Is Avocado Mattress Worth It? In-Depth Analysis

After a few long days of researching the information and buyer comments around the Internet, I think I have finally completed this article. Please let me know if I missed anything and I will add it. Especially negative things since I have no problem sharing that with the world.

The Avocado mattress is worth it because of the company’s intense focus on environmentally friendly manufacturing, products, and attitude. The price is fair and the quality is very good, professional company operations, communications, and a no-hassle return policy.

Scott’s Subjective Ratings

Table 1. Scott’s Subjective Ratings

(1 – 10)
Scott’s Thoughts
Scott’s running tally of favorable versus
unfavorable reviews = about 10 to 3.
I will have to add them up.
Age of Company10.2 points per year the company has
been in business. This may seem like
a low number for the calculation, but
Simmons at 150+ years old likely
thinks it is high.

0.4 points/ year
910 year unlimited

Years 11 – 25 limited
(1 point deduction for limited)
Trial Period

0.5 points/ month
Only 6 complaints in 3 years,
4 not resolved (in my opinion, 3
according to BBB). But I don’t
agree with an F with the
number of customers they have.
BBB RatingFSite speed rates D and F, but then I
find the user experience is fine and
I am hot-spotting off my cell in rural

There is also a huge amount of
information on the site that answers
most questions if you spend
enough time digging around.
Charity7Kudos for kicking in 1% of
revenue to environmental non-profits.
10If this company doesn’t get a 10
I don’t know which one would.
Trustworthiness9This company has done a tremendous
amount of work to earn the trust of
customers. This became crystal clear
after my first day of research.
Website9It seems shameful that I have to
include a rating for companies
following the laws of the USA.
But I have come across complaints
of one sketchy company and
potentially a couple more.

Avocado actually has copies of
its labels on their website.

Stay tuned.
Certifications9Many quality certifications and most
importantly, they have copies of
them on their website to prove
they actually have them.
Buyer Complaints9The company only started in 2015
so there is not a huge amount of
history, but there are few complaints
compared to the praises.
Label Law Conformance10It seems shameful that I have to
include a rating for companies
following the laws of the USA.
But I have come across complaints
of one sketchy company and
potentially a couple more.

Avocado actually has copies of
its labels on its website.

Stay tuned.
Shipping Time2It can take up to one month for you
east coasters. I am an east coaster
too but in Canada 🙂

However, free shipping to Hawaii
and Alaska.
Customer Service9I am finding many people having
positive experiences with Avocado’s
customer service. This is where
most companies crap the bed,
especially after they have your money.
Smell7Usually dissipates in one or two days,
but can last longer. Most people
don’t think it “stinks”, just an odor
(smell comparisons listed in that
section of the article below).
But some think it smells like a
goat barn lol.
FlippableNoI don’t think it would be fair for me
to rate an attribute that is yes or no.
HandlesYesEven though the mattresses are not
flippable this is a handy (pun intended)
option to have for moving.
Safety CutterNoSome companies provide a safety
cutter to cut the plastic without
damaging the latex. Come on, this
would only cost a few cents to help
your customers.

Are Avocado Mattresses Hypoallergenic?

They are hypoallergenic, but a small number of buyers do have allergic reactions for unknown reasons. The best thing to do if you really want one is to buy one and return it if you have issues. There is no way to know in advance and since the return process is hassle-free it might be worth it to try.


Wow, I did not know what I was getting myself into when I started researching the certifications. This one section killed much of one day! You can see the list here, but I had to dig around the Internet to find a lot of the below information.

Certifications with a copy available for viewing on the company website:

  • GOLS: The latex is certified natural rubber through the GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard). You can see copies of their certification on the Avocado website here.
  • FORMALDEHYDE FREE: The validation of this certification through to September 18, 2021, can be viewed here.
  • MADE SAFE NO HARMFUL SUBSTANCES: From Avocado’s website “only allows the use of ingredients that are not known or suspected to harm human health, animals, aquatic life, or ecosystems.”
  • GOTS: (UPDATE: As of September 16, 2022, I see that this page was removed, so does that mean they no longer have GOTS certification? I will have to do some research and update again) Global Organic Textile Standard with the certification available on the website here. The company, Avocado Mattress LLC, has all three levels of certification including:
    • GOTS Organic Certified Materials
    • GOTS Organic Certified Factory
    • GOTS Organic Certified Product
  • GREENGUARD: The certificate can be viewed here.

