Bed Rails For Kids: 7 Best On The Market

Hello everyone, this blog is for parents or family households with small kids. I know the most important for any family is to provide the safest environment for their kids and one such instance can be to avoid them falling from the bed during their happy sleep time. To fulfill these needs things like bed rails for kids are now available to us.

But I understand it can be an overwhelming process to choose the best bed rails for kids due to the numerous choices available in the market. Here at doing a survey understanding customer reviews and expert reviews we have curated the list of the best rails for kids so that you only have to buy the one best for your budget and other needs instead of going through the whole process.

Let’s get Shopping!!

Why bed rails for kids are useful

Bed rails for kids are a real lifesaver. They’re all about keeping your little ones safe and sound as they snooze. Picture this: no more worrying about your active sleeper taking a tumble off the bed in the middle of the night. And when it’s time to transition from the crib to a big-kid bed, these rails are like a security blanket, helping them adjust to the new space without any hiccups.

Plus, they bring a sense of independence, letting your child sleep solo without any worries. Whether you’re co-sleeping or just want some extra peace of mind, bed rails have got your back. And as your kiddo grows, you can gradually remove them. So, sleep tight, knowing your little one is snug as a bug in a rug

Editors Choice

After conducting a comprehensive evaluation and rigorous comparison of various safety glasses available in 2023, the Editors have unanimously selected the Regalo Swing Down Bed Rail Guard as the ultimate choice

Our Top Picks

Types of bed rails for kids

1. Fixed Bed Rails:

  • Stay locked in place, not foldable.
  • Leave space for toddlers to get out of bed.
  • Attach in the middle, leaving head and feet gaps.
  • Maintain full mattress width.

2. Fold-Down Bed Rails:

  • Repositionable; fold down when not in use.
  • Lock into an upright position when the child is in bed.
  • Can be used as fixed rails when needed.
  • Easy to keep beds tidy; attach on the outside of the mattress.

3. Convertible Bed Rails:

  • Transition toddlers from crib to bed.
  • Take the place of crib rail in convertible cribs.
  • Some are telescopic for adjustable length.
  • Attach to the outside of the mattress; fit crib-size mattresses.

4. Bumper Bed Rails:

  • Oversized foam pillows prevent rolling out.
  • Install under the fitted sheet; stay in place.
  • Easy installation; no special mattress attachments.
  • Suitable for older toddlers; convenient for travel.

Each type caters to different needs, from permanence to adjustability, aiding the transition from crib, or preventing rolling. Choose based on your child’s age, sleeping habits, and bed style!

Points to consider when buying bed rails for kids

Choosing the right bed rail for your growing toddler involves some key factors which are as follows

1. Child’s Needs:
Consider your child’s behavior. Younger kids might do well with fixed guardrails, while older, observant kids might need something more secure against their imitating tendencies.

2. Height and Length:
Ensure the bed rail fits the mattress. Measure mattress thickness to determine the rail’s height. Check if the rail’s length covers the bed’s side adequately.

3. Material:
Choose sturdy materials like metal or steel for durability. For safety, breathable materials like mesh polyester or nylon siding work well and especially for close sleepers.

4. Bed Compatibility:
Check if the rail fits the bed type – mattress size, frame style, base type (slats or wooden board), and attachment method (frame or mattress).

5. Installation Ease:
Proper installation is crucial for safety. Follow manufacturer instructions for attaching the rail securely. Bed bumpers are often the easiest to install.

6. Longevity and Growth:
Opt for a rail that accommodates your child’s growth and doesn’t need frequent replacement.

Our Top Picks of Bed Rails for Kids

Best Overall: Regalo Swing Down Bed Rail Guard

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regalo swing down bed rail guard

I recently tried the Regalo Swing Down 54-Inch Bed Rail and here is my take on why it is the best overall bed rail for kids. It’s a sturdy, tool-free setup, and the anchor strap adds security. The all-steel frame ensures durability. The swing-down feature is practical with locks. Measures 54 inches in length and 20 inches in height for added safety. Installation’s straightforward with the two-piece design.

Sturdy, secure buildThe learning curve for swing-down
Tool-free setupLearning curve for swing-down
Durable all-steel frameCompatibility issues with certain beds
Practical swing-down feature

Installation and Assembly process

Best Budget Dream On Me Adjustable Bed Rail

best kids bed rail
dream on me adjustable bed rails for kids

I recently tested the Dream On Me Mesh Security Bed Rail, and here’s what I found. Worried about your child’s safety during the transition to a bigger bed? This lightweight, portable bed rail comes to the rescue. It’s a breeze to install with no tools required. The reinforced anchor system, stabilizer bar, and safe-angle edges ensure your child’s safety. The breathable mesh fabric adds comfort and quality.

Versatile and adjustable, fits different adult beds and mattressesHeight might be short for some users
High-quality metal frame and breathable mesh fabricNot suitable for toddler beds
Easy to use, lightweight, and arrives assembledPotential assembly issues and reselling of returned products

Best Upgrade: ComfyBumpy Extra Long Toddler Bedrail Guard for Kids Twin

Bed rail for kids
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Comfybumpy bedrail guards for kids

I had the chance to try out the ComfyBumpy Extra Long Toddler Bed Rail, and here’s my honest take. This bed rail offers triple safety, securing tightly with various types of beds – slats, box springs, or wood bases. It’s versatile, fitting single mattresses, kid twin beds, doubles, queens, and kings.

Installation is straightforward, and the pull-down latch is convenient. The newly designed flat iron bars ensure safety without discomfort, and the curved pull-down design adapts easily to the bed frame. Plus, it’s a universal fit for all bed sizes.

