Can I Finance a Mattress: 6 Options, Bad Credit Too

Can I Finance a Mattress, Yes! even with bad credit. Options include 0% for twelve to sixty months at mentioned leading manufacturers from eBay with Bill Me Later and Paypal with Paypal Credit and Bill Me Later. You can self-finance on a credit card and the financing costs are below.

How can I finance Mattress
Mattress Finance Payment Plan
Which Mattress Brand Offer Finance Options

Mattress Manufacturers

Most of the larger mattress manufacturers offer financing through third-party companies at checkout. Many companies offer 0% APR (annual percentage rate) with various qualifications and terms.

Many companies offer pre-qualification without affecting your credit score.

If you move forward and apply for financing they will do a credit check and it will show on your credit reports as an inquiry. Popular companies that offer mattress financing are below.

Table 1. 10 Best Selling Models and Where You Can Finance

CompanyAPR OAC*MonthsFinance Company
Brentwood Home0.00%12Affirm
Cocoon0.00%12Wells Fargo
Nectar0.00%12Affirm & SplitIt
Tempurpedic0.00%60Wells Fargo

* Annual Percentage Rate On Approved Credit. Lots of fine print and conditions for each company.

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You can finance a mattress when you purchase one through eBay by selecting Bill Me Later at checkout. You have to provide your birthday and the last four digits of your social security number at checkout. The interest rate is $19.99% if you do not pay for the item in full by the due date.

I did research and found it on other websites not related to eBay, Bill Me Later, or the parent company PayPal. How pathetic is that?

It is for 6 months. So free financing for up to six months. If you look closely at the fine print you will find the approved credit text so consider that you will have a credit check hitting your credit report.


You can use Bill Me Later in Paypal and also Paypal Credit to finance a mattress for up to six months interest-free. The benefit of using PayPal over eBay is that you can finance products at any online store. This allows you to choose any mattress from any retailer so you can be sure to get what you want.

Paypal Credit Terms can be viewed on their website here.

Can I Finance Mattress
Can I Finance Mattress on Ebay
Can I Finance Mattress PayPal
Can I Finance Mattress Chase Bank
Can I Finance Mattress with credit card

Credit Card

If you have a solid plan you can save money by financing with a credit card. This solid plan has to include paying the charge off ASAP. This only applies if the interest rate is 20% or less as anything higher is going to cost too much money.

If you can finance a mattress with your credit card some of the interest costs can be offset if your card has Air Miles, cashback, or any other program. This should be factored into your decision-making process.

Below are charts showing the cost of interest when paying down the debt at 10% each month on the more expensive mattresses. If you cannot pay 10% per month then you really should really be buying a cheaper mattress!

Monthly Payment Structures

Table 2. Monthly Mattress Payments and Interest Costs on Credit Card at 10%

Cost$ Per
# of
Paid $

Table 3. Monthly Mattress Payments and Interest Costs on Credit Card at 15%

Cost$ Per
# of
Paid $

Table 4. Monthly Mattress Payments and Interest Costs on Credit Card at 20%

Cost$ Per
# of
Paid $

How to Finance a Mattress with Bad Credit

There are few options available to folks with challenged credit scores and with the pandemic things are kinda in the toilet for many right now. But there are a couple of options.

No Credit Required

There is at least one mattress company offering no credit-required financing. MattressFIRM offers no credit required for a 90-day payment option. They also offer lease financing that may be easier to qualify for compared to traditional financing requirements.

Borrow Credit with Incentives

If you don’t have a credit card you may be able to work a deal with a friend or family member to use their credit card. Ask them to make the purchase and offer them an incentive for their service. Incentives can include free:

  • babysitting services
  • meals
  • yardwork
  • auto maintenance (oil change, car wash, tire rotation)
  • house maintenance (painting, cleaning siding)
  • tutoring children
  • taxi service
  • errand service
  • music lessons

I think you get the idea. There are many ways to make this a win-win situation where you both benefit from the situation.


So again coming back to can I finance a mattress? It is possible as I have explained in this blog. Please let me know if I missed any options and I will be happy to include them. Thank you.

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