Brooklyn Bedding Bed Frame Foundation Review: Pros and Cons

This Brooklyn Bedding frame foundation review covers the pros, cons, problems, summary of over 500 buyer reviews with my comments and tips, prices, sizes, suitability for attaching a headboard with a universal bracket. The good and bad review result is that it is a good bed frame for the money.

Update Jan 7, 2023: The company now offers a huge selection at Amazon here.

Brooklyn Bed Frame Prices and Sizes

For the price and the quality, it seems that these are priced fairly. You get what you pay for, it is as simple as that. If you pay less, you get less. So this is a good computerize between cheap and expensive options.

This is the price point the largest percentage of buyers should be if looking for a basic metal platform frame without a headboard or footboard.

Table 1. Price and Sizes

BedWideLongHighWeight lbWeight
Capacity lb

Brooklyn Bedding Bed Frame Review Highlights

The average of more than 500 words is 4.7, which is very high as it is much more likely for unhappy customers to post a review than happy ones. This is a great signal to the quality of construction design and materials.

Revelation 1: Wow, after looking through 517 reviews I realized that there is not one single one-star rating. This is incredibly amazing as there are always a few whiners wailing from mountaintops about how the bed frame arrived one day late or had a ding in it.

With this many reviews I expected at least ten of these morons to chime in, but not one.

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Revelation 2: There are only two negative reviews of 2 stars, and one is for a mattress instead of the platform foundation. So that is one out of 517 or only 0.2%. That is also amazing.

Table 2. Reviews Highlights and My Comments

Review HighlightsRatingScott’s Comments
Sturdy, squeak and creak free, and super easy to assemble5These are the most common positive comments and there is more than 100 stating at least one of these positive attributes.
High quality metal5This is pretty common comment too. Although I don’t think these reviewers are metallurgists I think some people can gauge the quality of metal from experience.
Zero 1 star reviews. Shocking1
One 2 star review. Also shocking2This buyer had squeaks after two weeks. He did not list his weight and if he sleeps with a partner.

Customer service asked the buyer to contact them via a toll-free phone number or email so they can resolve the issue.

I don’t see any followup information.
Squeaked within a week3Squeaking within a week is due to the wing nuts not being tight enough or the two frames are rubbing against each other.

Either is a simple fix.

Obviously the bed frame has not had time to weaken or fail so I would bet heavy on a simple fix to the problem.
Mattress slides around on the foundation. This reviewer is heavy, but not “extremely” heavy, so maybe 300 – 350 lb?3I actually see this as a pro, not a con. Most bed frames have thin wire slats that did into the mattress, which keeps it in place.
But this is not good for the mattress, especially foam ones.

TIP: If the mattress has handles you can tie or bungee it to the frame to reduce movement.

TIP: You can also use a cargo strap to pin the top and bottom of the mattress in place. You won’t even notice the straps at the top and bottom of the bed.
Moves around the solid floor and creaks.3As the reviewer mentions, add rubber to the feet and it won’t slide around.
This dummy could not figure out how to assemble it, even though more than 100 said it was incredibly easy.

I am guessing this guy has to ask his wife to put gas in the car because he doesn’t know how.
He does have one good point and he is the second person to mention it: queen size and larger bed frames are two separate frames.
3Don’t be stupid. Get someone with a few brain cells to twist wing nuts it if you are brain cell challenged.
Tie the bed frames together with string, wire, or tie wraps.

TIP: Slip foam or cloth in between the units to prevent squeaks.

Source: Brooklyn Bedding

Before you buy one check out my 15 tips first here and my top how to choose advice here.


Pretty much the standard for bed frames and mattresses as they offer 0% financing for up to 12 months through Affirm. But if you are only purchasing the bed frame I would respectfully suggest that you pay for it now, even with a credit card, and pay it off within a month or two by foregoing the daily coffees and fast food for a month (or a few less beer in my case).

But of course, free financing can have more pros than cons. IF it is paid off before interest costs.

Brooklyn Bedding Box Spring Pros and Cons/Good and Bad


  • More than 10 hundred buyers stat that the bed frame is solid and squeak-free.
  • The price is very low for a strong platform bed frame.
  • Free shipping, although this is pretty much standard now.
  • Zero percent financing for 12 months, also almost a standard in the industry now.
  • 13.75” of clearance under the bed for a lot of storage space. Most frames provide 13” of clearance so there is a little more room with this model. However, there are some angle supports that limit some of the usable space underneath.
  • Metal tubular slats are superior to the thin metal wire slats that many competing companies offer. This is especially important for foam mattresses when not using a box spring foundation.
  • Three-year warranty.


  • Although more than 100 buyers say the frame does not squeak or creak there are some that claim that is does, and some within a week. I wonder how much of this is caused by not tightening the wing nuts tight enough.
  • Another location of potential squeaks is where the two frames are joined together for Queen and larger frames. This can be cured with a foam or cloth spacer.

Brooklyn Bedding Headboard Adapter

If you want to install a headboard on the frame you will need to purchase the adapters separately from another company. You will also have to drill holes in the frame to attach the brackets.

If you only want a headboard you can also simply fasten the headboard to the wall, which is more secure and less likely to squeak anyway. Plus you save the cost of buying the brackets and the time to modify the frame to fasten the brackets to.

Brooklyn Bedding Bed Frame Problems

I have only been able to find one problem that has been reported by less than one percent of buyers. However, many buyers stated that they have not had the problem, even after two years. Squeaks and creaks.

The Good and Bad Review Result

There is much more good than bad with the Brooklyn Bedding bed frame. If your budget fits the price for your bed size this is a good choice that is in the middle of the road between the cheap Amazon options and the much more expensive top-end products,

Actually it is not a lot more expensive than the cheap options and the quality is much higher, so you are getting a lot for the little extra money compared to spending $600+ for a top model that won’t perform a lot better.

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