Awara Mattress Complaints

Buyer beware with this mattress and company.

Awara mattress complaints are all over the Internet and include illegal tags, uncomfortable, poor edge support, unresponsive to emails and phone calls, chat not working, can’t return the mattress, no charity to donate it to so no refund. Plus “scammy, Bill from Texas”.

Awara Mattress Complaints

I can’t even finish this article after seeing the below video by Sloan Fox whose Awara is falling apart after one day and she claims made with shit materials. Source

Awara BBB Complaints

64 complaints on BBB at the time I checked on November 2, 2012, and there appear to be many customers who cannot get a refund. The company has answered or resolve all 64 complaints so the company is trying to address the complaints once they receive them from the BBB.

This is more effort than some companies I have researched recently.

“I requested a return on Oct.12, 2020 and have sent 6 follow-up emails with the required photos. The mattress is in excellent condition although my back is not. I tried calling the phone number on the website but they no longer receive phone calls. The Return Policy is clearly stated on their website and I do not know why they’re electing to ignore my emails which supply the required information.”Awara Sleep October 23, 2020,

The below quote is a small sample of a very long recount of the customer’s experience and worth the read if you are considering purchasing a product from this company

“I discovered there were three mattresses in my driveway. Contacted Awara to pick up the 2 mattresses. Awara and Affirm did credit me for the two mattresses as shown above but the Awara credit is short by ******** and the mystery box is still sitting outside on the porch.”

Awara Sleep September 4, 2020,

Considering another company, check these out:

Source: BBB

Source: BBB

The below quote is concerning. A mattress without any information that is legally required on the tag (label)?

“A law label is a legally required tag or label on new items describing the fabric and filling regulating the United States mattress

Source: Wikipedia

Many of the buyers who filed a complaint with the BBB did get the situation resolved after the BBB contacted the company. And several people mentioned that it only got resolved thanks to the intervention of the BBB.

“We cannot sleep it on it any longer and are returning to using our previous mattress. We want to return the mattress and receive a refund per Awara’s 365 night guarantee. Unfortunately, we cannot get in contact with Awara to initiate the return. The company has shut off it’s phone support completely. I have attempted for over a week to use their online chat; however, no matter how long I stay at my computer, I never move into being able to speak with a live agent.”

Customer, June 8, 2020,

A YouTube Shorts video summary of problems
Source: BBB
Source: BBB

Awara Mattress Reviews and Complaints on Reddit

“They seem to have dropped all of their certification claims on their website for organic and natural materials, since the mattress is basically polyester, glue and some kind of latex, and made in China.”

Minhoc91, Reddit user, 1 year ago, source

This user went on to write:

They are straight up lying about GOTS and organic. They say organic and nontoxic all over their site, without any certifications or testing. They have only cleaned up their certifications page. Yet everywhere else is extremely misleading. If it was GOTS, it would be on the public GOTS database, and they would post their certifications. 

Minhoc91, Reddit user, 1 year ago, source

“they also said it’s defective and I should cut the tag and toss it or donate it”

curious_chicagoan,, accessed August 9, 2020

“And now having searched a little deeper it seems like Awara might be a little scam-y”

Reddit user bearsandstuff2, seven months ago,

One reviewer pointed out there is nowhere for buyers to submit reviews on the Awara website.

Maybe they are just lazy, but companies confident in their products are usually proud to provide a review section on their website.

Is It Made In China?

Yes, The Awara is made in China, according to, and is owned by Resident Home and this company also owns Nectar and Dreamcloud, also made in China.

Source: GoodBed

Is Awara GOTS Certified?

No. it is not GOTS certified. The certifications listed on their website include:

  • Rain Forest Alliance: They claim to donate a portion of every purchase to Trees for the Future. However, the link to more information on their website takes you to a page that does not exist. And how much is a “portion”?
  • Then after the Rain Forest Alliance information on their certifications page, they have another section “Certifications” which is in small print rather than a subheading.

    Then there are eight logos of organizations, but the Rain Forest Alliance is the only one that they clearly claim to have. There is zero information for the other seven organizations. So are they claiming they have them or just trying to fool people?

You can see the logos of the certifications they have on their website here.

Source: Awara

Awara Mattress Return

Good luck with a return as they don’t seem to answer the phone or emails. Any company can offer an awesome return policy if they aren’t going to honor it. But don’t take my word for it, I am just doing research and this is what I am learning.

The Resident Home company also owns Nectar and Dreamcloud and I am not seeing flattering comments about them either during this research. I am not sure if I will waste my time on them too, or just lump them in here. Shoot me a comment to let me know what you think.

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