Casper Mattress Smell: 5 Steps To Fix or Avoid It?

Some owners complain that the Casper mattress smells like paint and has a bad chemical smell due to materials that contain VOCs, volatile organic carbons, and some chemicals in paint. That is one reason the Casper mattress smells.

Now you know why it seems like you are sleeping in a giant can of paint this is the reason.

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How Do You Get The Smell Out Of a Casper Mattress

There are a few methods that you can implement to speed up the dissipation of the odor. You should read my article here on Smelly Mattress Solutions to speed up dissipating odors. It goes into more detail on the below methods. Some are free and a couple costs a few bucks.

If you want to implement the methods that cost a bit then you might want to buy or order online, before you receive your new bed in a box so you can start the day it arrives.

5 Steps to Fix the Casper Funk

  1. Air it out in the sun for a couple of days.
  2. Spray each side with commercial-grade odor eliminators such as Zero Odor Pro and Fresh Wave IAQ (not masking agents).
  3. Invite the kids to spend a couple of hours jumping on it while it is outside. Yes, you may want them to wear a gas mask, but at least it is outside rather than in a stuffy bedroom.
  4. Bring it to the bedroom and wipe both sides with wet rags soaked with distilled vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, or other disinfectants and/or spray with Lysol or equivalent.
  5. Baking soda and activated carbon. Cover with baking soda on each side for a day or two, then remove using a shop vac. Sprinkle more on each side and cover with bedding. Use the activated carbon throughout the bedroom to absorb chemical odors.

If you are sensitive to odors or don’t want to deal with any stink, then don’t buy a foam bed. It really is that simple.

You should also read my articles about odors for Avocado, Zinus, and Purple.

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Casper Mattress Smell Reddit

Spazz75 is not happy with his “toxic” mattress and it is giving him headaches. Ssnakefartz (great handle!) stated that his parents had one and “holy shit it smelled for months”. Source

Some smell worse than others. I got a Casper at the end of January and it had a faint smell that went away in about a week, Source

Many of the reviews complained about the smell, I slept on mine the same day. Any smell was completely gone after a week.

itsSoop, Source

While the level of smell varies, mine was definitely noticeable. Also note: I’m feeling a bit dizzy

LitMaster11, Source

The smell is still there but not as bad as it was in the beginning. I would in all honesty let it air out for a couple of weeks

sippin_the_dream, Source

Many others have stated that the odor is going in 24 hours and many said in a couple of days.

Casper Mattress Smell BBB

As I mentioned in my article on my Zinus Smell article (read it here) the BBB website isn’t working correctly and I can only see 10 reviews and 10 complaints. There is no mention of odors in these 20 reviews and complaints.

However, one should read as many as they can before purchasing this as it seems the last 10 reviews are all 1-star. Ouch.

Somehow the company, Zinus Sleep Inc. Has an A+ BBB rating. Interesting, considering there are 29 reviews and we can only see the ten 1-star ones.

And there were 90 complaints in the past three years and 62 were closed in the past year. This indicates a negative trend in the performance of the company.

Casper Mattress Smell Consumer Reports

Mattress companies change their models often which makes it hard for buyers to find decent historical information on one model. Smart move since it is usually bad news that travels the fastest throughout the Internet so they can stay ahead of the negative reviews with “new” models.

So perhaps it is more important to look at the history of the company and the effort they put into all their products with more of a 10,000′ view than a 1,000′ view of analyzing every mattress.

I will have to think about this a little more. Please feel free to send me your thoughts.

The Casper

Consumer Reports rated this model at a very high 85. There are 155 owner reviews and eight of them had a serious issue with the smell most stated that the odor lingered for a couple of weeks to six weeks.

That is 5% of reviews so that is actually fairly high. I don’t like to see bad reviews exceed 2%.

The Casper Hybrid (2019)

The Hybrid is rated 83 and it only has 18 reviews. Two of the 18 had serious issues with a chemical smell that just won’t quit.

That is 11% of the reviews that hate the mattress due to the odors, but remember that this is a very small sample size.

Original All Foam (2019)

The Original All Foam is rated 81 and it has even fewer owner reviews. Only one of the seven owners had a serious issue with the odor.

Again, this is a very small sample size, but it is showing a trend with this one at 14% negative due to the chemical smell.

The Wave

The Wave rated an 80 and it also only had seven reviews and none of them mention the smell. I did notice that Consumer Reports that one of the two lows is that it is too soft.

Then the number one Con of the reviews is that it is way too hard. What??? I think the owners, who sleep on it, are more believable.

The Essential

Only rated a 61 with one review, and it stated a faint smell after one month.

It is a foam mattress so it is going to smell like chemicals anywhere between one day and one month.

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