Ultimate Guide For The 8 Best Tape Measure In 2023

In this review article, We shall be assisting you in Finding the best tape measure in 2023. Whether you are a Professional carpenter, engineer, or DIY enthusiast having the best tape measure can significantly impact your measurement procedures and calculations.

Today, we shall be exploring the 8 best-selling tape measures and evaluate them on various criteria like features, pros, and cons. We hope that we can help you in making the right decision

We research, test, assess, and suggest the best items. Tech experts examine the articles for accuracy. To get more information about our way of doing thingsLearn more about our process here. We may get a commission if you purchase by clicking on a link.

Reviewed & Approved

The Spec Ops Tools 25-Foot Tape Measure is the best tape measure in 2023 for its Price, Military grade housing, high blade durability, high blade visibility, maximum reach, and the no-slip hook features for best contact with different materials and surfaces.

What are Tape Measures

A measuring tool known as a tape measure comprises a lengthy and narrow strip of metal, plastic, or fabric with markings of units of measurement, usually in inches and/or centimeters. Its purpose is to measure the length, width, or height of an object or space by extending and securing it in place.

Tape measures come in various dimensions, widths, and styles with features such as self-locking or retractable and others including magnetic tips or laser guidance. They are widely used in fields such as construction, woodworking, and other industries where precise measurements are essential.

How to Select the Best Tape Measure

Use the following steps to find the best tape measure for your needs

  • Understand your purpose of the tape measure if you want it for home DIY projects or professional work
  • Have knowledge about the right length of tape you need
  • Take into consideration the width of the blade wider ones are easy to read but aren’t flexible for certain use cases
  • Select the tape measure built from material like stainless steel or fiberglass
  • Check for the locking mechanism feature for ease of use and safety
  • Check the markings if they are clear and easy to read, with measurements in both imperial and metric units if required.
  • Select the tape that has that can extend the maximum distance without bending
  • Choose as per your budget brands cause brands might be expensive but offer good quality and durability
  • Go through the customer and expert reviews.
  • Consider the warranty offered by various brands too.

List of the best tape measure

1. IRWIN 8m/ 26ft Tape Measure

best tape measure
best tape measure 2023
IRWIN Professional Carded Pocket Tape
Irwin 10507795 8m/ 26ft Professional Carded Pocket Tape
  • Nylon coated
  • Double side printed blade
  • Hook magnets
  • Pro Touch soft grip case
  • Fast Lock blade locking device

Let us talk about the IRWIN 10507795 8m/26ft Professional Carded Pocket Tape it has a very professional bright yellow and black color scheme, which makes it easy to spot in our toolbox. It is also stylish and Constructed with durable nylon material, the blade is coated up to 8 meters for long-lasting purposes. The double-blade printing offers excellent readability and visibility

The hook’s magnet mechanism makes it easy to cling to metal surfaces while also offering a soft, comfortable, and secure grip. This measuring tape also offers a Fast blade locking feature that aids in quick and easy measurements making it a good choice for precision measurement jobs. I would recommend this to any DIY enthusiast or professional out there

2. KOMELON Contractor 25Ft Tape Measure

best tape measure
KOMELON Contractor Tape Measure
25′ x 1″ Komelon Contractor Lifetime Retraction
  • 20% Thicker Blade
  • Rust Resistant Stainless Steel Spring
  • Double Nylon Blade Coating
  • Ergonomic Case
  • Backside Blade Printing

Next on the recommendation list is 25′ x 1″ KOMELON Contractor Lifetime Retraction. It is a very solid option for Professionals and enthusiasts for whom accuracy and durability are top priorities. It has a bold black color appeal with a high carbon steel blade that is 20% thicker than standard tapes. As per our testing, it has a measurement accuracy of +/- .03. It comes equipped with a slide lock to keep the blades in one place until you wish to retract.

The tape is not only designed for accuracy but keeping in mind ergonomics. We experienced smooth and easy retraction thanks to the rust-resistant stainless steel spring and double nylon blade coating. and it fits comfortably in our hands for extended use purposes. The back-side blade printing avoids the hassle of turning over the blade and messing up our measurement. I would firmly recommend this tape to anyone out there.

3. CRAFTSMAN Tape Measure, 25 ft

Best Tape Measure
Craftsman Tape Measure
CRAFTSMAN 25-Ft Tape Measure with Fraction Markings, Retractable, Self-Locking Blade (CMHT37225)
  • EASE OF USE: Self-locking blade of the retractable tape measure stays extended
  • QUICK & EASY MEASUREMENTS: Fractions printed on the blade
  • ADDED GRIP: Rubber overmold for added grip
  • Fractions printed on the blade for quick and easy measurements

The third one on the list is the CRAFTSMAN Tape Measure known for its accuracy and ease of use. It has a 25 Ft length with self-locking and retraction technology making sure the tape stays extended however long one needs it to. It has a majestic red and black appeal built around a sleek design approach. It offers high-precision measurement due to fraction printing on the blade. In our testing, the Button lock feature ensured accurate and secure measurement. The tape didn’t slip thanks to the rubber overmold grip. It is a lightweight option making it hassle-free to carry in our pocket or toolbox.

4. CRESCENT LUFKIN 25Ft Tape Measure

Best Tape Measure
best tape measure 2023
Crescent Lufkin 1-3/16 x 25′ Command Control Series Black Clad Tape Measure – L1025CB
  • Protected lock button and 6-point dual material Case for increased durability.
  • Anti-pinch, finger tip control feature for increased control when retracting the tape.
  • 360 Degree end hook and 11 foot Standout make it easy for one person use.

