Avocado Mattress Smell: 1.5% and 0.7% Negative Comments

I spent far too much time researching for this short article. Perhaps a more smelly brand would have more information to create a longer article, so I guess that is a good thing for this brand.

Avocado mattresses smell like a farm according to one comment, and reviews at Reddit, Consumer Reports (1.5% negative due to smells), and the company website where 0.7% of reviewers had issues with the lingering odor. This is actually impressive compared to most mattresses

Avocado Mattress Smells Like Farm?

Smells like a farm and the owner has the odor of sheep in hair in the morning.


This is after only one night and I have not found an update so I am guessing the odor went away.

Reddit Complaints

I summarized some of my findings that I thought would be helpful to others. I have lots of time to waste and I am sure most of you are busy. I need to find a hobby 🙂

Avocado Mattress Smells Like Urine

  • One owner has tried spraying with disinfectant, but that only works for a few hours.
  • You can eliminate or at least reduce odors using the methods I list in my article here.
  • It was written for the Purple mattress, but the techniques work for some latex and hybrid brands.

General Stinky Odor Complaints

  • The smell is gone after almost two weeks.
  • The smell of the topper is gone after two weeks but the mattress is still strong smell like vanilla, but still really like the mattress.
  • Smell like cotton but does not bother the poster and she is super sensitive to odors.
  • The owner states the odor hung around for three weeks, but the couple loves it.

Smelly Mattress Solutions

I wrote an article about Purple mattress odors and I included six solutions for owners to try to eliminate odors and you can see them here.

Consumer Reports Smell Complaints

  • Funky weird odor still after four months.
  • Sensitive to odors and going to return it.
  • Smells like vanilla for a day or two but I don’t mind it.

There are 136 reviews on Consumer Reports and only four complained about the smell and two stated they like the product. That is 1.5% of negative smell comments, so pretty good compared to other brands.

Avocado Green Mattress Website Reviews

I am not going to spend the time to go through more than 12,000 reviews, but I will go through enough to see what the trend it.

Ok, I looked at 300 reviews and only found two that were negative (less than 0.7%) about the smell and many that stated there was no smell.

  • One reviewer is very sensitive to odors and has no problems with this product.
  • Initially gave off a strong smell.
  • The odor lingered for a couple of months but did not mind it.


There are zero reviews on BBB.org however there are eight complaints. Not one of them mention smell as an issue.


Based on the research that I have found it seems like odor is not an issue with this mattress. If you want to see my complete in-depth review here and other odor articles for Casper, and Zinus.

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