Eden Organic Mattress Review

I don’t know if I am getting slow in my advanced age or if I am becoming more OCD as these reviews are taking longer and longer to put together. If you are interested in an organic mattress I think this review is worth your time to at least skim through.

Eden organic mattress review found it is made to order in USA, ships from Illinois or Colorado, 18-month trial period, forever warranty covering durability, defects, and sagging issues, GOL and Greenguard certified, owned by Idle Sleep, Dunlop latex and excellent Live Chat customer service.

UPDATE: It appears that this company and its parent company are out of business when I checked on Sept 16, 2022

Scott Boyd

Eden Organic Mattress Highlights:

  • 18-month trial period
  • Everlasting warranty
  • Greenguard Gold Certified organic to ensure sustainability and low chemical emission
  • 100% GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex
  • 100% pollutant-free and hypoallergenic
  • Tencel® fiber protects from spills and stains 
  • Free delivery all over the country via White-Glove
  • New Zealand based materials

What is Eden Sleep?

The reason I am looking at this brand, even though it is new and has no history to research (read: complaints and comments from real owners), is that the parent company is Idle Sleep.

The Eden Mattress is a certified hybrid model manufactured from non-toxic and eco-friendly materials by the well-renowned brand Eden Sleep. This premium quality model features organic cotton, and GOLS-certified organic Dunlop latex to offer maximum comfort. The New Zealand wool utilized ensures the company adheres to its main goal, i.e., fabricating organic and cozy mattresses at an affordable price tag. 

The brand was launched in 2020 by their parent company, Idle Sleep (as of September 16, 2022 the company appears to be out of business). The brand uses 100% organic materials, sourcing all products from family farms and suppliers in New Zealand. 

Eden Sleep employs fine quality craftsmanship alongside revolutionary technology to manufacture non-toxic and organic products. Boasting an incredible 18-month home trial and an everlasting warranty, and is a good option for consumers on a budget. On top of that, Eden Sleep offers free shipping through the country via white glove delivery services. You can even benefit from their simple and effortless return policies

Eco-conscious people can sleep comfortably knowing their mattress is organic and Greenguard Gold Certified. It means it utilizes sustainable materials producing little to no chemical emissions.   

What is an Eden Mattress

The Eden Mattress is an organic and eco-friendly model featuring 5-zone support and Greenguard Gold Certification. Eden Sleep lives up to their slogan ‘Organic, Affordable, Heavenly’ by employing top-grade natural materials.  

Eden win a free mattress

Eden Benefits

Eden Sleep is a brand that manufactures a quality eco-friendly and durable organic bed. Certificates from multiple companies buttress the organization’s eco-conscious and green claims.  

The Eden Sleep organic hybrid is 14-inch high, offering sleepers a medium-firm comfort level. Its 100% certified non-toxic products allow you to enjoy a healthy and secure sleep all through the night.

Being an eco-friendly brand, Eden Sleep uses a blend of GOLS-certified Dunlop latex and 100% organic handpicked wool. The cotton used in the construction is certified and organic to ensure a restful night’s sleep.

Boasting a Greenguard Gold Certification, it promises sustainability and low emission to protect the environment from harmful chemicals. The brand offers full transparency of materials used to ensure that it lacks toxic materials. 

A blend of organic materials and eco-friendly production ensures the Eden Mattress is a safe choice for eco-conscious consumers. The mattress eradicates the use of polyurethane foam, toxic glue, and adhesives to manufacture a 100% organic product releasing low emissions VCOs. The top 100% organic cotton offers a cool and breathable sleeping surface. At the same time, the Dunlop latex and sourced wool wicks away moisture and regulates your temperature, making it a great option for hot sleepers.  

The hybrid is naturally buoyant and perfectly conforms to your pressure points. This is a great option for combination and stomach sleepers, the five premium quality layers offer excellent support to your body to relieve pain. The steel coil unit beneath the four layers offers a sustainable base to consumers.

Side sleepers are likely to find it too firm. However, they can add an organic and luxe pillow top to add soft cushioning to their sleeping surface. The durable steel coils distribute weight evenly and offer sturdy edge support. 

