Bear Mattress Pros & Cons Plus Good & Bad Owner Reviews

The Bear mattress company has carved out a niche for itself by catering to consumers with active lifestyles. In fact, many of the design features that are incorporated into the company’s mattresses are aimed at helping pro athletes or people with physically demanding jobs recover with ease.

Of course, it isn’t necessary to be an Olympian in training to sleep on a Bear mattress. Many ordinary people who only exercise a little, or don’t exercise at all, enjoy the experience of sleeping on a Bear.

Is a Bear right for you? Read on to learn more about the brand, what’s behind it, and whether or not it may deliver your best night’s sleep.

Scott’s Subjective Ratings

Table 1. Scott’s Subjective Ratings

(1 – 10)
Scott’s Thoughts
Age of Company1.0
0.2 points per year the company has been in business. This may seem like a low number for the calculation, but Simmons at 150+ years old likely thinks it is high.

0.4 points/ year

Bear and Pro 10 years

Hybrid 20 years (limited after 10). 1 point deduction for limited
Traial Period

0.5 points/ month
6365-day trial period
BBB Rating
Very high rating for a bed-in-box company
They attempt to donate return mattresses to non-profit charities like many companies in this industry do.


AHHH, I had to go through FIVE pages to find the warranty. NOT user friendly.

Ahhh, a terrible website without information on even their POLICIES!

You can sort the reviews on their website by 5 different Firmness Guide options. And the perception of firmness for all three models varies wildly between 1 and 5!
Greenguard Gold and CertiPUR-US
Buyer Complaints8
There are some complaints, which is to be expected for a company this size, but far less than many others.
Label Law Conformance
I have no idea, I have not seen any issues reported online so let me know if you know something that I don’t.
Shipping Time7
Not speedy
Customer Service9
Customer service is great in a high percentage of comments.
Firmness7For some sleepers, this will be a 10 and others a 1. They only offer one option so you are screwed if it isn’t right for you (not screwed as you can return easily)
Few complaints so I take that as a positive.
Safety Cutter

Pros and Cons of Bear Mattresses

Here’s a more concise look at why you may or may not want to purchase one of Bear’s three models.

Pro 1: Customer Service

I have tested their customer service representatives and have read many comments throughout the Internet about the accessibility and helpfulness of the support staff. This is important when purchasing a bed-in-a-box company as there is a decent chance that you will return it.

Pro 2: Hassle Free Returns

The vast majority of customers had no problems if they decided to process a return. And with only one firmness option for each model that is quite a possibility. But that is a small price to pay for having so many online-only companies to choose from IMHO

Pro 3: Designed for Athletes

Whether you’re training for the Olympics or your first 5K, there’s a lot to love about Bear mattresses. In fact, the company has formed partnerships with people like Nike Master Trainer Emily Hutchins and sports and rehab chiropractor Dr. Ryan Meyers to inform their design choices.

Accordingly, you can expect better body recovery overnight.

Pro 4: The Woven Celliant Cover

Does Celliant textile do everything that it’s purported to do? There are clinical studies that say it does. I cannot personally attest to the veracity of that, but I can say that the Celliant cover is super-soft and comfortable.

Moreover, I think it really did help me to sleep cooler, and that’s a big plus in my book.

Pro 5: Good Options

With essentially three choices, Bear does a decent job of covering all the bases with their three options.

Simplicity like that is always a good choice, and I definitely appreciate the Hybrid with its mix of foam and pocketed coils.

Con 1: Not as Transparent as Some Companies

Some of today’s bed-in-a-box companies are hyper-transparent when it comes to disclosing where all of their materials are sourced and where the mattresses are actually manufactured.

I’d like to see a little bit more of this from Bear. For me, it’s not a deal-breaker, but I know that some consumers are growing ever more concerned with the sustainability of the products they buy.

Con 2: Not Enough Emphasis on Environmental Topics

Have you ever read about how many chemicals are present in the average mattress? If so, it may alarm you because these actually release toxins while you sleep.

This may not be a reason to panic, but just imagine all of the chemicals that you encounter every day without realizing it. Do you really need to sleep with your face pressed against those chemicals?