    From the GREENGUARD website, “GREENGUARD Certification is part of UL Environment, a business unit of UL (Underwriters Laboratories).

    GREENGUARD Certification helps manufacturers create–and helps buyers identify–interior products and materials that have low chemical emissions, improving the quality of the air in which the products are used.

    All GREENGUARD Certified products are listed in the UL SPOT Sustainable Product Database.”
  • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX: Organic certified latex, wool, and cotton Avocado list three certifications for the factories they purchase from. This is common practice for manufacturers and import companies. Certifications listed include:
    • Signature Foam PCT. LTD. and the certification is actually on the My Morning Owl mattress company website and can be seen here.
    • 19.HIN.68466: I checked the validity of the number and it is valid, but it doesn’t show for what company.
    • 15.HIN.75800: Same as the previous number.
  • CERTIFIED VEGAN: You can see the company listed on the website here.
  • PETA APPROVED: You can see Avocado listed on the PETA website here.
  • CERTIFIED B CORP: From the Avocado website: “Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose”.

    You can view Avocado’s scores on here.
  • American Chiropractic Association (ACA) Certificate of Endorsement, which can be seen here.

Certifications without copies available for viewing:

  • 1% For The Planet: 1% of total revenue is donated to environmental non-profits.
  • USDA Organic: I consider this useless as the USDA qualifications standards are a joke in many cases. For example, if you have a building with thousands of chickens and they have ACCESS to outside then they are considered free-range. Yup, even a couple of square feet outside of the building qualifies, even if zero chickens ever cross the line to the outside.
  • FSC CERTIFIED: The rubber plantations that they co-own in India are organic certified.
  • CLIMATE NEUTRAL: From Avocado’s website “Avocado is the world’s first mattress brand to achieve net-zero carbon emissions”.
  • CLEAN ENERGY PARTNER: The company buys all its electricity from Arcadia Power. I don’t know if this is legit as there are many questions and concerns and I am not going to spend a day digging into it. I would just simply consider this useless when making a decision.
  • ECO-INSTITUT: Ecological product testing certification for natural latex rubber foam.

Is Avocado A Hybrid?

The Avocado is a hybrid with 1,414 pocketed coils and layers of natural Dunlop latex.

Is It Flippable?

The Avocado mattress is not flippable as both the Green and Vegan mattresses have a support system for the coils on the bottom. And if you purchase the optional pillow top it is even less flippable (is that possible??? Sounds the same as “less dead”).

What Is The Warranty?

10-year unlimited and 11 – 24 years limited and prorated. Prorated means that you will receive a portion of the purchase price as a refund based on which year the claim is registered.

Other highlights:

  • non-transferable
  • the base foundation must have at least 5 legs for full and larger size and the gaps between slats can’t be more than 2.5”.
  • you must unwrap the mattress within two weeks of receiving it.
  • Visible indentation deeper than 1”

I am getting tired of reading the very long policy. Please check it out on their website here before making a purchase.

What Is The Trial Period?

The trial period for the Avocado mattress is 365 days.

There is a good guide provided on their website for tips during the trial period and includes information on the acceptable slat gaps in your base foundation.

TIP: It states in their warranty that gaps between slats must not exceed 2.5”.


Avocado mattress delivery can take up to one month, especially for buyers on the east coast of the US. This is because the factory is in Santa Monica, California and they hand-make each one after your order is placed.

The average delivery time seems to be in the 10 to 14-day range, but it is safer to expect it to take a month.

Shipping time will also vary with which delivery company is used as there are now more options, including shipping to a PO box.

So look elsewhere if you are in a hurry because you lost your mattress due to flooding, a bad move (trust me, it happens), or your wife finally had enough of your crap and punted you out the door, etc.

Keep in mind that the delivery is only to your door. The delivery person or people will now haul it inside your house and certainly not up the stairs.

Ship to PO Box

This service has recently been added via USPS, but you should contact customer service prior to ordering to confirm as I suspect this could change at any time.

Does Avocado Mattress Ship to Canada?