Eden organic
I like the homemade lumber and plywood bed frame

Eden Features

  1. GOLS certified 100% organic latex
  2. Natural wool handpicked from New Zealand farms
  3. Greenguard Gold Certified organic for low-emission and sustainability
  4. Non-toxic and 100% free of pollutants
  5. Tencel® fiber protects from spills and stains 
  6. Available in multiple sizes from Twin to Cal King
  7. Very good edge-support
  8. Five layers designed for proper spinal alignment 
  9. Incredible pain-relief

Eden Technology

The Eden Mattress is 14-inches thick with a medium-firm feel perfect for most sleeping styles. It features five layers alongside an optional-pillow-top to further add 2-inches to your sleeping surface.    

The top comfort layer of the mattress is a luxurious-plush wool layer. The layer is 100% organic wool handpicked from family farms to add comfort to your sleeping surface. In addition, the material is naturally hypoallergenic and wicks away moisture to ensure an optimum temperature all through the night. Moreover, the material naturally acts as a fire barrier to ensure safety.

Underneath that layer is a 5-inch GOLS certified Natural Dunlop Latex layer. The organic and non-toxic is derived from rubber trees to ensure a naturally cool surface. Moreover, this durable and comfy layer offers pressure relief to sleepers. The premium quality foam is responsive and buoyant to relieve back-ache by encouraging proper spinal alignment. Furthermore, this adaptable and soft foam is sustainable and contains zero toxic materials. Being mite-resistant and naturally hypoallergenic, this Greenguard Gold Certified model is perfect for people suffering from allergies.    

Next comes the 8-inch thick Quantum edge-to-edge coil unit support core. The durable and sturdy layer stabilizes the overall construction and increases its lifespan.

In addition to that, it enhances the firmness of the mattress to offer an overall medium-firm feel. Not to mention, the layer boasts reinforced edges that ensure longevity.  

Last is a 1-inch organic latex layer manufactured from a material that regulates your temperature through the night while acting as a natural fire retardant and it increases support and durability.      

Encasing these four layers is super luxe and soft eco-friendly fabric. Free from toxic materials like glue and adhesive, the cover is stitched with hand button tuftings. It features Eden Sleeps ultra-thin and super breathable Tencel fiber. The material not only encourages proper air circulation but also keeps your mattress safe from spills and stains.    

In case you want to add plush cushioning, you may opt for Eden Sleep’s luxurious and super soft pillow top. The durable pillow top is manufactured from 100% and certified organic latex that adds comfort. The 2-inch thick layer wicks away moisture to ensure a comfy and cool night’s sleep. 

It is a beautiful looking bed, even though it will be covered with bedding… unless you are like me and kick the bedding off during the night.

Who Should Buy The Eden? 

  • If you prefer resting atop certified and organic materials
  • If you want a naturally cool and comfortable surface to sleep on
  • If you’re looking for a durable and sustainable mattress
  • If you want a firm feel to relieve pressure points
  • If you’re a combination sleeper seeking comfort and back-ache relief

Who Should Not Buy The Eden?

  • If you want a plush and soft sleeping surface
  • If you want a pure memory, Talalay latex mattress, or spring design.  

What You Need to Know About The Eden

The Eden mattress features a medium-firm that ensures the surface is neither too soft nor too hard. Here we breakdown the structure and sizing: 

Structure and Firmness 

Pillow-top (optional) 2 inches 
Latex Layer 5 inches 
Coils Layer8 inches 
Latex and Wool Base Layer 1 inch 

Eden Sleep Organic Size and Price 

Price without
Price with
Twin 38″ w x 75″ l x 13″ h $999$1199
Twin XL 38″ w x 80″ l x 13″ h $1099$1299
Full54”w x 75”l x 13”h $1199$1399
Queen60”w x 80”l x 13”h $1299$1499
King76″ w x 80″ l x 13″ h $1499$1699
Cal. King72″ w x 84″ l x 13″ h $1499$1699

Buying Experience at Eden Sleep 

In addition to manufacturing organic mattresses of the finest quality, Eden Sleep offers customer-friendly policies and easy communications to ensure maximum satisfaction. 

Customer Service

I contacted Eden Sleep at about 11 pm on a Saturday evening using their Live Chat feature on their website. Ben immediately was there to help me and answer my questions. I included a copy of the transcript at the end of this review if you are interested in seeing the questions and answers.

He obviously was only helping me and nobody else. I find some Live Chat agents juggle more than one chat at a time, so you can end up waiting a long time between each message, which is very annoying.

