DIY Woodcraft Ideas That Sell

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Wood crafting is the most fundamental skill of all time. Our forefathers used this skill to fulfill their basic needs. However, today’s techniques have evolved so much that you can make money using your woodcraft ideas. The invention of CNC machines and other complex tools has made the life of woodworkers much easier. However, it is not true that you need to spend thousands of bucks to buy the necessary tools and need high-level skills. All you need is moderate woodworking skills and simple tools like a jigsaw, table saw, router, planer, etc. to make a unique functional project. So, if you are a DIY woodworker and looking for some unique project plans to peruse your passion for wood crafting then you have come to the right place. This article will give you a glimpse of DIY woodcraft projects to make some unique stuff and carry forward your entrepreneurial woodworking skills.

Below are some woodcraft project ideas with plans list of supplies and types of material, a cut list, diagrams, and step-by-step instructions.

20 DIY wood craft ideas that sell

Bookstand Or Tablet Stand


A book reader looks for something to hold a book so that one can read a book in a comfortable position and if you are a medical student or a law student and looking for something to hold heavy books in its place then this book stand is perfect for you. A multi-purpose stand can be used as a book holder or a tablet stand. You can also use this stand to keep a recipe book in sight while cooking.

Angled Floating Wood Shelves


This is a very simple, classy, and beginner-friendly woodcraft idea. You can use it as a magazine holder or a book holder with the addition of décor to a blank wall in your bedroom.

Portable Book Rack


All of us know that every books lover wants to keep their books in one place but is it possible for everyone to have a part of the house dedicated to the library? Realizing this need for books worms we have come up with the idea of making a bookshelf. This bookcase is stylish, small, and portable so, it can be kept in any corner of the house. In addition, one can easily move it from one place to another.

Egg Crate Wood Shelves


The unique name comes from the joint involved in making these shelves. A simplified version of the shelves with two uprights and shelves can be used as a desk accessory or hung on the bathroom wall to keep necessary items. The key elements of this DIY woodcraft are the accurate size of the notches and placing them in the proper place. Each half of the joint is a notch that fits over the other and when the halves come together the notches interlock. Adjust the depth, height, and width based on the purpose you are going to be using it for. Leave at least 2” of board length past any joints and space between two joints less than 24” to ease the assembly and prevent sagging.

Tiered End Table

The best part of this uniquely designed table is everything is visible without being on the top surface of the table. This can be used as a sofa side table or a bedside table for storing books or magazines and to show off classy decorative pieces. To make this woodcraft you need a box of square drive and self-tapping deck screws and a cordless drill. Use poplar if you want to paint it or opt for birch plywood to give it natural look.

Chair Drink Holder Or Sofa Arm Tray Table

If you are a new bee in the field of woodworking and looking for simple DIY woodcraft then this sofa arm drink holder is perfect for you. Every woodworker owes this gift to themselves because you don’t have to struggle to find a place for beverages while sitting on a sofa or chair. All you need is a wooden board, power drill, measuring tape, clamps, wood glue, and sandpaper to complete this DIY project.

Mudroom Bench Or Garden Bench

The presence of a bench in your garden or home porch adds to a welcoming feature of the house. Keep it near the window to get a break from a hectic schedule or enjoy a mug full of coffee while looking at nature’s beauty. The bench in your dining room offers extra seating for guests. It is inexpensive because all you need to gather is a plank of wood, and a few instruments to make this bench. One tip here is to utilize the mortise-tenon joint while attaching the legs for a stronghold of the bench.

Circle Shelf


You have a collection of elegant home decor items but there’s no place to show off. Then you should try this DIY woodcraft. To make this unique circle shelf you need wood pieces and a DIY tool kit. Place it in your bedroom or living room to show off your woodworking skills.

DIY Picture Frame

A picture frame is an ideal project for a woodworker. This uniquely designed double-sided picture frame can be an elegant gift for your loved one. One can also use this frame to display the picture if you have limited wall space in your house. The joint utilized in making this frame is a mortise and tenon joint therefore stronger than a typical frame you will buy from any other shop. The tenons on the upright position help in the easy disassembly of the frame therefore, the replacement of pictures can be done without the help of a frame maker.