That’s why I’d like to see Bear place a greater emphasis on using clean, organic, non-toxic materials and components.

Con 3: No Firmness Options

Both of Bear’s foam mattresses are medium-firm, and the Hybrid seems to be more like an 8, much more firm than claimed. In general, this will satisfy most consumers, but it would be nice if they offered a slightly softer option for side sleepers as well.

Other companies offer more options and bt far most of the complaints that I see are due to the firmness. With more competition each year I think they need to up their Game a here.

Bear Mattress, LLC Company Reviews

Reddit Reviews

Management really botched the handling of this man’s order. Check out what he had to say here.

Most of the comments that I have found stated that customer service was excellent, shipping was fine, returns were mostly hassle-free. All companies have hiccups and overall I would say they do a good job supporting their products.

Bear Mattress, LLC BBB Rating

I am impressed with the BBB rating of A-. Perhaps even more impressive is that they only had three complaints in the previous three years and I think their only should have been one complaint. One seems like a freebie seeker. you can read them here.

The Bear Mattress Product Line

Bear makes three models: the Bear Mattress, the Bear Pro, and the Bear Hybrid. These all feature different characteristics and pricing, so it’s worth considering them all.

The Bear Mattress

This is the company’s original mattress, and it’s their most economical choice. It features a Celliant cover, a layer of cooling graphite-gel memory foam, a layer of responsive transition foam, and a layer of high-density support foam.

The cooling graphite-gel memory foam pulls excess body heat away from you to keep you comfortable. Despite being memory foam, the firmness of the other layers prevents you from feeling like you’re being sucked into the mattress.

This model is most recommended for people who sleep on their backs or their stomach. It is quite firm overall, which means that it may not be particularly comfortable for side sleepers who will feel hip and shoulder pressure points.

The top memory foam layer is two inches thick and responds slowly to pressure. This feels great when you’re ending a particularly active day and need to rest those sore muscles. The second layer of foam provides extra support to that top layer. This is what prevents you from feeling like you’re sinking into it.

Then, you have a six-inch base layer of high-density foam that offers plenty of firm support. Back sleepers will rejoice to feel the way their lumbar is supported and brought into alignment with ease. Similarly, stomach sleepers have little to fear from this firm and supportive mattress.

Overall, the it is supportive and comfortable, great for back and stomach sleepers, but not so perfect for side sleepers. Motion transfer is average, so you probably won’t notice a bed mate’s movements too much.

Bear Reviews on Bed

  • Only 0.7% of the reviews are a 1-star rating
  • Most of the 1-star complains are about the firmness not right for them, not the quality, shipping, customer service, etc. So I would say that is a good thing.
  • Too hard, too soft on and on. How can people’s perception of firmness vary so much??? More 1-star ratings stated too hard,. If you buy this mattress just assume there is a good chance you will return it, which seems mostly hassle-free.
  • One review seems to have been duped by the company. She tried to return her two twins that made up a King size for her but the company would only accept one back… I am not sure how this is possible, but check it out for yourself:

We bought the split king so 2 twin mattresses to fit our adjustable base. When we tried to return it, it was not so hassle free. They counted the split king as 2 mattresses and refused to return the

Souce: Reddit

Reviews on Reddit

I can’t find too much worth sharing, but what I did find is below.

It uses 4-pcf (pounds per cubic foot) density memory foam and 1.8-pcf density polyfoam, so it is suitable for people under 200 pounds, but not good enough for people over 200 pounds

Source: Reddit

there is no independent scientific evidence to back up their wild claims about the material. It is overpriced for a polyfoam mattress

Source: Reddit

Bear Consumer Reports Reviews


Nothing. Hahahahaha, I wrote nothing, and then checked Consumer Reports once more and they have the same word in the Pros table lol.


It only has a Consumer Reports rating of 71, which is pretty crappy.

There are only four owner reviews, two negative, one neutral, and one positive. Typical issues stated:

  • too hot
  • getting softer with time
  • too soft, couples end up in a mashed together in the sinkhole during the night
  • poor customer service and challenge to return
  • poor edge support

The Bear Pro

Next, we level up to the Bear Pro, which is slightly more expensive than the Bear Mattress. In addition to the Celliant woven cover, you have four layers of foam to help you sleep.