I had a follow up question after the session ended and I another agent was to come on to help. After about 60 seconds it rolled over to a different agent and she answered my questions right away.

The agents communicated with perfect english and they are the same agents that provide Live Chat service for Idle Sleep and their other sister company, Haven Bed.

The chat service is available 7 days each week until 1 am EST. I haven’t seen what time they start each morning, but I am impressed with 1 am.

I have to give them a 10 out of 10 rating for their Live Chat service.

Shipment, Delivery, and Returns

Eden makes matress to order, which I think is a good thing. Would you prefer to receive a mattress that has been rolled up like a cigar and stored in a box for months? Or would you prefer one that is made specifically for you and shipped the same day, or within a couple of days, it is fabricated?

Eden Sleep delivers a premium quality bed-in-a-box throughout the country. They ship from Chicago, IL and Colorado Springs, CO so total shipping time won’t be too long.

Days to Ship From Colorado Springs

Shipping days from Colorado
Source: UPS

Days to Ship From Chicago

Shipping days from Chicago
Source: UPS
The shipping time for much of the US is 3 or less days

The brand uses White Glove delivery to ship mattresses for free to all US states. Typically, your package will take anywhere between 7 – 10 days to reach your curbside. 

After your order is shipped from the warehouse, you’ll receive a UPS tracking number via which you can trace your package’s movement and check delivery status. In case you don’t like it, you may return it for a full refund. Here your returned mattress is either donated or sent to local disposal. However, Eden Sleep encourages users to try it for at least 30 days. 


I don’t normally comment on a company’s website, but I really like this one.

Warranty and Trial Period 

Eden Sleep boasts a forever warranty covering all defects in manufacturing and craftsmanship. On top of that, Eden Sleep offers users an incredible 18-months house trial. Thus, consumers get enough time to judge whether the mattress matches their sleeping needs or not.   

Helpful Information

If you are looking for information that I have not included in this review please let me know and I will try to dig it up for you.

Is Eden Eco-Friendly?

Eden Sleep is a leading brand featuring a premium quality and 100% organic mattress. It uses non-toxic and natural products to ensure eco-conscious people can enjoy a restful night’s sleep without harming the atmosphere.

How is the Eden Manufactured?

Eden mattress is a hybrid of wool, cotton, and latex. The brand handpicks wool from trustworthy family farms, whereas the cotton utilized is 100% organic. Lastly, the certified latex is extracted from the sap of rubber trees to offer sleepers a natural, cool, and comfortable sleeping surface.  

What does Greenguard Gold Certification Mean?

The Eden Mattress boasts a Greenguard Gold Certification by UL Environment that ensures the brand fabricates a pollutant-free and organic bed. Moreover,  it ensures the lack of toxic materials and low VOC emission. 

Is the Eden Hypoallergenic?    

The organic mattress is fabricated from handpicked materials that are hypoallergenic and mite-resistant. That way, people suffering from allergies can enjoy a cozy night’s sleep. 

What does GOLS Certification Mean?

The organic and natural latex employed in the Eden is GOLS certified. It ensures you’re sleeping atop a mattress produced from organic raw materials.  

How is it Delivered? 

Eden Sleep delivers bed-in-a-box all over the US for free via white glove delivery. Once you place your order, it dispatches from the warehouse in 3 to 6 working days. 

Next, the mattress is sent on its way to you. Depending on your location, the shipment may take 2 to 4 weeks to reach your curbside (well, usually 7 – 10 days).   

How do I Track My Delivery?

Once your order is picked by UPS, you receive a  tracking number through which you can trace your shipment’s movement.

Is Eden Fire Retardant?

Yes. The 100% natural and sustainable harvested wool acts as a fire barrier. It ensures you can sleep on a safe and secure mattress.

Does it off-gas?

It is manufactured for organic, natural, and non-toxic material. It means off-gassing is non-existent. The mattress may feature the typical new mattress smell. However, none of them are harmful.  

Common Review Comments

The Eden Mattress features a remarkable 4.8-star rating on their website, but it is THEIR website so take that into consideration. I find that the reviews are usually legitimate, but some companies don’t like to include negative reviews. I might dig into this more and write a big article on this topic. Let me know if you think that is something you would want to read please.  

It means Eden Sleep boasts mostly positive reviews, with users raving about how it rejuvenated their sleeping experience. Eco-conscious consumers especially love the organic and non-toxic materials used to fabricate this comfortable and durable bed. 

