GhostBed Complaints: Owners Vent on BBB & Consumer Reports

There are many bad reviews all around the Internet by GhostBed mattress customers and I picked out ones that I think will help people with their decision to purchase or avoid this company and its products.

GhostBed complaints: BBB F rating with 28 complaints in the past four months, no customer service, donated mattress but no refund, mattress not as shown on the website, and multiple return policies. 64% of Consumer Reports owners chose “Not Recommend”, horrible company, hassle returns, no refunds, no customer service, and too firm.

The company responded to my comments:

We care more about you, your comfort, and overall customer satisfaction more than words will allow us to express.  We truly consider you as part of our GhostBed Family.

The GhostBed Family

Read the company’s entire response here, and please share your experience with others in the comments section below.

Update: GhostBed has offered additional support for our readers who have unresolved issues with their GhostBed experience. Please contact me and I will forward it to Brian and his team to investigate.”

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GhostBed BBB Complaints and Reviews

The BBB file was opened on June 3, 2020. This is five years after the company started so I am guessing their customers were happy until recently. So I would guess that there have been major changes at the company to go from smooth sailing to… well, judge for yourself.

GhostBed Complaints BBB

The BBB has rated it an F and 45 complaints. After we carefully screened the BBB public database, it appears that 28 complaints have not been addressed in the past four months.

Most companies respond to either explain their side of the story or address the issue with the customer and the BBB file is updated to Resolved. Out of 28 recent complaints, there are 24 UNANSWERED or UNRESOLVED from GhostBed with ONE RESOLVED and three ANSWERED.


And many of the customers put a lot of effort into their complaint as they are very long.

Table 1. BBB GhostBed Negative Complaints Highlights

Common Complaints HighlightsScott’s Thoughts
“I’ve been trying to return my ghost bed matress for 4 months” GBC* August 3, 2020, BBB.orgNot much to say to these first few except wow.
“They also said they want to deduct $100 from my purchase for returning the product.” GBC* October 8, 2020,
“He then asked if I knew of a church or other organization that would pick the mattress up!!?? AGAIN?? He said he’d find someone so this company has NO REAL MEANS of honoring their no-hassle return policy” GBC* September 2, 2020,
“I was told that due to COVID, they were not processing returns until restrictions were lifted” GBC* August 21, 2020, BBB.orgI think I scratched a bald spot on my head while trying to figure this one out.
“I ended up purchasing August 9th 2020 for the amount of $2,408.33. It states on my receipt that they will ship it in 24 hours I never received the delivery I never received an email with the tracking number I have been trying to contact them for days when I finally got through to them yesterday I was told it would be delivered on August 13th 2020 matter fact I was promised that it would be delivered August 13th 2020 has not been delivered” GBC* August 14th, 2020, BBB.orgCry baby. It is not a critical product and it requires shipping and you are crying because it did not arrive in four days? Were these even business days when delivery companies are open?
You sir, are the exact type of customer no business wants or deserves.

I understand his wife is disabled, but that is a super duper reason to not relying on a company to deliver a product on one particular day. This is life and stuff happens.
Returned mattress, no refund and payments still required by Affirm and missing the payments will hurt credit rating.This is a common problem with companies with poor customer service. Affirm or other financing companies continue to request payment because the mattress company did not cancel the contract with them.
This leaves the customer with a monthly payment for a product that they don’t have.
* GhostBed Customer

I found it very surprising that there are only four reviews in BBB in the past three years, and all of them in the past couple of months. And they are not flattering.

Table 2. BBB GhostBed Reviews

Owner CommentsScott’s Thoughts
1“I called back after 30 days and now. I have to do a list of things to be able to return it. I have to go to the expense of taking the bed somewhere and donating it and then sending the donation slip back to them.” GBC* October 11, 2020 BBB.orgThe FAQ page (here) state the owner must try the mattress for 30 days and even if that seems unfair it is standard with companies.

Their website states:
“The GhostBed customer service team will work with you to arrange pickup of your mattress. All you need to do is be home when the pickup crew arrives.” Source

This customer states that GhostBed is requiring her to find a charity, donate it to them, and submit a receipt prior to starting the return process. This is not hassle free.

