Catalytic Converter Scrap Value By Serial Number

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In this article, we will cover how and where to locate the serial number of a catalytic converter offered by various automobile manufacturers, as well as how to determine the scrap value. Let us quickly have an overview of catalytic converters.

types of catalytic converter available

What is a catalytic converter its function and its location?

A catalytic converter is a component in a vehicle’s exhaust system that converts harmful emissions into less harmful ones before releasing them into the environment. It contains a honeycomb structure with metals like platinum, palladium, and rhodium acting as catalysts to break down pollutants. Its location varies by vehicle but is typically between the engine and muffler. The catalytic converter reduces air pollution by controlling and minimizing the level of pollutants emitted from the vehicle, promoting cleaner air for all.

What is meant by scrap value and the serial number of the catalytic converter ?

The scrap value of a catalytic converter means the worth of the valuable metals that can be taken out from the converter, like platinum, palladium, and rhodium. These metals are in demand in many industries, and they can be extracted and reused again.

The serial number of a catalytic converter is a unique number that is stamped or engraved on the converter. This number helps to identify the model, manufacturer, and specifications of the converter. It is also used to trace the converter if it is stolen or sold illegally. Because they have valuable metals, they can be the target of theft.

layout of under the car depicting exhaust system in the centre

Where can you locate the catalytic converter serial no ?

The location of the serial number on a catalytic converter can vary depending on the manufacturer and model of the converter. However, it is usually engraved or stamped on the body of the converter itself. Some models may have the serial number in a visible location, while others may require the converter to be removed to access the number. In general, the serial number is a unique identifier that helps to identify the specific converter, its properties, and its manufacturer.

image of car exhaust system

What factors determine the price of your car’s catalytic converter?

Not all catalytic converters are the same, and some factors can affect their value. The condition of the unit is crucial in determining its worth. A well-maintained converter can fetch a higher price than a damaged one. The engine size is also important because a larger engine requires a larger converter with more precious metals. Additionally, the country of origin can affect the converter’s value since some countries have stricter environmental standards, resulting in more expensive converters. So, even if two converters look the same, they might have different values depending on their condition, engine size, and country of origin.

Who is Stealing All the Catalytic Converters?

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list of the location, Nomenclature, and scarp prices of the catalytic converters offered by various car manufacturer

To check if your Toyota car’s catalytic converter is original, look for the Toyota logo on it. Toyota has two logos, one used in the US and another in Japan. As Toyota is one of the top carmakers, we may see more of its converters in the future. Toyota is famous for labeling its converters with serial codes, making them easy to recognize. Toyota is the best in the industry when it comes to labeling its converters.


Toyota Camry 2002-2011 catalytic converter 2.4L 4cyl
photo by mufflerexpress

Toyota catalytic converters have 3-digit serial numbers that include a mix of letters and numbers. Examples include GD3, EA5, EA6, X16, and X18. Some serial numbers also have an “L” or “R,” which can affect their value. For instance, L21707 and R21707 are two different serial numbers with different prices.

The value of a Toyota catalytic converter when sold for scrap can change a lot depending on things like its type, condition, and what precious metals it has inside. Typically, you can get $50 to a few hundred dollars for one. Remember that in some places, it might be illegal to sell a catalytic converter for scrap. You should only sell it to licensed recyclers. Also, some converters might be worth more because they’re rare or popular, so research yours before selling them.

GM (General Motors)

GM catalytic converters are expensive, costing us approximately $1000. On the opposite, the scrap value is really low and nowhere close to its original price tag. So, when scrapping it off- the price for a small GM catalytic converter ranges between $90-$130. We have to find the latest information when trying to estimate GM catalytic converter scrap value by serial number.

GM catalytic converter for sierra
photo by yitamotor

When it comes to GM cat cons, various elements can have a bearing on the final cost, including the kind of converter, the size of the automobile’s engine, and if a custom fit is necessary. Additionally, some converters come with a warranty, providing an extra safeguard for purchasers.

Chrysler & dodge

With regards to Chrysler and Dodge cat cons, there is no consistent labeling system. However, you should be able to locate the stamp on the edges of the converter. The markings may vary in length, such as CLLC524AEB, or could be something short such as 8H.

Certain catalytic converters have a triangular design instead of the standard checkerboard pattern. Serial numbers can appear on the edge of the cat, not the main body. Additionally, it is important to remember that Dodge and Chrysler are the same company, so their converters tend to be in the same price range

Chrysler & dodge catalytic converter
photo by highhorseperformance

The Dodge 2500 catalytic converter is worth a significant amount – $3,460 – if sold as scrap metal. On the other hand, it can be a costly expense when it comes to replacing the part. Luxury cars such as Ferrari F430, Lamborghini Aventador, Ford F250, and Ford Mustang are more expensive due to the use of top-notch components granting them unparalleled performance and efficiency.