The first of these is a copper-infused foam to keep you even cooler during the night, followed by a layer of gel memory foam, and then Bear’s familiar two layers of responsive transition foam and high-density support foam.

The big difference between the Bear and the Bear Pro is that layer of copper-infused foam on top. Copper is an efficient thermal conductor that excels at pulling heat away from the body. Additionally, copper is an excellent choice as the material because it is naturally anti-microbial.

Measuring 12-inches thick, the Bear Pro is considered a high-profile mattress. It’s not quite as firm as the Bear, making it a better choice for side sleepers. The upper copper-infused layer gives the Pro more bounce as well if you prefer that.

The Bear Pro is pretty good at motion isolation, and it offers excellent pressure relief, especially for those weighing less than 230 pounds. Thanks to the Celliant cover and the copper-infused layer, the Pro sleeps fairly cool for a mixed foam mattress.

Pro Reviews on Bed

You can read all the reviews on their website here.

  • There are only four 1-star reviews and the same for 2-star ratings out of 619 (at the time of this writing), which is only 0.6% and a very excellent statistic.
  • 84.5% rated this model 5-stars.
  • 1-star: Three of four owners state it is too firm, sagging, hot, getting softer with time.
  • 2-star: Three of four state too firm and one too soft.

Pro Reviews on Reddit

I can’t find any helpful information for the Pro so if you see a helpful thread please let me know.

Pro Reviews on Consumer Reports

Not reviewed. Only the other two models had reviews.

Bear Pro YouTube Reviews

Zero. I could not find one legitimate review that did not have an affiliate link. If you find one please let me know.

The Bear Hybrid

This is Bear’s most expensive mattress and their most environmentally friendly choice. Surrounded by a woven Celliant cover, the Hybrid consists of hypersoft, cooling gel foam on top, followed by a premium comfort foam.

Next comes a responsive transition foam layer and then the Quantum Edge Coil System. The bottom layer is high-density support foam.

Bear calls the foam in this model its “Serene” Foam, promising that it delivers four times the pressure relief.

The innerspring coils in the Quantum Edge Coil System provide enhanced heat transfer so that you sleep cooler than you would on a memory foam or mixed foam model.

Also thanks to the coils, this is the best model for edge support, which may be important if you need help getting into or out of bed or if you sleep on the edge of the bed.

Overall, the Hybrid has approximately the same firmness level as the Pro, making it a realistic choice no matter which position you prefer to sleep in.

With the Hybrid, you also get the best as far as minimizing motion transfer. That’s largely thanks to the innerspring coils.

The Hybrid is a mighty 14-inches tall, so be certain to get some appropriately deep fitted sheets. Bear combines foam with coils to give you the absolute best in comfort and support, and this product excels on these fronts.

The comfort layer is great for cushioning those sensitive points and cradling your body after a tough day.

What’s really notable here is the tall section of bouncy springs, each of which is individually wrapped to help arrest motion transfer.

If you don’t like the “trapped in the mattress” feeling that often comes with sleeping on foam, then this may be the ideal solution.

Hybrid Reviews on Bear

I only point out the negative reviews as I think that is where the most helpful information is. Let me know if you want me to include more 5-star review summaries for future articles.

  • More than 1,900 reviews
  • Only 0.7% of reviews are a 1-star rating. Wow, this is the lowest percentage of 1-star reviews that I have come across.

    I have seen MUCH higher, such as the Awara model with 44% 1-star. This is unfair as this is from Amazon and there were only seven reviews. You can see my less than favorable review here.
  • One of the 1-star reviews says that it is decent, yet unspectacular. WOW, So if it was SPECTACULAR you would rate it a 2??? Some people. This should be a 3-star rating for IMHO.
  • “Not a big person’s mattress”. Since we North Americans are getting fatter, taller, and bigger by the day there may be a market opportunity for a company to target this segment of the sleeper market???
  • “Good if sleep on your back”
  • “Bad if you sleep on your back”
  • There is no actual rating out of 5, only an image of 4+ stars out of 5. It looks like maybe 4.4???