The Avocado mattress does not ship to Canada at this time, bummer eh? I suspect it is due to the outrageous cost of shipping in Canada. Soon many people will need to finance the purchase of a stamp from Canada Post 🙁

Ship to Hawaii and Alaska?

Surprisingly, They ship to Hawaii and Alaska for free. This is impressive and one of the few that I have noticed with this awesome service.

Of course, it may take longer than a month, but hey, it is better than settling for whatever the local bed store has to offer.

In-Home Delivery

Avocado In-Home Delivery service costs $249 and can be scheduled within a four-hour window. The service includes:

  • removing your old mattress only
  • humping your new bed to the bedroom, even if up or downstairs
  • unboxing
  • unwrapping and removing the two layers of plastic
  • installing on the bed frame
  • cleaning up and removing cardboard and plastic
  • dispose of your old mattress

Unboxing Avocado Mattress

It is shipped in a relatively small box as they compress the crap out of it. It has a second layer of cardboard on the four sides. I would prefer a complete double box to also protect the top and bottom for a product this heavy and expensive. We know how much care delivery companies take when handling packages, right? (eyes roll).

Obviously, the thick and strong plastic provides some protection, but its primary function is to hold the vacuum-sealed in as small a sliver as possible to make delivery easier.

There is also a second thinner plastic wrap that also needs to be removed.

You will likely need two people to move the box around the house and to slide it out of the box (unless you cut the box to pieces like in the second video below).

TIP: You can carefully cut the top of the box and break down the cardboard so you can roll the mattress over the cardboard and into place ready to be humped up onto the bed foundation. If you need to return the it there is no way you will ever get it compressed enough to fit inside the original box.

However, take pictures of any labels on the box and email them to yourself with Avocado Mattress in the subject line. This is so you will always have the photos if the company requires you to produce them in the future.

Here in Thailand, we have to take a minimum of six pictures of the delivered package, all labels, and the opened package with the item shown as shipped as proof in the event of a problem.

A video showing a buyer unboxing a King Avocado Green. Notice how dirty the box is. Good thing for the plastic condom.

A video showing the unboxing and expansion of King Avocado Vegan with the pillow top. Unfortunately, they do not provide a safety plastic cutter with a razor blade to safely cut the plastic without damaging the latex.

How Long For an Avocado Mattress To Expand?

The amount of time can vary but it should be fully expanded in 24 hours, but it should be almost expanded in a couple of hours. You can get on the mattress right away without damaging the latex or spring coils.

The above video in the Unboxing section also shows how long it takes for it to expand.

Does it Smell?

I have seen some complaints about the smell that lasts for up to two weeks, but usually only one or two days. See more complaints in my article here. Sleepers mention that it is not an unpleasant smell and a common odor.


A small number of people have a baffling allergy to the mattress and I have yet to find anyone who determined what the cause was. A couple of speculations perhaps cleaning agent residue, but 100% speculation.

I found one person speculate that it may be caused by the use of non-vulcanized Dunlop latex rather than vulcanized Dunlop or Talalay as small pieces can break off and work their way to the surface and the sleeper. If I find more information I will update this section.

Some owners had very similar mattresses with the same materials and certifications and never had an issue with the older ones. Strange, but the good thing is that they returned it and it was pain-free.

Some buyers were doubtful that Avocado would honor the return due to a “mystical” allergy that they could not explain but had no issues with the return.

Customer Service

I sent a message at 1:45 am Sunday morning via the chat feature on the Contact Us page. I will update this when I get a response. They are only open during business hours, but I am curious how long it takes for a response on a Monday morning.

Another option to contact their staff is through the contact us form. They ask you to provide your email address and phone number and they will attempt to call first. If they do not reach you they will send an email.

I have seen many comments around the Internet about how excellent their customer service is, which is refreshing. Most receive a response within an hour during business hours in the Pacific Time Zone.

Buyer Reviews

Reviews Reddit

I jump around when I write and find information during my research, which works perfectly with my ADD haha. This is my last section for this review and I am exhausted so I will just post links to some of the reviews and information that you may find helpful.

Reddit review 1

Reddit review 2.

Reddit Avocado mattress owners comment throughout the thread.

Reddit poster about the buying experience.

Reviews BBB

There are no BBB Avocado mattress reviews reported on the BBB website.

The BBB rating for Avocado Mattress LLC. is F for the following reasons as listed on BBB here.

