Bed Rails For Seniors: 6 Best On The Market

Hello everyone! In this blog, we talk about elderly people or families who live with seniors individuals. Without a doubt, it is always the top priority to provide a secure environment for them. This firstly involves ensuring that they don’t accidentally fall from the bed and have stress-free sleep. Addressing this concern, solutions like bed rails for seniors have gained prominence.

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We at bedframeplus know how overwhelming it is to select the right bed rails for seniors as many options are available to us. Don’t worry we have done the work for our readers through our list of careful customer considerations, comprehensive surveys, and expert feedback. We have curated a list of bed rails to simplify your search process. Yes, we have considered factors like budget, quality, durability, adjustment features, etc.

We hope to help you better navigate your decision. let’s get going!!

Editors Choice

After conducting a comprehensive evaluation and rigorous comparison of various safety glasses available in 2023, the Editors have unanimously selected the Able Life Adjustable Senior Bed Safety Rail as the ultimate choice

Our Topic Picks

Different types of bed rails for seniors

Portable Bed Rails

  • Adjustable Variants: Bed rails with customizable height and length for an optimal fit.
  • Handles Configuration: Options with single or multiple bars for varied grip choices. Rails designed to prevent falls have continuous bars to eliminate gaps and those aiding in getting out of bed feature an M-shaped handle.
  • Bed Rails with Support Legs: Equipped with floor-reaching support legs and adjustable height to suit various mattresses and frames.
  • Legless Bed Rails: Stability bars or platforms between mattress and frame, adjustable in height or length. Ideal for compact spaces, reducing tripping risks.
  • Fold-Down Bed Rails: Handles that fold flush with the mattress allow easy access and egress.
  • Crossbar Bed Rails: Multiple handles at different heights for transitioning between lying and sitting positions, and rolling over.
  • Dual Bed Rails: Support frame beneath the mattress with bed rails on both sides, sometimes with stabilizing legs. Suitable for central bed placement and couples needing dual support.

Hospital Bed Rails

These rails have to meet stringent medical device regulations. They’re known for exceptional strength, providing robust support. Hospital bed rails may involve higher costs, potentially covered by insurance based on individual circumstances.

Points to Consider Before Buying

These are the essential points to consider when buying bed rails for seniors people

  • Bed Compatibility and Location
  • Weight Capacity
  • Additional Features

Choose rails that match bed dimensions. Ensure mattress height aligns with the rail’s range or has extension options. Stick to specified weight limits (250 to 400 lbs). Overshooting can lead to rail damage. Look for adjustable handles for personalized fit, safety straps for stability, and lights or storage for added convenience. Consider padded handles for better grip.

List of Best rails for seniors

Best Overall: Able Life Adjustable Senior Bed Safety Rail

Best Bed Rail for Seniors
Best Bed Rail For Elderly
Able Life Adjustable Senior Bed Safety Rail
Able Life Bedside Extend-A-Rail, Adjustable Senior Bed Safety Rail and Bedside Standing Assist Grab Bar
4,099 Reviews
Able Life Bedside Extend-A-Rail, Adjustable Senior Bed Safety Rail and Bedside Standing Assist Grab Bar
  • Prevent Falls: Easily adjust the Extend-A-Rail in…
  • Standing Support Handle: Safely supporting up to…
  • Compatibility: For use with most traditional and…
  • Modern Design: The rail frame will seamlessly…
  • High Quality and Easy to Assemble: Each bed rail…

The very first bed rail on our list is the Able Life Bedside Extend-A-Rail. Here is what I have after my testing, to begin with, adjusting its length is a piece of cake. Don’t worry it is super adapting and assuring bed accessory to prevent late-night falling over. Not just helps to avoid accidents but also helps our elderly with an easy standing-up process with minimal effort. The sleek and modern design looks subtle with the room’s overall vibe.

The Sturdy steel frame gives loads of confidence and assembly of the parts was shockingly easy. The only disadvantage I have found in consumer reviews and my personal experience is the incompatibility of the product with beds that have no box springs. But if you have a bed with a box spring then you can surely buy this without a thought.


