Can You Negotiate Tempurpedic Prices? 6 Tips & Tricks

We spend about one-third of our lives in bed so many people wisely invest time to research the best bed that fits their budget. A Tempurpedic mattress is often the third biggest purchase you make after the house and car, and everyone negotiates those so why not negotiate a Tempurpedic purchase?

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You can negotiate Tempurpedic prices by calling retailers in your area or going to the stores to negotiate in person, offering to finance the purchase for a discount, asking for free accessories, joining Tempur-Me, ask for affiliate cost savings discounts.

See #5 to save $300.

Officially the salesperson is not supposed to be haggling on these mattresses. You can negotiate Tempurpedic prices by following the steps below in the following order.

1. Call all Retailers in Your Area

Go here on Tempurpedic website to use their retailer locator tool. Find the contact information for the stores in an area that you are willing to drive to for picking up a mattress. Then call all those stores and go through the steps below. Write down any add-ons and the salesperson’s name so you know later who had the best offer.

Then go to the stores and repeat the process. Make sure to document any discounts and the salesperson’s name and tell them that you will make a decision today.

2. Ask for Discount

As you are kicking the tires on the mattress trying to act like you are only somewhat interested. Ask the salesperson for his/her name and chat with him about the benefits of the bed. Let him/her do their sales pitch. Build a bond to help with the next steps.

Explain that you understand the importance of a quality bed and want the best for you and your significant other, but the price is a little out of your budget. Explain that you are worried about making a large purchase during the pandemic (or any other reason here).

The goal is to get the salesperson in your corner and help you get the best deal possible. Salespeople don’t put in much effort to help difficult shoppers to save money.

Ask if there is a sale planned in the future. If there is you can say that you can wait until then and this will make the salesperson work harder to make the sale now. They get commissions on their sales and now the likelihood of you coming back to him to make the purchase is almost zero.

Ask if the price is negotiable if this has not been established by now. If the answer is a solid no move on to the next step.

A couple of the most helpful books I have read saved me a lot of money professionally and personally are Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It and Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In

Scott Boyd

TIP: Ask if they have any seconds available at a discount. Perhaps some were damaged during shipping or moving around the warehouse. It is amazing how much damage forklifts do to products in warehouses. Discounts may be up to 75% depending on the severity of the damage.

TIP: Ask if they have any returns with very little usage. They may also have some that have been returned after only a few days or weeks due to incompatibility with the owner’s sleeping style. This can save as much as 25% on the cost.

3. Ask for a Discount if You Finance the Mattress

Companies make as much profit from selling the financing to a lender. If you have the cash then set up the financing and pay off the loan within a month so you pay no, or very little interest. Make sure that there are no prepayment penalties.

Ask if there is you can receive more freebies if you finance the Tempurpedic bed (read here to see if I think it is worth buying). Now the salesperson can see the potential for a larger commission and perhaps will kick some cashback to you.

This would reduce his/her commission, but will still make a decent bonus from your transaction. Some store policies may prohibit this so ask about this (quietly).

If you want to learn more about options to finance a mattress check out my article here.

4. Ask for Free Accessories

Or bedding, blankets, slippers, cushions, travel pillows, sleep masks, or anything else that you see in the store. It is free to ask so go for it. Anything free is a win.

5. Join Temper Me

Receive a 30% discount on your next sheets and pillows purchase and receive $300 worth of free accessories on their website.

Basically, they are giving these to you in exchange for your email address and your content to receive marketing emails from them from time to time. Sounds like a good trade to me.

6. Ace up Your Sleeve Tip

Thousands of website owners are going to hate me for sharing this information. Tell the salesperson that you know that they pay hundreds of dollars to affiliates for each sale.

Since you are not using an affiliate link to make the purchase you can strongly argue that the company was going to pay hundreds for the sale so they can give you that discount.

If you have additional questions you can contact me here.

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