Difference Between Pump and Compressor [PDF]


The main difference between a Pump and compressor is that the pump transfers liquid from one place to another place whereas the compressor is used for storage of squeezed gas and then it is supplied at the required place.

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What is a Pump?

It is a device that is used for lifting the liquid from one place (ground) and send it to another. (Top surface). There are mainly two types of Pump:

  1. Dynamic Pump
  2. Positive displacement pump
what is a pump
pump vs compressor
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What is a Compressor?

A compressor is also known as a mechanical device. The compressor increases the pressure energy of a gas by reducing its volume. In simple terms it is a storage type device.

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compressor vs pump

There are different types of compressor:

  1. Positive displacement
  2. Dynamic compressor
difference between pump and compressor
pump vs compressor
compressor vs pump
Difference between pump and compressor

Difference Between Pump and Compressor [PDF]

A Pump is a device that transfers fluid from one place to another.A compressor is a device that is used for the storage of squeezed gas and supply whenever needed.
The pump is used to transport fluids like water, oil, etc.The compressor is used to transport only gases.
The pump does not have any storage capacity to store upcoming fluids.The compressor has storage capacity and then it delivers through pipe wherever required.
The pump is mostly used to increase the energy of an incompressible fluid.The compressor is mostly used to increase the energy of the compressible fluid.
The pressure of the fluid may or may not change in the Pump.The pressure of the fluid must change in the compressor.
While transferring, sending or moving the fluid the volume remains constant from inlet or outlet.In compressor the inlet and outlet is different which means the volume does not remain constant.
The pressure energy increases when the water is sent to a height.But here the energy increases while compressing the fluid.
The pump price is cheaper.A compressor price is expensive.
The pumps are used at several places like in the washing machine, lifting water from the ground to tank, several systems like Airplane, ship and so on.The compressor is used for applications such as filling the air into cycle or motorcycle, car and so on.


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