Dreamcloud Complaints: 76.8% 1-Star Reviews 35.7% Late

There are 52 owner reviews and the red flags are flying high again as soon as I scroll down the page on ConsumerAffairs.com. And the description is of the former quality model, not the new “improved” one that is a stripped-down version.

Dreamcloud Consumer Affairs page list 4 pros and only 1 con, have affiliate links, and companies pay for inclusion on the website. The 52 owner reviews and 46 were 1-star ratings, had shipping delays or did not receive any delivery, chat system not working, 3 hours on hold, new model as of Aug 2019 is poor quality.

As seems typical, there are several Pros and only one Con. Yet the Dreamcloud owner reviews on their site rated the company what looks to be 1.9.

Looks like this company has issues similar to its sister companies Nectar and Awara. You can read about them in my articles here (Nectar) and here (Awara).

Consumer Affairs makes money from some companies on its site through affiliate links and an accreditation program. Perhaps that has something to do with them seemingly trying to paint a rosier picture?

In the FAQ section on Consumer Affairs website they state:

“We make money from our participation in affiliate networks”



“We have an accreditation program for businesses who in turn pay us to participate”


Ok, when you scroll down the first reviews are 4 and 5 star rating reviews.

Hmmm, after we carefully scanned the Consumer Affairs database on November 6, 2020, the next 11 reviews are 1-star ratings.

Is it deciving to list 4 and 5-Star ratings first followed by the poor reviews

Considering another company? Check these out:

Dreamcloud Shipping Delays

Many customers had issues with shipping delays of several weeks, months, and some never received their mattress or bed frame at all! And some arrived damaged, especially the bed frames. A staggering 20 owners reported shipping delays or never received delivery at all.

If a company is taking money for products and then not shipping them out in a timely manner there are only a few possible reasons that I can think of.

Feel free to let me know if you think of others and I will update this article. Reasons may include:

  • The company might be in financial trouble and helping their cash-flow situation with slow shipping
  • Potential complete incompetence. There are at least three companies selling mattresses under the Resident Home umbrella, Dreamcloud, Nectar, Level Sleep. WARNING: ARAWA APPEARS TO BE WORSE as you can see in my article here.
  • They might be waiting for a sea container to arrive from China.

Dreamcloud Consumer Affairs Review Highlights/Lowlights

Other complaints seem to include:

  • No customer service
  • Online chat does not work
  • On hold for more than three hours
  • 3-hour wait on chat and phone
  • Phone numbers disconnected
  • No response to emails
  • Crazy nonsensical excuses to not process refund or for late shipping
  • Terrible mattress
  • Stains
  • Not expanding to the advertised thickness
  • Not the same as the previous mattress, the new one is crap, did not update the website or inform customers that they would be getting the new “improved” model.
  • The bed frame arrived broken


“I contacted Dreamcloud in June 2020 to replace a vibrator on the adjustable bed frame. Now it is Sept 2020 and I am still waiting. I have spoke to Dreamcloud on 4 separate occasions with all conversations ending that my part will be shipped. I have been waiting going on 4 months for a warranty covered replacement part. There is no phone number to contact anyone that truly can help”

Jeremy, Irwin, PA, DreamCloud customer, September 10, 2020, Consumer Affairs

“…after a month reached out to customer service. The rep couldn’t tell me where my bed was and blamed it on the shipping department. Another month goes by and still no mattress… I wait another 2 weeks. Still no bed”

Melissa, Colorado Springs, DreamCloud customer, September 5, 2020, Consumer Affairs

they would not do the “white glove” but, instead just leave the mattress outside. In addition, the old mattress would not be removed (which is part of the service). I attempted to cancel. The rep told me that because they are a “start up company” they were not able to cancel the order (even though it isn’t shipping for 10 days yet).

Consumer Affairs

“This company is absolutely a farce. I ordered a mattress over a month ago and although they keep saying it’s in the warehouse- there is no date to ship. They said at least 14 BUSINESS DAYS before they even think about shipping!!! So at least another month.”

Jackie of Pawleys Island, SC, September 1, 2020, Consumer Affairs

Please let your subscribers know that Dreamcloud has changed their design and has not told anyone about it – nothing on their website nor photos, etc. This makes your review inaccurate

David of Addison, IL, Augus 14, 2019, Consumer Affairs

Robert also mentions a change in the mattress as he stated:

nowhere near the quality or comfort of my original mattress. The top is not cashmere and is not tufted. Also, they removed the base layer foam as well as the side bolster foam which makes the mattress flimsy and very cheap feeling.

Robert of Irvine, CA, October 3, 2019, Consumer Affairs

He also stateed that it is not nearly as comfortable as his original one too.

The value is in the reviews by the real owners of the Dreamcloud mattresses and I suggest you read through all of them if you are considering purchasing from this company.

Bonnie calls out the “made in USA” claim. It is interesting that the FTC successfully sued their sister company Nectar for claiming their mattresses are:

designed and assembled in the USA


Bonnie states:

Purchased DreamCloud mattress for $1203 on May 23. Website says free trial and Returns/Refunds, plus “Made in USA.” All lies. It arrived after several delays on June 4. Box was heavily damaged. Bottom says, “Made in Thailand.”

Bonnie of Palo Alto, CA, June 6, 2020, Consumer Affairs

I will have to try to find out where in Thailand so I can visit the factory and report back.

I don’t think I need to waste more time on this article. I hope this information has been helpful to a few folks.

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