Do IKEA Beds Break Easily: Models to Avoid and Legs to Buy

IKEA has been building beds and furniture for about 60 years and I am sure they have learned a few things along the way. One thing they learned is that there is a market for selling some models at the lowest possible price point possible.

And of course, this comes with a cost to quality and durability in this bottom-of-the-price range.

Some IKEA beds break easily, but problems are mostly related to NEIDEN and TARVA models, and lack of maintenance by owners such as tightening the fasteners when they become loose and not sturdy. Longer screw-in-style legs have a higher breakage likelihood over solid short legs and headboard legs.

I tested the Tarva model with 337 lbs, see what happened here, and the metal Grimsbu here, and slats here.

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Are IKEA Bed Frames Sturdy

If you have been reading the review sites you might be thinking that IKEA makes frames out of thousand-year-old oak trees with rails six inches thick and can support a herd of sleepy elephants.

Why would these websites be anything but honest and truthful? Because they are filled with affiliate links to many dozens, and some hundreds, of websites both good and bad just to make a buck.

IKEA bed frames are not sturdy and often bend, sag, break, and loosen which causes squeaking, and if not tightened it will fall apart eventually. IKEA manufactures cheap furniture and markets itself as a hip store targeting young homeowners while convincing its buyers the products are cool.

A few of the least sturdy models are, as expected, the cheapest and made with small wood rails and legs. These models include NEIDEN and TARVA, but what can you expect for about $100? I think this is a case of “you get what you pay for”.

And when researching I found these models were by far the most likely to break, which should not be a surprise.

IKEA Bed Frame is Loose

I have seen this complaint too many times to count.” My IKEA bed frame is loose and I just bought it, rails are loose, slats move, headboard moves, the legs flex” and so on ad nauseam. Keep tools handy for frequent tightening of the frame.

The frame often comes loose at the connection at the legs due to the weight shifting when getting in and out, tossing and turning at night, and during hour-long wrestling sessions.

IKEA Legs Quality

IKEA’s furniture leg quality depends on the type of construction (wood or metal) and model. The solid wood and hollow metal legs that extend up to the top of the headboard and footboard are sturdy. The short wood and metal screw-in style are also sturdy but the tall ones are less so.

IKEA’s legs can be purchased separately to replace your existing legs or if you want to change the style of other furniture.

Table 1. IKEA bed and furniture leg options*

BURFJORDSame as above except with a clear acrylic finish7.78”4.8$30.00
BRYNILENSolid round birch legs with a round bottom. There are concerns about the metal threaded bolt being weak and bending and causing the bed to become less sturdy.7.78”4.4$30.00
BJORLIStainless steel main section of the leg with a plastic foot and steel screw, but no gasket as the metal is hollow. The screws do not fit all IKEA box frames.3.88”4$20.00
BRENNASENSquare solid birch with a dark stain finish. Solid wood and short so sturdy and strong. These have a rubber gasket that seals the leg to the bed frame.3.88”4.9$20.00
BURFJORDSolid round birch legs with a round bottom. There are concerns about the metal threaded bolt being weak and bending and causing the bed to become less sturdy.

BATSFJORDSolid round birch legs with a round bottom. There are concerns with the metal threaded bolt being weak and bending and causing the bed to become less sturdy.$3.884.1$20.00

* Source:

** Prices as of June 18, 2020.

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IKEA Headboards

Ikea headboards that break are usually on the cheaper models that had required tightening of the fasteners for a long period of time. The fasteners break or become stripped, the brackets become bent and sometimes break, and the wood itself cracks and fails occasionally.

Are IKEA Bed Slats Good?

IKEA bed slats are not good as they are made with thin and narrow wood that is often not fastened to the frame. There are hundreds of complaints in forums of falling, sagging, breaking, bowing, creaking, squeaking, collapsing, and failing wood slats shortly after purchasing from IKEA.

Check out my test here where I load four of them with 316 pounds of concrete and see what happens!

IKEA Bed Frame Slats Fall Through

Many of IKEA’s slats fall right through the foundation, even after little use. Some models are equipped with LUROY bowed slats that are thin and narrow birch wood. It has a poor 3.7-star rating on

If your slats have failed you have some options including replacing the existing slats with the same ones that came with your bed. If you are so inclined you can replace yours for the cost listed below.

Table 1. IKEA LUROY Bed Slats*


* Source
** Prices as of June 18, 2020

Table 1. IKEA LONSET Bed Slats*


* Source
** Prices as of June 18, 2020

TIP: If your IKEA slats are failing and you don’t want to use your bed for firewood there is an easy solution to make them more sturdy. Purchase new slats and install them over the old slats. Or better yet, purchase two sets of slats and install two new ones, one on top of the other.

TIP: You can make your slats stronger and less likely to squeak, sag, or break is using thicker lumber from your local lumberyard or hardware store and following the steps listed in my article How to Make Slats Stronger in 7 Steps by clicking here.

TIP: You can also replace your slats with plywood following the instructions in my article Replace Slats with Plywood: 11 Step Helpful Guide & Tips by clicking here.

What Parts of an IKEA Bed Break?

The most common parts of an IKEA bed that breaks are the tall screw-in legs with the metal screw or bolt breaking, thin wood slats that are not strong enough and spaced too far apart, and the thin and narrow pine softwood rails.

The rails on several models including NEIDEN (2.4-star rating on and TARVA (2.9) are excessively “value-engineered” producing weak rails that break easily.

As you can see some IKEA beds break easily, but it is only a few models and a few parts. If you don’t want to take a chance of breaking then spend a few more dollars and buy a more solid and sturdy model.

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