Costco Mattress Return Policy: What You Need to Know

Purchasing a new mattress can be a daunting task with a bazillion models and materials to make choosing one a bit of a crap-shoot. And many come with manufacturing defects from the factory.

Costco realized this and with the huge profit margins, they can offer attractive return policies, even on bulky items.

Costco’s mattress return policy falls under the regular Return Policy which offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed or you receive a full refund. If purchased at a store it can be returned to the Customer Service counter at any location. If purchased online it will be picked up at Costcos cost.

Costco Return Policy Highlights

  • 100% satisfaction on their membership and merchandise.
  • 100% of the purchase price refunded to the credit card used plus shipping and handling fees for online purchases.
  • No charge for return shipping if purchased online.
  • Two years to return items. But don’t be a scumbag who returns a soiled mattress every two years. They will start checking your membership history and Karma is a bugger.

Returns for Online Purchases

To return a mattress that was bought on you can call 800-955-2292 and initiate a return. Tell the customer service representative that you are not satisfied with the product and wish to have it returned. Costco will send a truck to meet you at your house and take it away.

Make sure it is in as new condition as possible without stains and funk or mold and mildew.

If you are a nice person you will consider purchasing a cheap mattress bag so that the truck driver and mover helper don’t have to touch your funk and filth and who knows what.

It is a matter of safety and some Costco locations are starting to require it. I expect this trend to continue.

The refund takes time to reach your credit card as the company has to ship your mattress and then start the process of returning the funds.

If they returned the funds prior to picking it up at your home I think that there would be many thousands of people magically never home when the movers show up to get it, so that seems fair.

To start the process of returning you need to log in on the Costco website here. Then navigate to Open Orders, and then Return Items. Mattresses are considered large items so they will send a follow-up email with more information to complete the return and shipping.

When you receive the email with the return slip print it, follow the instructions and provide it to the driver.

TIP: The driver and helper will be very happy if you stripped the bedding off the mattress and drag, roll, slide it near the front door. This keeps strangers out of your house and keeps the floors clean. The driver and helper are required to keep their footwear on for safety reasons.

And who knows how much dog feces, oil, and grass they have on the bottom of their boots.

Returns for In-store Purchases

If the mattress was purchased at a local brick and mortar Costco store the mattress can be returned to the Costco Customer Service desk at any location in the US.

You will need the credit card used for the purchase to receive the refund, so hopefully, you didn’t use your mother’s credit card, and then she retired to Timbuktu.

If you moved after buying it you can find the nearest warehouse location using the Costco location tool here. The tool works for the following countries:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • United Kingdom
  • Taiwan
  • Puerto Rico
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Australia
  • Iceland
  • Spain
  • France

TIP: When using the online tool be sure to add a city and the country separated by a comma.

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