Difference Between Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources [With PDF]


The main differences between renewable and nonrenewable resources are that renewable resources can be replenished within a short period of time and Non-renewable resources cannot be replenished within a short period of time.

Before moving further on differences lets first have an overview of both Renewable and Non-renewable sources of energy.

Renewable resources:

This is defined as the sources of energy that are produced continuously in nature and are essentially inexhaustible at least in the time frame of human societies. These energy sources replenishes themselves naturally in a relatively short time and therefore will always be available.

Nonrenewable resources:

Nonrenewable Energy resources are defined as the energy resources which have been accumulated over the ages and are not quickly replenishable when they are exhausted.

difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources PDF

Difference Between Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources:

Renewable Sources Non-renewable sources
These energy sources can be replenished with a short period of time.These energy sources cannot be replenished with a short period of time.
Sources like Solar energy and Wind energy is continuously available and do not deteriorate environmental health and human health.This source type contributes to generating greenhouse gases that cause Global warming, a negative effect on the environment.
Renewable sources involve high investment though it is available cheaply.It is quite cheap compared to renewable energy.
Due to the intermittent nature of availability of energy sources like solar, wind and Tidal continuous supply of energy is not possibleHere the continuous supply of energy is possible.
Few renewable energy conversion systems can be often built close to the site where energy is required. This minimizes transmission costs.Transmission costs are generally high.
Energy sources such as wind energy, Tidal energy are available in the only selected geographical region in the world.This energy source is less dependent on the geographical regions and normally available everywhere.
Not dependent on foreign suppliers.It may depend on foreign suppliers like coal, petroleum and more.
These sources can be used again and again.Non-renewable cannot be used again and again. One day it will be exhausted.
This is pollution-free sources of energy.This is not a pollution-free source of energy.
Example: Solar, Wind, Tidal energy.Example: Fossil fuel, coal.


What are Renewable Resources?

Solar, Wind, Tidal Energy are Renewable resources energy.

What are Non-Renewable Resources?

Fossil fuel and coal are examples of non-renewable sources of energy.
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