Easy to installPoor instructions
Sturdy designSome customers complain of missing screws
Fits on different types of bedsSome customers report that it wasn’t sturdy enough
Mesh screen lets child see through it

Installation and Assembly process

Best Portable for traveling: Shrunks Inflatable Bed Rail 

best toddler bed rails
best bed rails for seniors
Shrunk inflatable bed rails

The Shrunks Inflatable Kids Bed Rails are a convenient solution for ensuring toddler safety during sleep, both at home and while traveling. Packaged as a two-pack with an included hand pump, these bed rails offer easy inflation and portability, fitting easily into luggage. However, it’s important to note that they are best suited for toddlers, kids, and not adults or seniors. Some users have reported issues with the bed rails not staying inflated or experiencing seam splitting after minimal use.

Portable and easy to useNot suitable for use by adults or seniors
Comes in a two-pack with a hand pumpMay not stay inflated for extended periods of time
Small enough to fit in luggage
Great for travel

Installation and Assembly process

Best Double Sided: Costzon Double Sided Bed Rail Guard

best toddler bed rails
costzon double sided bed rail for kids

The Costzon Double-Sided Bed Rail Guard impressed me with its thoughtful design for transitioning babies to regular beds. Its adjustable angle feature and easy-fold design stand out. The mesh fabric and sturdy steel tubes offer excellent protection, fitting well with various bed sizes.

The installation is straightforward, but some might find it slightly challenging. The fixed height could be an issue for different mattress sizes, and the rails might protrude, limiting adult use. Despite mixed reviews, it’s effective in preventing falls for kids and pets.

Keeps children safeAssembly challenges
Adjustable angle and foldable designFixed height limitations
Fits various bed sizesPotential protrusion
Durable mesh fabric

Best for Small Beds: KOOLDOO Bed Rail

Bed rail for kids
best bed rails for seniors
Kooldoo bed rails for kids

I’ve found the KOOLDOO Bed Rail for Toddlers to be a solid solution for ensuring my child’s safety during sleep. Assembling it was a breeze, thanks to clear instructions. It offers various security options and a user-friendly fold-down feature. The rail’s height and breathability are impressive, adapting well to different bed sizes. Keep in mind, though, that it needs to be screwed in, which might not suit all bed frames. Also, while effective, its height might not prevent all potential falls, and smaller babies could get stuck between the rail and bed. Overall, it’s been a reliable addition to our child’s bed.

Easy assembly with clear instructionsRequires screwing in, not suitable for all frames
Multiple security options for enhanced safetyHeight may not prevent all falls
Sturdy and reliable designSmaller babies may get stuck between rail and bed
Smooth fold-down mechanism for easy access
Tall and breathable for added comfort
Adjustable “level” suits various bed sizes

Installation and Assembly process

Best Bumper: Milliard Bed Bumper

Bed rail for kids
best toddler bed rails
Millard bed bumpers for kids

Transitioning my toddler to a regular bed was made much easier with the Milliard Bed Bumper. Its simple setup under the fitted sheet ensures a secure fit, and the firm yet soft foam provides the needed safety. The bamboo cover is not only soft but also waterproof and easy to clean. This bumper is versatile, fitting various bed sizes and even acting as a supportive pillow. The peace of mind it offers is invaluable, and it’s a great choice for both kids and adults. However, it’s important to consider the potential health implications of prolonged foam exposure.

Fits under fitted sheetPotential health implications from foam
Firm and comfortable
Easy to clean
Versatile for different bed sizes
Provides safety and security
Doubles as pillow support


How to Build Bed Rails for Kids

So, you’re ready to craft your own bed rails for kids? Here’s a simple guide. Measure your mattress to get the perfect rail length. Grab some sturdy wood or metal for the rail structure. Shape and smooth the pieces for a polished look. Securely attach the rail to the bed frame at the right height to prevent falls. For extra comfort, consider adding foam or fabric padding. And of course, make it safe with non-toxic paint or sealant. That’s it! You’ve crafted custom bed rails to keep your kids cozy and secure as they snooze.

How to Install Bed Rails for Kids

Putting up bed rails for your little ones is a breeze. Start by picking the right type – fixed, fold-down, or bumper rails. Measure the mattress dimensions for a snug fit. Most bed rails attach easily with hooks or straps. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions step by step. Make sure they’re firm and steady to avoid any wobbling. Before your child sleeps in the bed, test their stability. With a few uncomplicated steps, you’ll sleep soundly knowing your kids are safe all night long.

Bed Rails for Kids How Do They Work?

Wondering how these bed rails for kids actually work? It’s quite straightforward. These rails are your solution to prevent those accidental nighttime tumbles. They create a protective barrier along the bed’s edge, making a secure sleeping space. Depending on the type – fixed, fold-down, or bumper – they offer different levels of protection and ease. Just attach them to the bed’s side, and you’re good to go. Bed rails give your little ones the freedom to snooze comfortably, all while giving you the peace of mind you need.


After exploring the extensive world of bed rails for kids in our blog, we hope you’ve gained valuable insights into creating a safe and cozy sleep environment for your little ones. Transitioning from cribs to beds is a significant step, and bed rails prove to be the ultimate guardians of comfort and security. With various types catering to specific needs and factors such as child behavior, bed compatibility, and material, you’re now equipped to make an informed choice. Remember, the right bed rail can be a game-changer in ensuring peaceful nights for both kids and parents. Here’s to many nights of uninterrupted sleep and sweet dreams!

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