    Come on! You showed the 4.78 overall score, which is one more specific number than most companies show, then you lay this egg?
  • Ok, finally a 1-star rating not related to the buyer choosing the wrong firmness. Sagging after 8 months.
  • “Bad if you sleep on your back”
  • Another said they sleep poorly.
  • And one buyer said, “worst mattress ever”. Such a helpful review, that you for your effort in crafting this insightful review to assist others.
  • The 2-star ratings are pretty much the same as 1-star. Those who requested a return and refund stated no problems.
  • Too soft
  • Too hard (mostly too hard)

Hybrid Reviews on Reddit

Very good review and follow up comments y other owners. You can see it on Reddit here.

The Good:
  • Excellent customer service
  • Packaging
  • “isolation seems adequate”
  • The edge support on sides
The Bad
  • Edge support at the foot of the mattress
  • “super disappointed in its temperature regulation”. Too hot. He said he read many reviews that claimed the cooling as “amazing”… hmmm, I wonder which websites he visited;)
  • Six weeks to deliver, billing, and an asshat support department manager.
  • Another post responding to OP stated sagging after 6-9 months.

In another review he states “Starting to think all of the reviews I saw were just paid marketing.” Seems about right.

The Good
  • One responder stated this is her fourth mattress that she is trying and she loves it.
The Bad
  • Thinks the review he read are BS
  • Might be allergic to the materials
  • No sleeping great, but the Bear pillows helped

More unflattering comments about the Hybrid, just make sure to ignore the poster trying to make a commission with a link. You can read the comments here.

Wow, this lady considered and/or tried 21 (if my count is correct) before buying a Bead Hybrid. It is a VERY LONG post and I am not going to summarize it. Feel free to check out on Reddit here.

Legitmate (I think) YouTube Hybrid Review

I am having a very hard time finding real owner reviews on YouTube, but I did find a few thankfully. If you find one please send the link to me and I will update this section.

Hint: he loves it and she does not as it is too hard for her, but customer service was very good. The smell hung around too long and strong.

The below video was uploaded on Bear’s channel, but I think it is legit. However, it is likely that she received the mattress for free so I guess there may be some bias. Let me know what you think. Crank up your volume as the audio is very low.

Hybrid Review Consumer Reports

Well, it ain’t good with a 68 rating. And the only owner reviewer hates it, wife won’t sleep in it and says it smells and is hard.

How Long For To Expand?

24 to 48 hours

It did not take long for this hybrid to expand while unwrapping the plastic in this video:

An Overview of Bear

Bear has been in the industry since 2014. Since then, they have styled themselves as the choice for elite athletes, those who are in training, or people who work physically strenuous jobs.

Recognized by diverse publications and organizations such as Bravo, Business Insider, Inc. 500, Sports Illustrated, and Entrepreneur, and it boasts about using advanced technology in all of its mattresses and accessories.

In fact, it is particularly proud of its use of Celliant Sleep Technology, which is included in the woven cover of every model. What is Celliant supposed to do, and does it actually do it? Read on to learn more.

The Bear Mattress Story

Like many of the newer bed-in-a-box companies that have emerged in the last several years, Bear is family owned and strive to keep their operation relatively small.

On the Bear website, we learn that the owners have been in the industry for about 25 years, which is a pretty good stretch. Their experience drives them to offer outstanding customer service and high-quality products that possess superior value.

Each of the approximately one dozen customer service, customer experience, logistics, marketing, and strategy employees are pictured and named on the website, which gives the company a nice, friendly feel.

It is headquartered in Hoboken, New Jersey. The company’s website states that all mattresses and their components are sourced or manufactured in the U.S.

Each model is made-to-order, and the facility where it is produced varies based on the location of the customer, which is supposed to speed up the delivery process.

TIP: Unlike some bed-in-a-box manufacturers, Bear does not disclose where its factories are located, nor do they name the sources of the materials that they use. If you’re concerned about the real nitty-gritty details, then you may want to choose a more transparent manufacturer.

Its stated mission is to improve the sleep quality of its customers by promoting their physical recovery each night. They place a special emphasis on athletes, though anyone may enjoy these mattresses.