The company return policy does not apply to the bed frame and he is stuck with it. But this information is on the website so tough bananas on this issue.
She has two options for the two free pillows that she received:

1. Pay to ship the heavy pillows to the company.

2. Pay 50% of the cost for the pillows to keep them, which is about $80.
1“The Ghostbed Luxe does not look like the photos, and it is uncomfortable. I have tried to return the product (they have a no questions asked return policy), and they have not responded. I’ve called numerous times (automated system hangs up on you, no one every answers). I’ve emailed several times. I’ve used the online chat option. No one has ever responded to my request for a refund and return. I will be bringing suit to enforce their policy if this is not resolved. Buyer beware…they will GHOST you if you have any issues.” GBC* October 3, 2010 BBB.orgNectar seems to have changed their mattress to cheap materials and for more than one year now they have not informed their customers or updated their website.

Hopefully this is not a similar situation.
1“I have called, emailed, filled out their return form, and started a chat. I have received NO response to my calls, emails, or returns form over a period of two weeks” GBC* October 5, 2020,
* GhostBed Customer

My Animated Video Summary of Issues

Our YouTube summary (vertical format)

Ghostbed Consumer Reports & Complaints

Consumer Reports tested three mattresses and I will discuss the highlights as well as the customer reviews and complaints. Remember that Consumer Reports only rate the product, not the company.

GhostBed Mattress Quality and Ratings

A decent rating of 76. Perhaps my standards are slipping since I have been finding such disappointing results recently. CR gave top marks for durability and light back sleepers (I guess it isn’t so good for us fat folks). I am not sure how they know what the durability is without testing it for at least a couple of years, but whatever.

They gave 4 out of 5 stars for the remaining eight categories for a total of 42 out of 50 possible stars.

They list the Pros as:

  1. limited vibration transfer
  2. comfortable to light (not heavy or overweight) sleepers
  3. Durability. I don’t see where they describe their testing methods or criteria,

They do not list any cons.

Consumer Reports Owner Reviews & Complaints

And now for the more important information, the owners reviews and complaints listed with Consumer Reports. Of the 28 reviews, only 64% said that they would recommend this mattress to a friend. That is not a very high percentage!

Table 3. Reviews and Complaints

No“I needed something firm for my bad back and would be supportive for a back sleeper without sagging. I immediately felt like it wasn’t that firm, despite the CR test results. After one month, my back pain was as bad as ever and I had to return it” EB, GBC* Chicago, Illinois 2020The hubby was a larger guy, but they both had back pain
NoThere are complaints about not firm enough and too firm.Not everyone is going to be happy with the firmness that is purchased without first testing.

That is the purpose of the trail period so I don’t find any fault with the company or mattress in this situation.
No“After three days bed expanded to 9.5″ and in corners only 9″. Something went wrong in manufacturing. So I contacted service they said warrantee team would contact me. They refused to exchange because I bought bed from Amazon” Mike, Wilder, Idaho, GBC* 2019.Wow, it is foam, not a piece of lumber. I think the customer is a little OCD. Who whips out a measuring tape when it arrives??? It isn’t a piano!
No“Terrible product and customer service” Jason2123. GBC* Chicago, Illinois, 2019Obviously not a fan
No“It is the most uncomfortable thing that I have ever laid on. In some spots I could feel the frame beneath it, while other spots were extremely firm lumps! It is no exaggeration to say that the floor is more comfortable. I would recommend any cheap $100 spring mattress, over this” Brandon, GBC* New York, 2018I went cheap once and a $100 spring mattress is like sleeping on bed of 3” rock that squeaks and creaks even with the slightest movement.
* GhostBed Customer

1 Source

The rest of the “No” owners had similar complaints.

There were 18 positive reviews and they were are over the place, but most of them found the mattress comfortable at a very good price.

Luxe Rating

Consumer Reports also rated the Luxe a 76, but the only 5 out of 5 rating was for durability. Again, I am dubious of how they determine the durability and will have to contact Consumer Reports to see what I can find out. Seven criteria rated a 4 of 5 and two rated 3. How did this receive the same score as The GhostBed Mattress! This one received a total of 39 stars out of an available 50.

There are no owner reviews so there is not much I can say about this model. I will look around for more information.

Flex Rating

Only rated a 64 and no owner reviews so I am not going to waste my time researching this one further.

I hope this information is helpful to a few of you while you conduct your research the best for you.

Source: Consumer Reports

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