Catalytic Converter Scrap Prices With Serial Number

Why sell your catalytic converter? If it’s not working, it’s made expensive by materials like platinum, palladium, and rhodium.

Catalytic converter prices range from $300 to $3,000, depending on the car model. The price may differ for used ones. Additionally, consider labor costs between $50 and $200, depending on your car.

how to sell Catalytic Converter ?

When selling your catalytic converter, look for the best price based on the buyer. We’ll discuss when to sell and how to get the best deal.

Catalytic Converter TypeCurrent Price Range
National Average$82.29/each
Large Foreign Cat$76-$456/each
XL Foreign Cat$200-$305/each
Regular Domestic Cat$18-$133/each
Large GM Cat$101-$286/each
Flow Cats$15-$451/each
Bead Cat$18-$248/each
Exotic Cat$275-$569/each
Torpedo Cat$126-$1200/each
Small Foreign Cat$15-$218/each
Medium Foreign Cat$67-$422/each
Pre-Domestic Cat$14-$94/each
Foreign Pre-Cat$16-$228/each
High-Grade Domestic Cat$40-$609/each
Small GM Cat$18-$80/each
Small Breadloaf Cat$57-$305/each
Large Breadloaf Cat$46-$505/each
Small Domestic Cat$21-$171/each
Large Chrysler Cat$99-$276/each
Foreign Lite$11-$88/each
Small Foil/Wire$18-$87/each
Large Foil/Wire Cat$76-$342/each
Foil/Wire Pre$6-$59/each
Half CatVaries, Ask
Aftermarket Cat$10/each
Diesel Cat$15-$485/each
DPF Catalytic Converter$9-$770/each

What is a Catalytic Converter and how does it work?

In modern cars, the exhaust system includes various components to control emissions and enhance environmental friendliness. One crucial part is the catalytic converter, positioned at the car’s bottom like a large metal box with two pipes. This essential component aids car manufacturers in meeting National Emissions Standards Act requirements. The catalytic converter utilizes a “catalyst” chamber to transform harmful compounds in the exhaust into safe gases like steam, effectively breaking down dangerous molecules before releasing them into the air through the output pipe.

Catalytic Converter diagram

Scrap Value of Catalytic Converter

To assess the scrap value of your catalytic converters using the serial number, it’s advised to use a mobile app or a web-based tool like ConverterDatabase or Eco Cat. Here’s a price list for scrap catalytic converters featuring those from popular automotive brands.

ChevroletChevrolet Spark$160
PeugeotPeugeot 206$129
VolkswagenVolkswagen Golf 4$433
AudiAudi A4$62
CitroenCitroen Saxo$134
DaewooDaewoo Matiz$31
DaewooDaewoo Cielo$41
FordFord Ka$154
BMWBMW 3-series$762
HyundaiHyundai Matrix$237
VolkswagenVW Polo N9$103
SkodaSkoda Octavia Tour$124

How to Find the Price of your Catalytic Converter?

To determine your car’s catalytic converter value, follow these steps to find the price on your own.

  1. Check Serial Number – Locate the catalytic converter serial number, bearing in mind variations in format and placement. Serial numbers, a mix of letters and numbers, vary in length, and not all manufacturers include them, despite EPA regulations.
  2. Use Online Database – After obtaining the serial number, check the scrap value using online databases like Eco Cat or ConverterDatabase. These tools provide quick access to current prices for rhodium, palladium, and platinum.
  3. Image Search for Price – If reading the serial number is challenging, use a camera app to capture an image. Some tools, such as Eco Cat, allow you to upload the image for automatic serial number recognition and an instant price estimate.

Location of Serial Number in Different Vehicles

The catalytic converter serial number, depending on the vehicle make and type, can be stamped or carved into the converter’s metal body. It may also be on a metal plate welded to the main body. Let’s explore the locations for popular vehicle brands.

#1 Hyundai

Because Hyundai and Kia share the same parent company, their catalytic converters likely have similar labels. Expect a seamless experience with both brands. The short serial numbers (typically 3 to 5 characters) make identification and quoting quick. Keep an eye on the removable outer shield for the serial numbers.

Catalytic convertor labels of Hyundai and kia
Catalytic convertor labels of Hyundai and kia

#2 Ford

Ford produces various types, sizes, and grades of catalytic converters, often featuring long, complex serial numbers. These numbers typically span 9–14 digits, divided into three parts, making them challenging to read. To streamline the quoting process, it’s recommended to send all parts of the catalytic converter.

