that is available in multiple comfort levels to suit the varying needs of different sleeper personas. Not only do you get a premium mattress but also customer-friendly policies, making Aviya worth the purchase.

Shipment, Delivery and Returns

The company offers free-to-your-door delivery options using FedEx shipment services. Each one is roll-packed in a box for convenient and quick delivery.

Since every Aviya is made-to-order, it takes 3-7 working days to get it right to your doorstep.

If you’re not at home, our delivery team will leave the box at your curbside. However, you can track the progress of your shipment order using the tracking code provided by the company.  

To get your mattress installed and the old bed removed, you can opt for white glove delivery at $159. Nevertheless, it takes 7-14 days to deliver your product via XPO.

If you’re unsatisfied with your Aviya innerspring unit, you can avail free returns and 100% cash back guarantee, after the mandatory 14-days break-in period.

Warranty and Trial Periods

To back its claim of premium-quality products, the company offers a 10-years warranty against manufacturing fault or regular use defects. Its 100-nights in-home testing allows you to try the sleeping area and analyze its performance for 3-months before making the final purchase.


Can I use a heating pad with it?

Heating pads are a great way to fight off the coldness you may experience when slipping under the covers. When used on memory foam beds, heating pads can alter the performance and feel.

Unlike any other mattress, Aviya Innerspring uses premium-quality, temperature-sensitive foam layer at the top.

Due to this, it is highly safe to use a heating pad with Aviya Innerspring mattress that adapts its performance as per the surrounding temperature.

Is it suitable for an adjustable base?

Aviya uses foam perimeters instead of metal wire borders for added flexibility, which makes it suitable for adjustable bases.

Additionally, the foam layer is highly polymerized, making it quite durable and long-lasting. Moreover, the reinforced steel coils are resilient enough to withstand the pressure.

What is the mandatory break-in period?

It takes time to adjust to a new surface. Thus, to support its customers, Aviya mandates a two-week trial period before making the final purchasing decision.

During the time period, your body gets enough time to adapt to the new surface. If you think if it still doesn’t work for you, then opt for its hassle-free replacement or refund policy.

Is it eco-friendly?

The Aviya foam is CertiPUR US certified, which means it is free of chemicals, ozone depleters, flame retardants, and other harmful chemicals. Made of the finest material, the steel coils are safe for eco-conscious sleepers.

What bed frame should I use?

All types of bed frames are suitable for Aviya mattresses, including a metal frame, platform base, slatted and adjustable bases.

Since the mattress has a layer an innerspring unit that gives ample bounce and support to the entire construction, thus you don’t require a box spring base.  

Aviya is a traditional innerspring unit offering a luxuriously comfortable slumber to different sleepers. Made of premium materials and unique construction, the it successfully lasts years of use without losing its optimum performance.


For three months, the company allows you to test the sleep surface from the comfort of your home, and upon dissatisfaction, you can claim for a 100% return of the purchase price.

Being a traditional coil mattress, light sleepers may experience noise or motion disturbance.

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