CAD Drafting And its Uses in 3D Modeling and Designing

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Today the computer is used in almost every field of life. Due to the advancement in technology, everything is just a click away and like every other field, our engineers have also used computers to make their work easier. The best example of this is the use of CAM and CAD software. For instance, Architects and Engineers use 3d CAD drafting for 3d modeling, rendering, 2d Drafting, and detailing. In addition, CAD is used by interior designers and woodworkers for furniture modeling and the creation of customized products. AEC professionals can freelance CAD drafting services from reputed firms to save time and increase profitability.

What is 3d CAD Drafting?

CAD is an abbreviation for Computer-aided designing or computer-aided drafting. CAD drafting is the utilization of computer software for the design, analysis, optimization, and modification of products.

Using CAD software one can create a 3d model of real-life objects. 3d CAD drafting allows us to get a realistic view of an object before manufacturing. In other words, it helps designers and engineers to inspect the product even before it is truly built. However, this is not possible in the case of traditional engineering. One can change the features of an object on a 2d screen by simply altering the dimension of an object. Therefore, CAD allows you to judge your product before construction and make it flawless.

Uses of CAD Drafting

  • CAD is solely used for the creation of 3d models and 2d drawings based on imaginative concepts.
  • For Instance, CAD drafting aids 3D rendering, prototype modeling, and furniture modeling.
  • CAD enables you to make 2D floor plans, permit drawings, and landscaping layouts.
  • It also aids 2d to 3d CAD conversion and vice versa.
  • Creation of functional animated videos and exploded 3d files of any product.
  • It enables you to generate cutting data for CNC machines.
  • In addition, CAD drafting enables designers to carry out engineering analyses for stress, vibration, noise thermal distortions, and more using FEA.
  • In addition, one can judge the actual working, fitment, and assembly of the models created using 3d CAD.
  • Above all, designed data can be shared in a computerized manufacturing management system therefore it facilitates the communication process.

Advantages of using CAD Drafting

  • The 2D CAD drawings are easy to understand.
  • It aids the construction process. For instance, making 3d models and 2d CAD drawings of imaginative concepts helps us to understand how the projects will look in real.
  • The use of a 3d CAD system increases the flexibility and degree of repetitiveness of already designed parts of the product.
  • 3d models made using CAD software are accurate and precise.
  • In addition, it offers easy modification of 2d drawings and 3d models in a short period.
  • It is eco-friendly as it allows you to store multiple copies of designs. Therefore, no need to store bundles of paper drawings.

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CAD drafting services we offer:

  • 3d modeling
  • High-end rendering and panorama rendering
  • 2d drafting and detailing that is making 2d CAD drawings and floor plans
  • AutoCAD conversion of paper drawings and sketches. In addition, images to CAD conversion.
  • 3d CAD drawings of home interiors and workplace interior
  • 3d furniture modeling
  • Prototype modeling

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