You Can Still Buy a Two-Sided Mattress: 6 Flippable Models

A few companies still manufacture flippable beds in the USA and overseas. The dual-sided option almost went the way of the dodo as companies looked to save money and increase profits.

However, with the incredible increase in the number of companies the competition is forcing some to create unique and higher quality options. For a more competitive price too.

You can still buy a two-sided mattress from companies including Idle Sleep, Layla Sleep, Nest Bedding, Saatva, Nolah, and Brentwood. Available online with free shipping to Continental US. Idle Sleep’s flippable mattress has optional firmness on each side while others have different firmnesses.

Table 1. Companies That Make Two-Sided Mattresses and the Models

Idle SleepIdle HybridSame firmness or
firm and medium

Idle Latex Dunlop

Idle Latex Talalay
Layla SleepLayla Memory FoamEach side is a different firmness

Layla Hybrid
Nest BeddingAlexander Signature Series
NolahLimited Edition 12
Brentwood HomeCrystal Cove

I spent a couple of days working on a review for the flippable Idle Hybrid model.

Ok, maybe I am not so smart, but if I find a firmness that I love and am comfortable with… why in the heck do I want to flip it 50% of the time for sleeping on the other side of the mattress with a different firmness??? Can someone help me to understand this insanity?

Ok, I can understand if you are not completely certain about what is the most comfortable firmness for you, so I can see increasing your odds for comfort. And once you know I guess you could exchange it for a two-sided mattress with both sides the same.

Ok, sure, it makes sense to market it as two firmnesses… I guess maybe some people would think of it as two in one. So I assume your significant other has to sleep under the bed and you on top???

How does that work? If you and your significant other want a different firmness then buy twins and put them together so you both get what you want.

That has to be better than both of you spending 50% of your time being uncomfortable.

What Mattresses are Flippable?

Cheap foam mattresses that are constructed with a single type of foam is of course flippable since it is a block of foam. These are popular sellers because they are cheap and super easy to manufacture. Check out the video below, just mix a few chemicals and poof! You have a block of foam to carve a two-sided mattress.

I don’t advise buying these due to the chemicals used in the process to create some cheaper foams. There are only a few things that I would say that you get what you pay for, and this is one. Because I am cheap.

Some models are designed with the same layers of materials from each side meeting in the middle.

And some other mattresses are designed with innersprings supported on each side with the same design.

Obviously, these last two are more expensive as they are a superior product.

Woman sitting on a two-sided mattress

Why are Some Mattresses not Flippable?

Most are not flippable because they are built with innerspring coils that rest on a more sturdy platform on the bottom of the bed. In this situation, this side of the bed would be very uncomfortable unless some modifications were done.

Another reason that regular mattresses are not flippable is that most decent ones have as many many as 10 layers of different materials. And these different layers have a very specific order from the bottom to the top, so obviously flipping it would destroy the comfort that was carefully designed.

Do Two-Sided Mattresses Last Longer?

Of course, two-sided models last longer as you are cutting the stress, wear, and tear in half. However, innerspring models do not last a great amount longer because the coils are stressed equally on each side of the mattress unless it has a base built into the middle and separate coils on each of the two sides.

TIP: If you have a two-sided innerspring coil mattress you can extend the life by making sure not to rotate the mattress when you flip it.

This ensures that the heavier sleeper is on one side prior to the flip and on the other side after. This helps spread the stress out over the left and right sides of the mattress. Clear as mud?

Can You Flip a Non Flip Mattress?

Yes, but it will void the warranty and you will have to modify it to make it comfortable. You can make it comfortable by adding a thin foam topper of 2 – 4” for a very reasonable, even cheap, cost.

TIP: If you have a king or California king-size mattress you can rotate it to four positions rather than the normal 180 degrees. Obviously, this is going to look odd and the sheets are not going to fit well, but it will extend the life of your mattress.

This works assuming that you are less than 6’0” as a king mattress is 6’4” wide and 5’8” for the California king as it is only 6′ wide.

How do I Know if My Mattress is Two-Sided?

You will know if your mattress is two-sided if it has stitched padded upholstery on both sides and has the same feel and sag with the same amount of pressure placed on it.

If it only has that one side you can tell which side is up by determining the flat and stronger side, which is the bottom.

Idle Representative Explaining the Benefits of a Two-Sided Mattress
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