Shoe Organizer

Footwear scattered at the entrance of the house gives a grimy appearance. But keeping a big cupboard outside the house to store shoes and slippers in one place is also an old trend. So what to do? Try making this DIY craft with wood for a clutter-free entryway. It is a budget-friendly project that uses plywood and a rod or a pipe of any other material. Adjust the measurements and you will end up making a perfect shoe display for your closest. Therefore it doesn’t matter where you decide it place it this shoe organizer is perfect for both small entryways and big closets.

Working Bench

Students or adults today everyone is working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic and in this difficult time, all of us must have felt the need of working bench at home. So, we have come up with an idea for a DIY working bench. While designing this working bench, we have taken special care of the need of the students and those working from home. The large top of the desk will easily hold your laptop or desktop monitor. The open shelves can be used to keep files and other essentials.

Whale Tail Shelves

The purpose of wall shelves is to gain additional space for vases, plants, mirrors, frames, and other home decor items.  So, if you are a DIY woodworker but haven’t made a unique wall shelf for your home. Try to make these unique wood shelves. You can put it anywhere in your home be it your living room to store wine bottles or in your kitchen as a storage facility.

Shaker Style Wood Box

More than half of the world’s mothers are distressed because their children’s blooms are scattered all over the house. A solution to this problem is making a shaker-style wood box to store everything in one place as it is much more presentable than a cheap plastic bin. Follow this DIY woodcraft project if you have a lot of scrap wood in your workshop and want to make something useful. This project will give you a nice change of pace from complicated projects.

Coffee Table Or Main Hall Bench

A coffee table is the heart of the living room. One can use this simple coffee table to style your living room. You may keep it in the porch area with a couch or set of chairs. One can prop your feet comfortably on the shelf below. In addition, it can be used to store magazines and other essentials.

Magnetic Key Holder

Do you always miss your ride and end up being late just because it takes a lot of time to find your essentials? If you are nodding your head then here is a solution to your problem. Gift yourself a key holder and you will never misplace your keys again. All you need to do is to peek through your woodworking workplace. Gather all the necessary items you need to make this cool and stylish magnetic key holder.

Step-Up Stool

A step-up stool is one thing that we do not think of buying until we need it, and keeping a full-sized ladder at home is not a good idea. Therefore, having a self-supporting multi-purpose step-up stool in the house makes life easier. Keep it in your kitchen and next time you don’t have to blindly search for items kept at the back of your cabinet. You can easily reach some extra inches of height and remove stuff kept on the top shelf of your closet. In addition, the top step can also be used as a convenient spare seat. Consider making it using water-resistant wood like teak and it will be a fabulous option for the bathroom or kitchen.

Hook Rack

Wall-mounted hooks help in the proper organization of necessary items. But don’t you think it looks boring and out of fashion? So, why not design a hook rack that is not only functional but decorative as well? This is complete DIY woodcraft and unique. Therefore, you don’t have to hide it behind the door. Instead, you can place it anywhere in the house to show off your woodworking skills. To make this hook rack you need a piece of wood, a few sets of rods, measuring tape, and a power drill.

Drawer Divider Inserts

Due to the mess in those drawers in your kitchen or wardrobe you don’t even want to see it, it is a far-fetched thing to clean or sort things. That’s why I came up with the idea of making this simple DIY project named draw divider insert. Place it in your wardrobe to keep your kids’ clothes and socks orderly. In your kitchen drawers organize different utensils according to their size. Try to make this craft with wood and next time your drawers will be a little more organized and sorted. Adjust the measurements according to the size of the drawer and the items you want to place in it.

Laundry Drying Rack

A drying rack is a must in every home, especially on rainy days when drying clothes is a more difficult task than washing them. Try this excellent DIY craft with wood before investing in those expensive drying racks. It is sturdy enough to hold your wet clothes without collapsing and its lightweight design ensures easy portability. You can use old furniture or a part of an old ladder to make this drying rack.

Quilt Rack

No matter how hard you try to keep your blankets or family clothes organized, they always end up lying on the floor, crumpled, and messy. Place it in your bedroom and Your young ones can easily grab the blanket of their choice without bothering you. Try to make this unique functional quilt rack instead of buying one from the mall that neither fits your budget nor your functional needs.

Start working on the above wood-crafting ideas because it is not only cheap but also beginner-friendly. You must try out these DIY woodcraft ideas to brush up on your skills and learn about joinery. Work hard and follow your passion for woodworking. This will help you to stand in good stead and make money out of your woodworking skills.

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