  • Robust
  • Effortless
  • Reliable
  • Sleek
  • Versatile


  • Dependent
  • Restricted
  • Limited

Best Value: Vaunn Medical Adjustable Bed Rail

Best Bed Rail For Elderly
Vaunn Medical Adjustable Bed Rail
Value for Money Bed Rails
Vaunn Medical New Adjustable Bed Assist Rail Handle (Passed ASTM F3186–17 Safety Standard) and Hand Guard Grab Bar, Bedside Safety and Stability (Tool-Free Assembly), White/Black
7,965 Reviews
Vaunn Medical New Adjustable Bed Assist Rail Handle (Passed ASTM F3186–17 Safety Standard) and Hand Guard Grab Bar, Bedside Safety and Stability (Tool-Free Assembly), White/Black
  • SLIP-RESISTANT PADS – Slip-resistant handle with…
  • UNIVERSAL ADJUSTABLE BED RAIL – Adjustable height…

Moving down next on our list we have the Vaunn Medical Adjustable Bed Assist Rail To be Honest the reason it’s the best value for money is it first performed way better than my expectation as of what I saw in my product testing. The major pros are its tool-free assembling process, slip-resistant features, and easy height and width adjustment functionality. The sturdy steel frame can bear up to 300 Lbs and is highly durable. Let me also clarify that this bed rail is meant for assisting the person instead of preventing falling the person

The adjustable leg and the wide grab bar add to its functionality. It is easily compatible with mattresses having 7 to 11-inch height. You can surely buy this without a doubt..


  • Robust
  • Effortless Assembly
  • Versatile Height
  • Secure Grip


  • Fall Limitation
  • Handle Constraint

Best Adjustment: Stander EZ Adjustable Senior Bed Rail

Vaunn Medical Adjustable Bed Rail
Best Adjustable Bed Rail for elderly
Stander EZ Adjust Bed Rail, Adjustable Senior Bed Rail and Bed Assist Grab Bar for Elderly Adults with Organizer Pouch
7,316 Reviews
Stander EZ Adjust Bed Rail, Adjustable Senior Bed Rail and Bed Assist Grab Bar for Elderly Adults with Organizer Pouch
  • Prevent Falls: The EZ Adjust Bed Rail provides…
  • Caregiver Friendly: As an added benefit to…
  • Bed Support Handle: For added peace of mind, this…
  • Easy to Install: This bed grab rail can be quickly…
  • Securely Stores Personal Items: Whether you need…

Now if you’re priority is the bed rails for seniors with the best adjustment features then the EZ adjust bed Rail should be your go-to choice. In my testing, I found its assembly to be super easy as it requires no extra tools and the length adjustments here actually aid in fall prevention. The folded design and 300-pound support are also impressive but one con is its incompatibility with extra soft mattresses and adjustable beds.

The organizer pouch and modern design add style and convenience to the bed even though I observe slight movements but not a big deal. There were other Minor strap issues too but it doesn’t hinder its comfort enhancement and practical safety. If you ask me then yes I would 100% recommend this to anyone


  • Effortless assembly and folding
  • Robust construction
  • Adjustable with extensions
  • Convenient pocket sleeve


  • Insecure movement
  • Loose straps
  • Wobbling extension

Best Legless: MEDPRO Adjustable Contoured Bed Rail

Legless bed rails
legless bed rail for adults
MEDPRO Adjustable Contoured Bed Rail

No products found.

If you want to attach bed rails to a Mattress on the floor basically you’re looking for something that is sort of legless then this MedPro MGrip Adjustable Contoured Bed Rail has proved itself highly effective. The installation process is simple and the nylon straps ensure a secure connection with the mattress and box spring. Comfortable grip with multiple positions aids in adjusting and getting in/out of bed.

This one also is intended to prevent any fall accidents. It also has a convenient storage pocket. The only limitation of this product faced during my testing are straps are short for king size bed and the pocket attachment is not stable up to the mark. In my opinion, the company fails to give clear instructions But a youtube video will surely help your assembly process. The verdict is the Medpro rails offer good support and safety to our elderly people and one can purchase this if it checks their list.


