Bed Slats Vs. Platform – Which is Best? I Find Out!

There is a certain type of bed suited for each person. Both the mattress and the framework together create the best sleeping experience. Bed frames provide the necessary support a mattress needs to rest upon, so determining the best type is important.

Bed slats with gaps under 3″ mostly meet mattress manufacturers’ warranty requirements, are stronger, and can be easily repaired and strengthened. Platform types often don’t meet the warranty requirements, but are usually lighter and cheaper.

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Everything About Bed Slats 

Slatted Platform foundations support an entire mattress. The slats are horizontally placed across the mattress and are supported by the base built on the bed itself.

Slats are adjustable and can be moved depending on your preference. It gives off a more flowy and bouncy effect as air can easily pass through because of the spaces between the slats. 

It has a dynamic system that you can change from time to time and has adjustable parts to support the needed pressure for different sleepers. It also allows the mattress to contour well to the sleeper’s shape. 

Slats are perfect for those who want minimal contact pressure in any one location, which increases the life span of your investment. It can help aid back problems for back and side sleepers as well.


  • It gives excellent airflow.
  • highly affordable than other types
  • It fits well with almost all types.
  • he ability to contour its shape when in use.


  • They are usually designed for low-height setups.
  • It cannot accommodate much extra storage underneath without affecting mattress airflow. 

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All You Need To Know About Solid Platform Beds 

Solid Platform beds have a flat solid surface. These usually come with pull-out storage that can vary in size and design. 

These are perfect for those who prefer a hard and flat feel rather than a flowy one. It’s the most sensible choice for those who do not appreciate motion when tossing and turning while sleeping.

It is advisable for those light sleepers with co-sleepers as it is not prone to transfer motion because of the solid foundation. A solid platform is also an excellent option for back and stomach sleepers. 


  • It has an ergonomic design.
  • It can provide more sitting space on the edge for added purpose and design.
  • It has extra storage available underneath.
  • You can use it for any size.


  • More prone to moisture build-up underneath because of the solid base
  • It can provide a very firm feel. 

Comparing The Two

Comparing The Two - Bed Slats & Solid Platform Beds explained at

Make & Materials 

Bed Slats

Usually constructed with particle board (MDF, OSB, and plywood), metal, or solid wood as their foundations. All of these vary for cost and aesthetic purposes. Some with slats come with a headboard and a footboard that can be attached or removed.

Some types have slats built-in on the frame itself, and some have removable slats for easy adjustment according to the user’s preference. It makes it easier to adjust the slats depending on the user’s weight and preference for sleeping position. 

Most of these slats are attached with a thin type of fabric to still allow for convenient airflow underneath. Foundations built this way are almost always lower than solid designs. 

Solid Platform

Platform foundations also vary in the material used depending on the design needed. Unlike models that use distanced slats, platform beds use solid wood with a flat surface to cover the entire bed frame. 

Wood or laminated materials are usually used as solid platforms for beds. There are bed designs with built-in solid platforms on the frames and those that are also removable.

Most solid platform beds have more solid foundations to make room for drawer space. But there are still those designed with four legs on the corners, leaving the bed frame with space underneath. A sleep system combines the mattress used and the bed frame type. It plays a vital role in providing the support and quality of rest that the human body needs. (Source

A bed frame must be created with durable and reliable materials that can only positively affect sleep quality. If you’re looking for durability, you can choose a solid platform bed frame as it has more material use and can provide you with more efficiency in terms of usage. 

Mattress Protection 

Bed Slats

Depending on the kind of mattress that you’re using, ones with spring bases work well with bed frames with slats as their primary support. 

A mattress made with spring aims to provide a flowy and flexible type of support for a person using it. It complements the purpose of bed slats to give way for air and waves to freely flow on the base for better flexibility. 

Solid Platform Bed

On the other hand, some models fully complement solid platform foundations. These are models that do not have springs, often requiring firmer base support than the traditional bed slats.

Research shows that mattress condition directly affects the sleep quality of those using it. (Source

It is why it’s important to choose a bed frame that can support and preserve your mattress quality over long periods. 

Between the two, a safer option would be a bed frame with slats since you can easily adjust the slats and alter their arrangement based on the needs of the mattress you’re using. 

Bed Frame Usage 

Bed Slats

This bed frame design is the more popular one of the two. It is because it offers a great sense of weight distribution. It also allows airflow reducing the chance of mold and mildew growth. 

Slats vary in size; therefore, you can choose one that fits perfectly with your preference. Wider slats have a firm effect, and narrow ones provide more room for airflow.  

Solid Platform Bed

Platform beds are more fun and stylish than bed frames sold in the market today. The solid base for the bed is perfect for those who want to maximize space and get extra storage just beneath the bed. 

Mattresses need a firm base to support them well to prevent untimely deformities and defects. It is why solid platforms can be of great help in preserving the quality of your sleeping base as well. 

Solid platform beds can also support greater weight and pressure than bed slats. Bed frames are not only designed to cater to the size but also the weight of those who will use it. 

There are structural elements you must consider to ensure the bed frame’s safety even in the long run. Some countries even have bed frame parameters set to ensure customers’ safety when using bed frames. (Source)

There is also a lesser chance of allergens building up if you choose a solid platform bed. It is because the solid finish can block any accumulation of dust and allergens coming up from the dusty floor. 

Nevertheless, a more sensible choice is a solid platform bed.  

Does A Platform Bed Have Slats? 

Yes, a platform bed can have slats as its base and surface. Just like how it is with a solid platform bed, materials used for slats can either be wood, metal, composite, or plastic. 

There are also slats in the market called “euro-base,” which are more flexed than standard wooden frames. 

Do Bed Slats Make A Difference?

Yes, Slats provide extra cushioning for your mattress, plus it helps in preserving its lifespan given the right arrangement and combination.

Bed slats directly affect breathability and optimal body comfort. It can also contribute to aiding back pain due to improper pressure distribution during a person’s sleep. (Source

Final Thoughts 

It’s necessary to keep in mind that your foundation should be able to help protect the quality of your mattress. Make sure you choose the model most suitable for the mattress you’ve also picked. 


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