Audi & Volkswagen

As we are all familiar with these two are sister companies so it’s highly likely that their catalytic converter has both their logos embossed on their cars. Most Audi Cats are referred to as foil cats

catalytic converter Audi & Volkswagen have distinct ways of labeling catalytic converters. You can expect to find an assortment of nine numbers with one to three letters, all separated by spaces. When searching for the serial code, you should look out for an alpha/numeric combination. As examples, the serial numbers may look like this: 1 KO 13170 1 DS, 5Q0 131 701 N, or 1K0131701bs.

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The price of a new Audi A6 catalytic converter can differ based on the model and year. The cost for a new one is usually between $800 to $1500 or more. On the other hand, the actual scrap value of the catalytic converter can vary depending on factors such as the current market conditions and the buyer you choose. Typically, the scrap value ranges from $48 to $265 or more. It’s better to compare offers from various buyers to get the best price if you plan to sell your Audi A6 catalytic converter for scrap.


Ford usually has a longer serial number for its catalytic converters. You should be able to spot a 10-12 digit code on the cat, consisting of numbers and letters divided by a hyphen. It should look similar to this: 3T51-4W133-CB.

Ford catalytic converters have a number of codes. For example, the 5E212 is a generic code and other numbers may not follow in the same order. Additionally, the serial numbers may be hidden behind shields and need to be cut to get the full sequence. The Ford Torpedo Cats contain “biscuits” that determine the value – the more biscuits, the more honeycomb material, and the higher the price

ford raptor 150,250 converter
photo by hottexhaust

The Ford catalytic converter reduces harmful emissions from the exhaust of many Ford vehicles. The replacement cost depends on your vehicle’s model, year, and location, ranging from $1417 to $1443 for a Ford F150, and over $2800 for a Ford F250. The price for selling a used or scrap Ford catalytic converter varies, with some sources citing a range of $200 to $1000 or more. Consulting a qualified mechanic is recommended for converter replacement, as some are easier and less expensive to replace than others.

Hyundai & Kia

Hyundai and Kia are made by the same company, so their catalytic converters have similar labels. The cat should have a serial number on it for both brands. These serial numbers are usually three to ten characters long, with a combination of numbers and letters like ABC or PTEE 12.

Hyundai and Kia’s catalytic converters typically have 5-6 digit serial numbers made up of numbers and letters. These serial numbers are usually found on the silver shield covering the cat, so it’s important not to remove them. If the shield is removed and the number isn’t stamped on the cat, we can only use a photo to identify it. An example of a serial number is BSC9.

Hyundai Tucson catalytic converter
photo by mufflerexpress

New catalytic converters for Hyundai Tucson and Kia Telluride can range from $800 to $1500 or more depending on the year and model. Scrap value for a Hyundai Tucson catalytic converter can range from $50 to $250 or more, while Kia Telluride catalytic converter scrap value would also depend on market conditions and buyer, but can be compared to other offers to get the best price.


Honda catalytic converters have a clear hole where the 02 sensor was located. You can also identify them by looking at the wings where they come off. There are two types of cats: O2 Slant and O2 Straight. Cats without O2 sensors are usually cheaper than those with them.

Honda catalytic converter
photo by Jcarpart

The price of a Honda catalytic converter can differ based on the vehicle’s model, year, and location. A new converter for a Honda on average costs between $800 and $2,500, with some models and custom fittings costing more. Buying a used or reconditioned converter may be cheaper, but make sure it meets your vehicle’s emission standards and requirements.

New Honda Accord catalytic converters can cost between $500 to $1500 or more, depending on the model and year. Scrap value of the Honda Accord catalytic converter can range from $62 to $274, depending on current market conditions and the buyer. It’s advisable to compare offers from different buyers to get the best price when selling the Honda Accord catalytic converter for scrap.


Typically, BMW catalytic converters have a serial number containing the number 701. BMW diesel cats have a different shape from regular gas cats, more of a rectangle, and are expensive. Foil/pre-cats are generally smaller cats.

bmw 330i Cat
photo by dpf-catalyst24

The cost of a new catalytic converter for a BMW X5 can vary depending on the year and model, typically ranging from $1000 to $2500 or more. As for the scrap value, it depends on current market conditions and the buyer. Typically, a BMW X5 catalytic converter can fetch around $100 to $500 or more if sold for scrap. It’s advisable to compare offers from different buyers to get the best price when selling your BMW X5 catalytic converter.


Mercedes Benz catalytic converters will have a serial number that’s usually 8 to 10 digits long. You can usually find it on a brighter-colored part that has the Mercedes logo on it. There may be 2-3 sets of numbers or codes in the serial number. For example, a generic ID number could be A211, or it could be something like KT0121.

The cost of a new Mercedes AMG catalytic converter can vary depending on the specific model and year of the vehicle. However, on average, a new Mercedes AMG catalytic converter can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000 or more.

Mercedes Benz c200 catalytic converter
photo by dpf-catalyst24

The scrap value of a Mercedes AMG catalytic converter can also vary depending on the same factors such as the model, age, and condition of the converter. However, the scrap value can range from $110 to $515 or more. It’s important to note that the actual scrap value can differ based on the current market conditions and the buyer you choose. To get an accurate price, you can send pictures of the catalytic converter to potential buyers.