  • Failure to respond to 3 complaint(s) filed against business
  • 6 complaint(s) filed against business
  • Length of time the business has been operating

Failure to respond to 3 complaints and not resolve one other. So I say they only solve 2 out of 4 complaints and that isn’t a good sign, especially with the lack of communication reported by the buyers.

Source: BBB

Reviews Amazon

I don’t factor in Amazon reviews due to the widespread business of creating fake Amazon reviews with full-time, part-time, and freelance writers. Shame on you Amazon for letting this happen.

Reviews on Avocado Website

There are more than 1,690 reviews posted on the website and the average rating is 4.6. I calculated to more specific numbers and came up with 4.601 so it is solidly a 4.6 rating.

Sometimes when I do the math it comes out like 4.644 for a 4.6 rating, which is obviously considerably better than 4.555 for the same rounded 4.6 rating.

Perhaps I am nitpicking, but maybe some of you want to see if there is a difference like in my example. 4.64 looks a lot better than 4.55 to me.

41 out of 1,691 were 1-star reviews, which is 0.024%. I found one 1-star review posted twice and 5 others that should not be factored into the calculation. So I would say there are 35 1-star reviews or 0.021% of 1,685 reviews.

Label Law Conformance

Avocado sure seems to take this seriously as they have information about it on each mattress page and they also have a copy of their labels for the Green and the Vegan here.

Where Is Avocado Mattress Made?

Avocado mattresses are made in the USA in Los Angeles, California.

Where Is Their Headquarters Located?

Hoboken, NJ, USA

Where Can I Try It?

12 Hudson Place
Hoboken, New Jersey

1120 Montana Ave.
Santa Monica, California

Source: Avocado Green Mattress

Who Makes Avocado Mattress?

Avocado Green Brands was born from a merger with Brentwood Home in 2018 after three years in business (2015).

Where Can I Buy One?

You can only buy one on their website. And since this is the only location in the world you can buy their products you would think providing a wonderful buying experience would be important, right?

The website rated very poorly as it only managed to muster a WHOOPING 5 out of 100 on Google PageSpeed Insights Test. Other speed tests came back as D and F, but I didn’t mind it at all so there you go.

Avocado Complaints

I am seeing many owners that have had the mattress for less than 30 days, and many for only a few days, that complain about it being too firm. The company’s solution is to sell a topper to you for a substantial amount of $449.

The good news is that you can order a firm or plush firmness to give you the ability to make it more or less firm assuming the topper is a different firmness than your existing mattress firmness.

Edge Support

The Avocado mattress has good edge support with pocket coils to the edges and a metal wire cage around the perimeter. This design provides much more edge support than memory foam models.

TIP: It is not required, but I recommend rotating your mattress every six months to give the edge coils, springs, and metal cage a rest, especially if you and your spouse have a large weight difference. For example, after I sit on the bed edge for six months that one spot is really happy to be on the side with my significant other as she is MUCH lighter than I am.

How Much Does an Avocado Mattresses Cost?

Table 2. Costs


Twin XL999










How Much Does an Avocado Mattress Weigh?

Table 3.

Weight with
pillow top






Twin XL6387




Luxury HybridCrib36NA

Avocado Mattress Size

Table 4.

MattressSizeW x L x H
GreenTwin75 x 38 x 11/13

Twin XL80 x 38 x 11/13

Full75 x 54 x 11/13

Queen80 x 60 x 11/13

King80 x 76 x 11/13

84 x 72 x 11/13
VeganTwin75 x 38 x 11/13

Twin XL80 x 38 x 11/13

Full75 x 54 x 11/13

Queen80 x 60 x 11/13

King80 x 76 x 11/13

84 x 72 x 11/13
Crib28 x 52 x 6
OrganicCrib28 x 52 x 6

Avocado Mattress Pillow Top Price

Table 5.

Pillow Top
Twin XL300
Cal King600

Is Avocado Mattress Worth It?

I cannot answer that for you. You will have to do your research and decide what is best for your situation. After a LOT of research and writing, I would feel comfortable purchasing the Green or the Vegan mattress.

I would feel comfortable knowing that I have a very high likelihood of returning it hassle-free if I am not completely happy with it. So I guess for me it is worth it.

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