  • Easy installation
  • Sturdy build
  • Adjustable
  • Pockets included


  • Unstable
  • Loose straps
  • Wobbling

Best Foldable: Bed Rails for Senior Adults By Mybow

Mybow Bed Rails
Foldable bed rails for seniors
foldable bed rails for elderly
Bed Rails for Elderly Adults Guard Railing Bed Side Rail Medical Safety Bed Assist Bar for Seniors Bedside Handle Cane Hospital College Dorm Collapsible Bed Rail Metal Fall Protector Home Care Devices
  • 👉【Bed Assit Rail】37″ long and 14″ high bed…
  • 🌷【Collapsible Bed Rail】Easily press the red…
  • 💪【Stable Side Rail】Mainly made of iron and…
  • 🎨【Simplicity & Elegance】Yellow wood and…
  • 💕【Warm Prompt】1) Use with plywood for…

Next on the list is for folks for whom space is a constraint and need something that folds away then the Mybow Bed Rails for Elderly Adults is the ideal choice and here’s what I found in my testing. The collapsible design is convenient, and the 37″ handrail provides reliable support for getting in and out of bed. The sturdy iron-aluminum construction seems sturdy and easily fits under the mattress.

The yellow wood and white color scheme is elegant, blending into the room decor. However, I did encounter a few issues. There were occasional slipping instances, and the rail’s compatibility with different bed types seemed inconsistent. Overall, it’s a helpful solution for elderly individuals, but there’s room for improvement. My rating: 4.2/5.


  • Collapsible design
  • Stable and secure grip
  • Easily slides under the mattress
  • Elegant color
  • Ideal for seniors
  • Simple setup


  • Slipping issues
  • Compatibility with some bed frames
  • Limited color options

Best Dual Bed Rails for Seniors By RMS

Dual bed rails for seniors
Dual Bed rails for Elderly
RMS bed Rails
RMS Dual Hand Bed Rail for Elderly Adults - Bed Assist Rail, Bedside Safety & Stability Grab Bar for Individual with Disability - Fits Full & Twin Beds
1,785 Reviews
RMS Dual Hand Bed Rail for Elderly Adults – Bed Assist Rail, Bedside Safety & Stability Grab Bar for Individual with Disability – Fits Full & Twin Beds
  • Fall Prevention & Mobility Independence – A secure…
  • DUAL Rail. Attaches to both sides of bed for…
  • Unique 3 Bars/Handles design make getting up or…
  • No Assembly Tools Required. Easy and hassle-free…
  • Slip-Free Foam: Keeps rail snugly in place to…

Lastly, on our list of bed rails for seniors, we have the RMS Dual Bed Rail, and wanted to share my experience. This adjustable-height bed assist rail is a boon for individuals with disabilities, ensuring stability and safety while getting in and out of bed.

The dual handrail design provides excellent support, and its compatibility with Full & Twin beds is convenient. The installation was hassle-free, and the slip-free foam kept it securely in place. However, I faced some challenges during assembly and adjustment. It’s a practical solution for fall prevention, but it’s important to note that it might not fit larger beds. My overall rating: 4.3/5.


  • Prevents falls in bed
  • Adjustable for multiple bed sizes
  • Easy to install


  • Difficulty with assembly and adjustments
  • It cannot be used on an adjustable bed with a raised head
  • Does not fit more prominent than a full-size bed


Why bed rails for seniors are important

Bed rails for seniors are crucial for preventing falls and ensuring their safety. These rails provide support and stability, aiding seniors in getting in and out of bed. They reduce the risk of accidents during sleep, particularly for individuals with mobility issues. Bed rails offer a sense of independence, allowing seniors to move confidently.

How to select the ideal bed rail for seniors

Choosing the right bed rail for seniors involves considering factors like bed type compatibility, height adjustability, ease of installation, and weight capacity. Prioritize rails that fit the bed size, provide adjustable height, and can be securely attached. Opt for durable materials and slip-resistant features. Additionally, consult the senior’s specific needs and preferences when selecting a bed rail.

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