Porsche Catalytic Converters are typically called “Foil Cats,” and their value is determined based on the weight of the converter. To get an accurate price, send us pictures of the converter. The serial numbers of Porsche Catalytic Converters are typically located next to the Porsche logo on the converter and begin with 9

Porsche 991 and 997 catalytic converter
photo by vortex auto

The cost of a new Porsche Cayenne catalytic converter can vary depending on factors such as the model year and the location of the vehicle. On average, a new Porsche Cayenne catalytic converter can cost between $1,500 and $3,500 or more. The scrap value of a Porsche Cayenne catalytic converter can also vary depending on factors such as the age, condition, and weight of the converter. However, the scrap value can range from $150 to $600 or more. It’s important to note that the actual scrap value can differ based on the current market conditions and the buyer you choose. To get an accurate price, you can send pictures of the catalytic converter.


To comply with emission regulations, Jeep vehicles are equipped with catalytic converters. The converter contains ceramic material that facilitates the chemical reaction which turns harmful emissions into less harmful gases. If you need to replace a Jeep catalytic converter, the cost can vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle. An example of a Jeep catalytic converter serial number could be “53030898AF“. However, the specific serial number can vary depending on the make, model, and year of the Jeep.

jeep wrangler converter
photo by summitracing

For instance, the cost of a new Jeep catalytic converter ranges from $140 to $1500. However, the cost for a Jeep Wrangler can range from $1456 to $1550, which is around $1326 to $1350 after deducting the labor cost. When it comes to selling a Jeep catalytic converter for scrap, the price range may not be more than $250 to $300.


Subaru cars usually have two catalytic converters located on the downpipe. The serial number of the catalytic converter can be found on the cat’s body and usually consists of five characters, such as OFCA2. When scrapping a Subaru catalytic converter, there are typically two cats, one smaller and one that looks like a bean. The serial number is often stamped on a corner of the converter, such as FCFH1 or RCF.

Subaru Impreza 08-11 REAR catalytic converter 2.5L 4cyl
photo by mufflerexpress

The price of a new Subaru Cross trek catalytic converter can be different based on different things like the car model, brand of the converter, and where you buy it. Normally, it can cost between $500 and $1500.

The scrap value of the converter depends on a few things like the market, the buyer, and the condition of the converter. Usually, you can get between $50 and $250 or even more. It’s best to check different offers before selling.

Average Catalytic Converter Values

Small GM     $80-$135
Small Domestic $50-$225
Small Foreign $80-$210
Regular Domestic $50-$260
Medium Foreign $130-$355
Large GM $165-$360
Large Foreign $200-$525
Diesel $15-$630
Aftermarket $15-$45
Exotic $530-$1200


what factors determine the price of the catalytic converter ?

Factors that affect the price of a catalytic converter include its type, construction material, size and shape, brand, vehicle type, and local regulations. These factors can vary the cost significantly along with market forces like supply and demand.

Which catalytic converter has the highest scrap value ?

Some vehicles, such as the Ferrari F430, Lamborghini Aventador (contains 2), RAM 2500, Ford F-250, and Ford Mustang, are known to have higher catalytic converter values. These vehicles are more susceptible to catalytic converter theft due to the scrap value of their converters, which can be costly to replace.Based on 2020 data, the Ferrari F430 has the catalytic converter with the highest scrap price, with each of its two converters valued at $3,770, totaling $7,540 in value.

How to prevent the theft of catalytic converters ?

Ways to prevent catalytic converter theft include parking in well-lit and busy areas, installing a security system, etching your license plate number onto the converter, welding it to the frame, and using a protection device.

How to identify if our car needs catalytic converter replacement ?

There are several signs to watch for that may indicate a failing catalytic converter and the need for replacement. These include poor engine performance, reduced fuel efficiency, strange smells like rotten eggs, a check engine light on the dashboard, and a rattling noise from underneath the vehicle. If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s recommended to have your car checked by a mechanic to determine if the catalytic converter needs replacement.

How to recycle catalytic converter ?

Recycling catalytic converters involves removing the precious metals, including platinum, palladium, and rhodium, from the device. This process consists of several steps:

  • The first step is to detach the catalytic converter from the vehicle.
  • Then, the converter is opened and the honeycomb ceramic material is removed.
  • Afterward, the ceramic material is crushed into small pieces.
  • These pieces are burned to eliminate any impurities and transform the remaining metals into oxides.
  • The oxides are further processed to extract the precious metals.
  • Finally, the extracted metals are purified and sold to manufacturers who use them to create new catalytic converters or other products.
  • By recycling catalytic converters, we not only help to conserve natural resources but also minimize the environmental impact of mining and refining these valuable metals.

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In conclusion, it is evident that the scrap value of a catalytic converter depends on its serial number and various other factors. All car companies have their own unique labelling system as well as added features such as warranties and hidden shields that may contribute to the final cost. Thus, buyers need to take into account all these factors when searching for a suitable converter.

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