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Beds have gotten comfier and fancier over time. You’ve heard of king-sized beds, right? They’re big and luxurious. They gives you lots of space to sleep well. But there’s something cooler – the “Florida king bed.” It’s not that well-known, but it’s like a hidden treasure for those who want the absolute best sleep. In this article we will discuss about the Florida king bed size and why it’s awesome. It’s not like regular king-sized beds; it’s even bigger and fancier, perfect for folks who really want an amazing sleep.

What is a King Size Bed?

King-sized beds are a preferred choice for those who need extra space and comfort while sleeping. There are two primary types of king-sized beds:

  • The standard king size Bed
  • The California king Platform Bed

Standard King Bed

Referred to as an Eastern King, the standard king size bed has dimensions of 76 inches in width and 80 inches in length (193 cm x 203 cm), offering ample room for couples to sleep comfortably. Its well-proportioned size makes it a popular and balanced choice for numerous bedrooms.

Standard King size Bed amazon
Standard King size Bed
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California King Bed

The California king bed frame, or Cal King, is slightly narrower but longer than the standard king size bed, measuring 72 inches in width and 84 inches in length (183 cm x 213 cm). It’s favored in regions with taller individuals who value the added length. However, its reduced width can provide a cozier feel for couples.

Apart from the standard and California king beds, there are a few other variations that are notably larger and less common.

California King Bed frame amazon
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Texas King Bed

Exceeding the standard king’s dimensions, this bed measures about 80 inches by 98 inches (203 cm x 249 cm), catering to those seeking ultimate sleeping space. We have written a detailed article on Texas King Beds which you can read by clicking on the attached link.

Texas King Bed amazon
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Wyoming King Bed

Similar in size to the Texas king, the Wyoming king bed frame measures approximately 84 inches by 84 inches (213 cm x 213 cm). To read about Wyoming king bed in detail check out our detailed article following this link.

Wyoming King Bed amazon
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Alaskan King Bed

Among the most expansive choices, the Alaskan king size bed measures approximately 108 inches by 108 inches (274 cm x 274 cm). Remarkably rare, this bed size is typically tailor-made to suit particular needs.

Alaskan King Bed amazon
Made in 3D Cad Pytha

What is a Florida King Bed?

The mattress of a Florida king bed is essentially a significantly wider version of the standard king bed. While its length remains similar at 80 inches (compared to 78 inches), it boasts an impressive increase of 32 inches in width, resulting in an astonishing width of 9 feet.

 Florida king bed amazon
Made in 3D Cad Pytha

How does the Florida King Bed Differs from Other King-Sized Options

Mattresses of various dimensions are found across the globe. Among U.S. king-sized mattresses, the Florida king bed ranks as the second largest after the Alaskan king bed, outmatching standard, California, Wyoming, Texas, Alberta, and Alaskan king beds in size.

Introducing a new variation like the Florida King Bed might stem from:

  1. Regional Demands: Unique regional preferences could prompt the creation of distinct bedding sizes, possibly catering to the residents’ needs in that specific area.
  2. Tailored Solutions: Custom-sized beds could be developed to address specific requirements within communities or groups that seek dimensions beyond the standard choices.
  3. Market Distinctiveness: To differentiate in a competitive market, manufacturers might introduce novel terms, offering distinct bed sizes to catch attention and provide a wider selection.
  4. Luxury and Comfort Focus: Appealing to those seeking enhanced luxury and comfort, a “Florida King Bed” could be marketed as an upscale choice, delivering an exceptionally spacious sleep environment.

Advantages of Florida Bed Frame

Advantages of Florida Bed Frame size

Size Comparison of Florida King Bed with Other King Beds

Florida king bed is a type of Florida king bed size and has a Florida king bed frame

List of Top 5 King Beds


With impressive dimensions, it suits those looking for more space. Practical considerations remain crucial. Just as sleep varies, so do bedding choices. Whether an industry norm or a personalized gem, it prompts unique sleep spaces that match our individuality.

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