15 Milling Operation Types & Working Explained [PDF]

15 types of Milling Operation

What is the Definition of Milling Operation? Milling is a famous machining technique in which a rotating cutter removes material

Nomenclature And Angles Of Plain Milling Cutter

Plain Milling Cutter

A milling cutter is essentially a cluster of single-point cutting tools. The key components include the cutting edge, face, fluting,

17 Types Of Files Tools [PDF]

types of files tools

In this article we will discuss about the file tools and its types, parts and applications in detail. Let’s start

Types Of Pliers & Their Uses [PDF]

Hey there! In this article, we’ll talk about different types of pliers and their uses. Pliers are a must-have tool

AWG Copper Wire Size and Data Chart @ 100°F

AWG Copper Wire Size and Data Chart @ 100°F

The AWG Copper Wire Size and Data Table at 100 °F Fahrenheit provide information on the American Wire Gauge (AWG)

Standard Nail Size Chart & Nail Terms [PDF]

Standard Nail Size Chart

Hey everyone, We shall share the standard nail size chart and common nail terms in this blog. Make sure to

NC Machine: Definition, Parts, Types, Coordinate System, Pros, Cons, Apps [PDF]

NC Machine PDF

In this article, I shall share knowledge about NC machines. I will explore its definition, parts, types, working principles, advantages,

What is a Smoke Tube Boiler? Definition, Types, FAQ’s [PDF]

what is smoke tube boiler

Smoke Tube Boiler Definition A smoke tube boiler is a kind of boiler where the smoky gases go through some