Next on our list is the Crescent Lufkin 1-3/16 x 25′ Command Control Series Black Clad Tape Measure – L1025CB. This solid game-changer option has an ultra-durable 6-point dual material case and comes equipped with a protected lock button. After our testing, we can say the tape is built for tough jobs and heavy usage. It also has class-leading features like anti-pinch, finger-tip control features, etc. The tape offers precise measurement by providing greater control when retracting the tape.

It has an impressive 11-foot stand out making it a one-person use tape and has a 360-degree end hook. It comes equipped with a tether hole for safely working with heights ensuring the safety of you and your crew members. The blade is highly durable and provides excellent visibility even in low light conditions or bright sun in general.

5. DEWALT Tape Measure 25FT

Best measuring tape
best measuring tape 2023
DeWalt tape measure
  • Extended reach: measure up to 17 ft. without assistance
  • Ultra-tough housing keeps the tape secure and able to survive drops up to 100 ft.
  • Easily clings to metal: Removable magnet simplifies the measurement process
  • Measure from any anble with versatile, double-sided blade printing
  • Durable coating ensures tool longevity

The DEWALT Tape Measure is next on our recommendation list having an eye striking black and yellow color scheme. The blade is made up of alloy steel that can measure up to 25 feet in length offering an extended reach of 17 feet making it best in this category for people whose extended reach feature is top priority. In our testing the ultra-tough housing of the tape makes it look easy to eat 100ft drops like nothing making it a perfect option for site jobs.

It comes equipped with a removable magnet making it easy to cling to metal surfaces. It provides better efficiency and quickness for various measurement jobs. This also has double-sided blade printing to allow perfect measurements from any angle. The durable coating guarantees longevity

6. STANLEY FATMAX 25 Ft Tape Measure

Best measuring tape 2023
best measuring tape
Stanley Fatmax measuring tape
STANLEY FATMAX Tape Measure, 25-Foot (33-725)
  • 14 ft. OF REACH*: Retractable tape measure allows for easier measurements when working alone
  • Durable high impact case with non-slip rubber of the fatmax tape measure stands up to jobsite demands
  • Easy to read measurements with large font numbers
  • Stands up to abrasion and repeated use with durable full tape blade coating

If you are in the market for measuring tapes to keep up with the toughest jobs out there, then we have got you covered with the STANLEY FATMAX Tape Measure. This tape features a Durable high-impact case and non-slipping rubber grip to withstand tough conditions. The tape’s measuring length is 25 feet while having a best in class 14 feet extended reach.

During our testing, the large fonts come in handy for accurate measurements every time. It also has blade armor coating which gives protection from abrasion and repeated usage. The first 6 feet of the tape have blade armor coating maximizing the durability and aiding to longer life of the product.

7. MILWAUKEE 25 Ft Tape Measure

Best tape measure 2023
best tape measure ever
Milwaukee tape measure
Milwaukee Tool 48-22-7125 Magnetic Tape Measure 25 ft x 1.83 Inch
  • 25′
  • Magnetic tape measure
  • Nylon bond blade protection
  • 5 point reinforced frame
  • Finger stop protects finger during blade retraction

If ultimate precision and durability are your top priority then Milwaukee Tool 48-22-7125 Magnetic Tape Measure can also be a great option for you. It also has a 25 ft length and a blade thickness of 1.83 inches making it easy to do longer measurements and at any angle desirable. It has a 5-point reinforced frame for extra strength and durability. In our testing, we found the blade remains intact thanks to the nylon bond blade protection feature. It also has a finger-stop feature for smooth retraction avoiding injuries. The steel and nylon blade ensures the long life of the measuring tape.

8. SPEC OPS TOOLS 25 Ft Tape Measure

Best Tape measure Amazon
Spec Ops Tools Tape Measure
Spec Ops Tools Father’s Day Gifts for Dad 25-Foot Tape Measure, 1 1/8″ Double-Sided Blade, Military-Grade Composite Case, 3% Donated to Veterans
  • Up To 20% More Compact, Military-Grade Housing
  • MIL-X coated, 1-1/8″ blade for up to 2x blade durability
  • High-Visibility, White Blade With Double-Sided Markings For Clear And Precise Measurements
  • Rigid, True 10’ Blade Standout For Maximum Reach
  • Non-slip hook designed with added burrs to securely grip surfaces

Last and the best on our list is Spec Ops Tools 25-Foot Tape Measure, equipped with the military grade composite case it is built to withstand even the toughest jobs out there. it has an 11/4″ double-sided blade with MIL-X coating, providing 2x blade durability. These high visibility and double-side marking features offer the most precise measurements. In our testing, the 10′ blade standout comes in handy to reach hard-to-get areas.

The nonslip hook mechanism with added burrs can securely grip surfaces. The blade’s precision lock makes it possible for quick lock and release of the blade saving us time and being accurate with our measurement. The tape is compatible with SRS Retention Lanyards so one can work with a peaceful mind. in the toolbox. This is the tape I would highly recommend blade to any DIY enthusiast or professional for its cost and class-leading features.


The Spec Ops Tools 25-Foot Tape Measure is one of the best tape measures overall for its impressive pricing. It comes equipped with Military grade casing offering the best blade durability in the segment. Double-side printing provides very high visibility. It offers a 10-foot standout reach. The no-slip hook comes in handy to cling to various surfaces and materials. You might be a Professional or DIY enthusiast it is the best one for you that is pocket-friendly and serves the purpose best

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