Biggest Bed Size: 4 Surprising Options + World Record

The biggest bed size is the Bespoke at 100 square feet, the second biggest is 84 square feet called the Family Bed, and the third biggest size is 81 square feet called the Alaskan King. The largest ever is 4,686 square feet, but it is not available for purchase.

Biggest Bed in The World

Guinness World Record list the biggest bed in the world at 53’11” (16.4 m) x 86’11” (26.5 m) for a grand total of 4,686 square feet. It was built for the summer of St Gregorius in the Netherlands in 2011.

This is equal to about 4 small bungalow houses!


Another large mattress was built by Dolidol Maroc and its a 52.5′ (16 m) x 65.6 (20 m) monster. The World Record Academy claims this to be the biggest bed in the world. It is 4.6′ (1.4 m) tall and weighs 11 tons.

Biggest Bed Size in the US

The biggest selling in the US is the giant The Family Bed XL 12 Foot Gel Memory Foam Mattress sold by The Bedding Mart. You can order this behemoth online for a giant price of $2990.00, or the hybrid model for $3,499.00 and you can finance the big bugger for $84 per month.

Alaskan KingUS81
Super KingCan49.7
World RecordNetherlands4686
World RecordCasablanca3444

The Family Bed measures 84” x 144” x 13” (7′ x 12′ x 1.1′) for a staggering 12,096 square inches or 84 square feet!!! I have lived i seen rooms smaller than this! Ok, it was in a truck while away working for six months.

This is the equivalent of 3.1 regulation pool tables and 2.5 queen size. That puts it into perspective.

And if you are interested, that is 157,248 cubic inches or 91 cubic feet.

Personally, I would rather sleep on a cheap cot and invest the money, go on a trip, or buy many beer.

The double platform frame is sold separately and is the same size as the mattress, so the “mattress” and the “bed” are the same.

You can see more information or purchase this giant on The Bedding Mart here.

To buy in a store they have locations in Arkansas, Missouri, and Texas.

Honorable Mention: The Ace Family at 80” x 144” is only four inches shorter than The Family Bed

Honorable Mention: Alaska King at 9′ x 9′ for 81 square feet. As you can probably guess you won’t find this in every store that sells mattresses.

Biggest Size in US Widely Available in Stores

The biggest size in the US that is sold in most online and brick-and-mortar stores is the King size. The standard dimensions are 80” (6.7′) long and 76” (6.3′) wide, which is 42.2 square feet.

This is slightly smaller and less common California King is 84” (7′) x 72” (6′) for 42 square feet.

Biggest in the UK

The Big Bed Company in Denham, England offers their products in custom sizes up to the biggest size in the UK, the Bespoke at 10′ x 10′ (305 x 305 cm) for a total of 100 square feet.

This is only available at one store location and it may be considered cheating as they put two mattresses together and they are zipped together when installed on the frame.

Biggest in Canada

The Mattress and Sleep Company offers the Super King Mattress and it is a moose at 85.5” (7.1′) x 84.5” (7) or 217 x 215 cm. This is a total of 49.7 square feet.

Canada has the same standard options as the US so the King information is the same.

For 9 sizes and models bigger than a king please see my information here, average bed dimensions in feet for each mattress size, if yours is too big for your mattress fix it easy with these tips, and check average bedroom sizes to help match your bed size here.

Scott Boyd
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