15 Milling Operation Types & Working Explained [PDF]

15 types of Milling Operation

What is the Definition of Milling Operation? Milling is a famous machining technique in which a rotating cutter removes material

Nomenclature And Angles Of Plain Milling Cutter

Plain Milling Cutter

A milling cutter is essentially a cluster of single-point cutting tools. The key components include the cutting edge, face, fluting,

17 Types Of Files Tools [PDF]

types of files tools

In this article we will discuss about the file tools and its types, parts and applications in detail. Let’s start

Types Of Pliers & Their Uses [PDF]

Hey there! In this article, we’ll talk about different types of pliers and their uses. Pliers are a must-have tool

AWG Copper Wire Size and Data Chart @ 100°F

AWG Copper Wire Size and Data Chart @ 100°F

The AWG Copper Wire Size and Data Table at 100 °F Fahrenheit provide information on the American Wire Gauge (AWG)

Standard Nail Size Chart & Nail Terms [PDF]

Standard Nail Size Chart

Hey everyone, We shall share the standard nail size chart and common nail terms in this blog. Make sure to

Different Types Of Hammers And Their Uses [PDF]

types of hammers

What are hammers? A hammer is used for multiple purposes such as beating, straightening a metal, riveting, chipping, as well