Top 25 Parts of a Car Exterior [PDF]


A car is a four-wheeled vehicle primarily used for traveling purposes. Cars have become more advanced, safer, and easier to use as more features and controls have been added. Open the hood or look under the car and you’ll find the engine, transmission, axles, differentials, suspension, and more. All these are the interior parts of the car, but what about the exterior parts? Speaking of parts of a car exterior, I think many people do not know the parts that make up a car and their roles.

External Part of a Car
parts of car exterior
external parts of a car
parts of the car exterior
parts of car door exterior

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Exterior Parts of a Car

Outer Body Shell

The car body is the functional backbone. The body of the car sits on the chassis and houses the engine, mechanical and electrical systems, seats, etc. It is designed to support the weight of all components present in the car, as well as the weight of the passengers.

parts of car outside
outer car
exterior car parts
external part of vehicle

Hood or Bonnet

A bonnet is also known as a hood in some countries. This is a type of thin sheet metal cover that hinges open and sits over the car engine, battery, coolant, washer fluid, fan, compressor, alternator, and more.

hood of car
bonnet of a car
car hood
car bonnet
parts of car outside

You can access the engine compartment directly from the hood for maintenance and repairs. It also protects these parts from direct sunlight, debris and dust.

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Front Bumper

A bumper may seem like an extra piece, but its simple construction plays an important role in your car. The role of the front bumper is to protect your car from sudden collisions. In this case, it absorbs most of the impact of a low-speed collision to avoid serious injury to the driver, car, and passengers.

parts of car outside
car parts exterior
outside parts of a car
vehicle exterior parts

Bumper Grill

Bumper grilles cover the front end of the vehicle and cool the engine. When the car is driven, the air is drawn in through the grill to ventilate the engine compartment.

list five external part of a vehicle
front parts of car
outer car

First and foremost, it protects your radiator and allows cool air to enter your car’s radiator. In addition to the front position, they are also mounted on the front wheels for brake cooling, on the cowl for cabin ventilation, or on the tailgate of rear-engine cars.

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Rear Bumper

The rear bumper is designed to prevent serious damage if you are unlucky enough to hit a wall while reversing. It prevents physical damage to the front and rear of the vehicle in low-speed accidents.

rear bumper
rear bumper of car
parts of a car outside
parts of the car exterior

These body panels typically absorb the impact of a car crash. The rear bumper is made of steel, aluminum, rubber, or plastic and mainly protects the trunk, radiator grille, fuel, exhaust, and cooling system.

Bullbars or Crash Guards

Crash bars are attached to the car’s front frame or chassis. It is mainly used in SUVs to protect against damage in the event of an accident. These are critical body parts that play an important role in keeping the car moving after a collision.

ford racing car
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These are typically made of heavy-duty steel and can effectively protect the front end of your car. In addition, the design of this accessory gives your car a stylish look and offers real protection.

Head Lights

We all know that the primary function of car headlights is to illuminate the road and enable fatigue-free and safe driving. Two types of headlights are there in the car i.e. low beam, and high beam.

head lights of car
parts of an suv
external car

These headlights are mounted on the front end of the vehicle. This allows drivers to see the road in the dark and at the same time to let other drivers know that a car is present. There are many types of lights used in cars, each with its own function.

Indicator lights

Indicator lights are available in red, orange, and some white. They can be placed in the front, rear, or even on the left and right sides of the car. They are used to indicate intended turns such as left turns, right turns, or entering traffic.

indicator lights
car indicators
outer parts of a car

You must use them at the right time to give other drivers enough time to react and adapt to your signals. Otherwise, you may confuse other drivers.

Fog Lights

The purpose of fog lights is to provide brightness in situations where visibility is less than 100m. They glow under fog to help you see the road surface and block the extra rays of fog.

fog lights
car exterior
external parts of a car pdf

Following are the two main types of fog lights used in automobiles:

Front Fog Lights

Many fog lights are selectively amber to filter out the blue portion of the white light that is responsible for most of the glow. However, not all amber lamps are fog lights, and not all fog lights are amber.

Rear Fog Lights

They are bright red lights (like brake lights) that can be on when visibility is poor, allowing the vehicle to specialize in low-traffic areas. It’s useful when you’re driving much slower than usual.

Radiator & Radiator Support

The radiator is located directly behind the car’s grill. Located at the heart of the vehicle’s cooling system, it monitors and regulates engine temperature to prevent overheating.

car radiator
parts of suv
auto exterior parts

Its purpose is to keep the engine coolant at the correct level. As the coolant circulates through the engine, it heats the coolant, and the cooling fins in the radiator cool the coolant. The radiator is supported and mounted by a mechanism called radiator support. Steel, plastic, or aluminum frame that protects your radiator from damage by fixing it under your car’s hood.

The external parts of a Car
exterior car parts
parts of car exterior
parts of car

Wiper Blade

Almost all vehicles such as cars, trucks, and buses are equipped with wiper blades. They are very important for driver visibility. They are used to remove snow, water, and dirt from a vehicle’s windshield so that the driver can see what lies ahead.

wiper of car
car wiper
wiper blades
wiper blades of car

They are very useful in rainy weather. Water droplets on the windshield constantly block the driver’s vision and can lead to serious accidents. They are made of rubber, are degradable, and lose their effectiveness over time. Therefore, it is important to replace it every 6-12 months.