Eden Sleeper customers love the 18 month trial period that allows them to judge whether the mattress is perfect for them or not. This makes sense as it is the best trial period I have found (along with sister companies Haven Bed and Idle Sleep).

At the same time, they can enjoy a lifetime warranty covering all manufacturing and craftsmanship defects including sagging. 

Common Review Complaints

I am going to start with MY COMPLAINT. Their customer service department is available for phone calls 5 days per week. That is fine, but ONLY 11 am – 4 pm MT! Really??? You can only provide 25 hours of phone support each week?

This rates at the bottom compared to other companies.

Their Live Chat made up for it though as you may have read above.

I will do some testing to see how good their customer service by phone is during their small time window. Ok, end rant until more research is finished.


I have not found enough comments or complaints from owners to come to a conclusion.

What I can say is that their parent company would only create the product if it was confident in its quality so I think it is safe to purchase one and try it out.

I know they will honor the trial period policy and make it easy to return it if you are not satisfied.

I wish I had more information at this time. When I can travel again I will be visiting the factory and meeting with the people who work there to get a more behind-the-scenes look at everything.

Eden Sleep mattress seems to be a good option for those looking for what should be a durable and eco-friendly mattress. They use non-toxic materials to help reduce harmful emissions.

The company also boasts about a medium-firmness allowing users to enjoy sleeping on a comfortable and firm surface, but firmness is SO subjective! Just try it out for a month first.

However, side sleepers may find the surface too firm and uncomfortable to lie on.   

Live Chat Transcript

Visitor Sun, 01/24/21 08:51:35 am Asia/Bangkok hello, how are you?     

Ben 08:51:35 am Hi, welcome to Eden’s New Year Sale! (See their sale on their website here if interested)

Have you thought about going organic?

Eden is up to $500 cheaper than other organic mattresses and made from 100% organic materials.

It gets even better… You can get an extra $200 off this holiday season.

Let us know if you have any questions, we are happy to help.

Hi!Thanks for contacting Idle Sleep! This is Ben.     

Visitor 08:52:03 am I did not expect anyone here at this time haha. I cannot find much information outside of your website. I see that it is a new company/product. Is it built in the US or imported?     

Ben08:53:02 am Idle Customer Service is available until 1am EST. It is made in the US     

Visitor 08:53:42 am great, and which state does it ship from? Or does it ship from more than one?     

Ben 08:53:59 am Our factories are located in Chicago, IL and Colorado Springs, CO.     

Visitor 08:54:28 am ahhh, very good.     

Ben 08:54:42 am Thank you! For shipping too, we only deliver orders in the US.     

Visitor 08:56:00 am that is fine, north of atlanta so only take a couple of days I am sure     

Ben 08:56:50 am For the shipping time frame, normally, you will receive the order within 7-10 business days.     

Visitor 08:57:26 am Time to process the order. that makes sense. so these are in stock or made to order?     

Ben 08:58:06 am We are made to order.     

Visitor 08:59:41 am ok, I am not concerned about the comfort as I can return after trial period if it does not work for us, but I am concerned about durability. With it being a new product there is no why to know how it will hold up over time return before trial period expires that is haha     

Ben 09:00:48 am All of our Mattresses are covered Warranty-Without-End program where if there’s an issue, we’ll surely help you. The Warranty covers:

*Some Deterioration
*Any physical flaw in the Mattress that causes the foam material to split or crack, despite normal usage and proper handling.
*Any manufacturing defect in the assembly of the Mattress Cover.
*Any manufacturing defect relating to springs or other mattress components.     

Visitor 09:02:33 am I see some warranties state that sagging of more than x inches is covered. I have not gone through your warranty yet, but does this mattress have similar… language? I can see the warranty covering it if it falls apart in a couple of years, but sagging?     

Ben 09:03:01 am We always make exceptions for all of our customers. You just need to contact us.     

Visitor 09:04:22 am Ok, good to hear. Thanks for your help. I may have more questions later. Thanks again, and great customer service!     

Ben 09:04:40 am Sure! Please contact us if you have more questions, okay?Again this is Ben. Thanks for contacting Idle Sleep! Good night!     
Visitor 09:04:57 am I sure will. Thanks Ben!     

Ben09:05:16 am My pleasure!
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