Certifications on Materials Used in Bear Mattresses

While some companies concentrate on products that are all-natural, organic, and non-toxic, Bear seems less focused in this area.

This is a strike against them in my book. I really appreciate how some mattress companies strive for numerous organic and ecological certifications.

It takes a lot of time and works to achieve these designations, but I believe that it demonstrates a true dedication to the health and well-being of its customers.

The Bear Hybrid is UL Greenguard certified as a product with low chemical emissions.

However, that leaves Bear’s two other models out in the cold. If you or a family member has allergies or if you’re just concerned about the number of chemicals that you’re sleeping with, then you may want to shop elsewhere.

Shipping Policy

At this time, Bear only ships to addresses in the U.S. via FedEx. Customers in Canada, Puerto Rico, Central, and South America, Europe, and elsewhere cannot order Bear mattresses.

Shipping is free throughout the contiguous 48 states. Alaskan or Hawaiian customers must pay $100 for the shipping of a mattress or $25 for accessories like pillows.

Return Policy

This company’s return policy seems pretty transparent and straightforward. You have 100 nights to give it a try. If you’re not satisfied at the end of that period, just contact Bear. They’ll come by and pick it up and provide you with a full refund. There are no restocking or handling fees involved.

One wrinkle in the policy is that Bear requires you to try it for at least 30 nights before they will begin processing a return.

The time frame begins on the day that the mattress is actually delivered. Additionally, Bear allows just one return per delivery address, household, or customer.

Returned mattresses are donated to local charities.

The Warranty

Warranties vary depending upon which model you choose. Both the Bear Mattress and the Bear Pro have 10-year warranties. These cover things such as “lasting indentations” that measure more than one inch, physical flaws that cause the memory foam to split, or if it is deemed defective.

The warranty only remains in force if the mattress is used on an appropriate foundation.

TIP: Platform foundations are an excellent choice for today’s mattresses. Bear sells a variety of bases, including an adjustable base, if you want to spring for a package deal.

The 20-year Bear Hybrid mattress warranty is fairly similar to the 10-year warranty for the other two models in that it covers many of the same potential defects. However, it is limited between years 11 and 20.

If defects arise during years 11-20 of ownership, then Bear exercises discretion as to whether to repair the issue with handling costs being billed to the owner or to replace the mattress at a prorated charge.

TIP: I’ve definitely seen more robust warranties. This isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, but it’s something to be aware of.

The warranty is available on their website here.

Exchange Policy

You can exchange the it any time after the 30 break-in before the 100-day trial period. Don’t go one day over or you are SOL (Shit Outta Luck).

You can read their Exchange Policy on their website here, but their shitty website doesn’t have any real information that I can find.

Are Bear Mattresses Good?

The overall response to has been positive, especially considering the number of athletes who have publicly endorsed it (even if they received it for free it is still there name vouching for the product).

Experiments also show that Bear does a pretty good job of delivering on its promise of high-quality mattresses.

Nonetheless, they aren’t perfect, and they are not the best for every sleeper.

Let’s take a closer look at a couple of features and the Bear mattress product line to learn more.

What Is Celliant Anyway?

Bear makes a huge deal out of its reliance on Celliant technology on its website. Celliant bills itself as “a performance textile that converts body heat into infrared energy … .”


This infrared energy is supposed to enable you to wake up feeling energized by providing your body with a quicker recovery at night and giving you a better night’s sleep.

Celliant is an FDA-Determined medical device that’s been tested clinically to help with promoting better sleep and faster recovery.

That all may be true depending upon your personal experience. What some may appreciate the most about Celliant is that it does help to regulate your body temperature as you sleep, supposedly.

Accordingly, if you’re prone to sleeping hot, Celliant will help to alleviate that according to its claims. I have found many comments by owners throughout the Internet dispute this claim.

While you won’t necessarily feel Celliant technology “working,” it’s worth noting that the woven cover on all Bear mattresses seems to be comfortable with few complaints,

Unboxing Bear Mattress

This short video is far from exciting, but I can’t find unbiased videos to include so I added it.


Overall, Bear seems to be producing a decent made in the USA mattress line.

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