Cowl Panel

The cowl panel is also an important body part. It acts as a cover that fills the gap between the hood and windshield of your car. It also supports the dashboard and keeps unwanted parts out of the wiper system and cabin filter area.

cowl panel
car panel
external parts of the car
car door external

Quarter Panel

It is the side panel of the vehicle that usually wraps around the wheel arches, between the door and trunk lid, between the door and hood, etc.

quarter panel of car
car exterior

Roof of Car

The roof is the upper part of the vehicle which protects the passengers from the sun, wind, rain, and other external elements.

car roof
roof of car
car external roof

Car ceilings are usually coated with a heat- and noise-insulating headliner that also hides the wiring and hardware for electrical components, antennas, and other accessories.

Sunroof of Car

A sunroof allows passengers to have a clear view of the sky, maintains ventilation in the vehicle, and lets in sunlight to create a feeling of openness.

sun roof
car sunroof
car roof
car glass top

These are very expensive as you must pay extra for all the mechanisms that operate the sunroof. It also requires maintenance as the rubber, glass, engine, and all other components require frequent maintenance.

Fender & Fender Liner

A fender is a curved part of the car body that rests on top of the wheel to hold it in place. Besides being a safety component, it also enhances the overall appearance of your vehicle.

fenders of car
car fender
car wheel fender
car exterior
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Its main function is to protect the vehicle interior by preventing sand, mud, rocks, liquids, and other road debris from being thrown into the air by the spinning tires.


Following are the two main types of mirrors used in cars:

Side View Mirror

These are also called exterior mirrors. These mirrors are located on the outside of the vehicle and help the driver see behind and to the sides of the car or areas outside the driver’s peripheral vision.

side view mirror of car
car mirror
car side mirror
car rear mirror

Rear View Mirror

It also warns the driver of possible accidents from behind. The advantage of convex wing mirrors is to get a broader view on both sides of the vehicle and reduce blind spots. The ability to see behind the vehicle without turning your head gives you a more attentive driving experience. It is also especially important when the vehicle is in reverse.

car rear view mirror

Door of Car

A door is a type of opening that is usually hinged to the outside of a vehicle. It may also be attached to other mechanisms, such as rails for entering and exiting vehicles. There are different types of car doors that most people may not be familiar with.

car door
door of car
door panel
door panel of car

Doors often have windows for viewing from inside the vehicle and can be locked to secure the vehicle. These are operated manually or by using power supplied by the vehicle. Electric doors are used in minivans, luxury cars, or modified cars.

Door Handle

Door handles facilitate entry and exit for drivers and passengers. The door handle is the most important component as it contains the door lock. Door handles are usually used to unlock the car from the outside or inside. The type of door handle differs depending on the car model.

car door handle
car handle
door handle of car

Window Glass

Visibility is the main reason for using window glass in cars. Whether it’s the front, side, or rear of your car, seeing through the glass is very convenient.

car window
car glass
door glass
window of car

The glass allows passengers to see where they are heading and allows natural sunlight and artificial streetlights to enter the vehicle.

Decklids or Trunk

An automobile decklid (also called a dickey) is the main storage or luggage that is often found at the rear of a vehicle such as a sedan, coupe, or convertible.

car trunk
car storage
car luggage
car back
car rear storage

The trunk of your car should be used to carry things, not just storage space. Since it is an important storage space, regular maintenance is required. Also, keep in mind that the more you load, the more fuel your engine will consume.


The most basic and important part of the car body is the wheel. A tire is a piece of rubber that wraps around a wheel and grips the road. The wheels will spin without tires, but the car won’t go very far. Without them, the wheels of the car would not move forward and would slide faster on the road.

car wheel
car wheels
car alloy
car alloy wheels


A car wheel decorative disc that covers the center of the wheel. A wheel cap’s function is to cover the wheel hub and wheel attachments to reduce dirt and moisture build-up. It also improves the overall structure of the impeller.

car alloys
car wheels
car tires

Driving without hubcaps traps all kinds of dirt and debris in the tires, which can cause tire wear. Using hubcaps can prevent foreign objects from damaging your wheels and ensure longer service life.


A dashboard is the control panel of any type of vehicle. This is also called the dashboard or instrument panel. It is in the vehicle’s center console, usually directly in front of the drive train.

steering wheel
car dashboard
car infotainment

The dashboard displays the driver’s tools and controls for operating the vehicle. It features simple controls and various gauges that display speed, fuel level, and oil pressure. Modern types typically have information, climate control, and entertainment systems.

Number Plate

Government motor vehicle laws require all vehicles to have license plates. License plates reflect very specific details of a vehicle.

car number plate
most expensive number plate
Dubai car plate

It also gives the vehicle its own identity. Today, all vehicles on the road prefer to display registrations on both the front and rear of the vehicle.

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In conclusion, cars are profitable for their convenience. The body parts mentioned above are very important for any vehicle. Without these parts, your car will not perform well on the road which can lead to serious breakdowns and accidents.


What Is The Front Part Of A Car Called?


What Is The Back Of The Car Called?

Trunk. A car’s trunk is the main storage or cargo area of a vehicle, often a hatch at the rear of the vehicle.

What Is The Bottom Of The Car Called?

The undercarriage is part of the moving vehicle that is located below the body of the vehicle.

What Is The Chassis Of A Car?

The chassis also called the “frame,” is the basic structure that supports the car from below. The purpose of the landing gear is to support the weight of the vehicle at idle and in dynamic conditions.

What Makes A Car Fast?

As for acceleration, torque plays a big role in accelerating the car. This is because torque is a result of the force the piston produces and its speed. The fastest vehicles can produce high levels of this torque force at relatively low speeds. It allows the vehicle to accelerate quickly and makes the car fast.

List five external parts of a vehicle

Following are the main five external parts of a vehicle:

  • bumper
  • Indicator
  • Fog light
  • Radiator
  • Hood

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