Dreamcloud Refund Issues: 34% Had These Issues

I cherry-picked some of the Dreamcloud refund issues within the BBB reviews as there were too many to choose from. Hopefully, my effort will save you time and potentially money and stress.

Dreamcloud refund issues include can’t find a charity to accept a used mattress, money not returned, returned mattress but no credit, get the run-around, can’t reach customer service, their financing company saying “they take longer than most” to issue refunds, donated the mattress and no refund, perpetual email loop.

If you are considering purchasing from this company feel free to read all 128 reviews and not just my summary and thoughts.

34% of the reviews do discuss problems when attempting to get a refund and that is a staggering percentage.

You know you are reading legitimate reviews when they are mostly very long and passionate.

I am focusing on the bad since it seems that websites only focus on the good things and I hope this information helps some folks.

DreamCloud Refund Issues Reported on BBB.org

The best way to win this game is to learn some tips and my favorite resources have been:

Anna R

Anna has had some pretty big issues:

… I spend $80 to rent a uhaul and deliver the mattress to the non-profit. I send Dreamcloud all my paperwork and they said my refund will be processed in 7-10 business days. 13 days pass and nothing……Finally I chat again with someone and demand answers. They say there has been a delay and the return is still under review. They apologize but they say the refunds team is too overworked right now and have too many returns coming in. Hmmm, what does this tell you?


Chuck H

Chuck is not having a chuckle (sorry, people who are not funny should not try to be funny eh?) out of his lack of a return:

Then they stated they would give me a $275 refund and maybe someone else could use it in the family and or in they guest room. No, Im not interested. Then they said if I fill out a form and call a charity they would review it and if it wasnt completed in 30 days it would void the warranty.

A YouTube Shorts video summary of the problems

WARNING: It seems that DreamCloud has an entire team working on returns and they cannot keep up.

Two months later and he still does not have his refund and has filed a charge-back with his credit card company.

Jessica C

Jessica ordered the White Glove service for an extra $194 which included the removal of her existing mattress (source). The delivery company refused to remove the existing mattress due to a stain/s so Jessica requested a refund.

Dreamcloud is right here. This is due to their policy of no refunds on White Glove service once the order reaches their warehouse, which takes a few hours to one day.

This information is included in the FAQ area of the webpage on their website available with the above source link.


Debbie has issues like most of the other complaints.

No charity is willing to accept the mattress and after five weeks Dreamcloud has told her to find a local family in need of a mattress and to get it to them and have them fill out a form and they might refund her money.

Wow. She says:

Travis F

Everyone should read Travis F’s review on 8/19/2019. It is hard to believe that this company is still in business.

He did make the first mistake by ordering the wrong size. He contacted customer service and asked if they could just send the correct one and charge him the difference.

Nope. He had to buy the other mattress and they would “process” his return. They said they would contact the finance company where they set up his purchase with 0% financing.

Travis is a smart man and decided not to take the risk and wait for his refund before paying for a second mattress.

After some time he contacts the finance company to confirm they received the cancellation. Nope.

WARNING: He asked if this is typical of Dreamcloud and the finance company said they hold refunds longer than most.

As you can guess this back and forth and going now where results in a, $82 payment due for the mattress he does not have.

So Dreamcloud received the un-opened mattress return on 6/11/2019 and this review was about nine weeks later and still no resolution.

BBB user DreamCloud Victim (incredible username lol) stated:

After 6 months of backaches I requested a refund. That began the Email Hell loops that continue 3 months later. “Sorry but…”. “send a photo of the mattress and the tags.” I have dozens of email messages from these criminals


Kwozz didn’t have much luck with Dreamcloud either:

I was told I would get a “full refund” “immediately,” and they would confirm this in an email. I thought all was well. I was wrong. I did get an email and what it said was that I would NOT get a refund of the white glove fee that I paid


Fabian M

I received a refund for $95.05 when it should have been $1,928.78


Alexandra O

they told us they were issuing the refund. Only, we still haven’t received it almost 3 weeks later and they’re telling us they’re experiencing delays. We’re now disputing the charge, as we have little trust in this company



I sent them all the required documentation to receive a refund and haven’t received my refund…even though I did receive an email a month ago saying the refund was going to be processed. So I have no mattress and no refund.


I am getting depressed just writing this article so I am calling it quits now. The above is just a small sample of what you will find throughout the 128 Dreamcloud reviews on the BBB.

The source for all the above information and quotes is from the BBB and can be viewed on their website here.

Does it seem like the company is in financial trouble if they can’t afford to pay refunds to customers? What are the chances they will be in business to honor warranties if they can’t or won’t pay for returns?

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