Catalytic convertor labels of Ford
Catalytic convertor labels of Ford

#3 General Motors

Catalytic converters from General Motors’ brands, including Chevy, GMC, and Cadillac, typically share the same labeling. The serial code, usually comprising eight numbers on a plate, is consistent. GM cars generally feature 2-4 catalytic converters, with some having only one. To find serial numbers on GM cars, check the main shield or one of the corners where they are typically stamped or etched. Utilize steel wool for an effective search, as GM tends to have few secondary shields.

Catalytic convertor labels of General Motors
Catalytic convertor labels of General Motors

#4 Toyota

Toyota, a prominent automotive name, has created numerous models over the years. Most Toyota catalytic converters, irrespective of the model, feature a five-digit serial number containing a combination of letters and digits. Some serial numbers may include either an “L” or an “R” afterward.

Catalytic convertor labels of Toyota
Catalytic convertor labels of Toyota

#5 Subaru

When disassembling a Subaru catalytic converter, note that these vehicles usually feature two converters, the first is compact, and the second resembles a bean. Look for a stamped number in one of the corners, typically in this format: FCFH4 3712 SK.

Catalytic convertor labels of Subaru
Catalytic convertor labels of Subaru

#6 Honda

Despite being a valuable brand, Honda’s catalytic converter technology is subpar and insufficient. Only a few have stamped numbers, making it challenging for scrappers and adding complexity due to the limited quantity of printed numbers.

Catalytic convertor labels of Honda
Catalytic convertor labels of Honda

#7 Chrysler/Dodge

Identifying Chrysler and Dodge catalytic converters lacks a consistent pattern. Look around the cat’s edges for a stamped serial number, which may vary in length, like CLLC524AEB or a simpler one like 8H.

Catalytic convertor labels of Chrysler Dodge
Catalytic convertor labels of Chrysler_Dodge

#8 Volkswagen

Volkswagen has a unique method of identifying and naming its catalytic converters. Like Ford, they use a combination of letters and numbers for the serial numbers, typically nine numerals and one to three letters, separated by spaces. For example, a serial number could be 824 313 901 H or combined with a code like 6k2 353 908 H.

Catalytic convertor labels of Volkswagen
Catalytic convertor labels of Volkswagen

#9 Aftermarket Catalytic Converter

If your vehicle has a modified exhaust system, the catalytic converter may have been removed. While it’s illegal to be without a cat, there are alternative choices available. Installing an aftermarket exhaust can enhance airflow and performance, but the replacement converter is likely to have a non-standard serial number, differing from the majority of OEM cats.


Which catalytic converter scrap fetches the best price?

Catalysts containing a substantial amount of precious metals like palladium and rhodium fetch the highest prices as scrap. Cars with valuable catalytic converters include the Ferrari F430, Dodge RAM 2500, and Ford 250.

What is the average scrap value of a catalytic converter?

Catalytic converters, containing precious metals, rank among the priciest car parts, typically valued from $300 to $1,500 as scrap metal.

Who buys catalytic converters at the highest price?

Scrap yards are the best place to sell your catalytic converter, as they evaluate the metal value rather than its value as an auto part.

How can you tell the difference between aftermarket and original catalytic converters?

Easily distinguishable, aftermarket converters often have a silver metal case with an arrow indicating the installation direction based on airflow.

Are aftermarket catalytic converters worth anything?

An apparent advantage of aftermarket converters is cost savings, with used ones priced under $200, sometimes as low as $60, offering over 80% savings compared to new ones.

How much does a GM catalytic converter cost?

GM catalytic converters are priced around $1000, but their scrap value ranges from $97 to $127 for a small GM converter. Check the current value based on the serial number for the most accurate information.

Do OEM catalytic converters come with serial numbers?

OEM converters typically have identifying marks, including serial numbers, stamped onto the metal, along with business names or logos.

Do older catalytic converters have a higher value than newer ones?

Original catalytic converters from older vehicles may have higher scrap values due to containing more precious metals than aftermarket ones.

How much is the scrap value of a Toyota catalytic converter?

A Toyota catalytic converter’s scrap value ranges from $75 to $700, depending on the make and model. Toyota Prius converters are among the most valuable.

How many serial numbers does a catalytic converter have?

Serial numbers on catalytic converters vary, with some, like Toyotas, having three digits, while others, like Fords, can have nine to fourteen digits, composed of a mix of letters and numbers.


Discovering the market value of your catalytic converter is straightforward using various apps and websites. Look for the serial number and its price online to determine the worth of your scrap catalytic converter from any car model. For a precise quote, explore multiple platforms to compare offers. If you prefer convenience, post it online as scrap metal for pickup and payment.

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