Handmade Cast Iron Headboard vs No Headboard: Pros & Cons

Times are changing again and handmade cast iron headboards are making a comeback based on retail sales, new specialty companies crafting only these products, the great interest in online forums and websites like Pinterest.

A common question found online is handmade cast iron headboard vs no headboard and we have compiled the pros and cons. These include style, exclusivity, supports propped up pillows without them sliding down, last decades or centuries. But they are expensive, long lead time, more difficult to move.

Are headboards optional? It’s a hotly debated topic! Many people are moving toward handmade cast iron headboards because they offer the “finished” look of a headboard with a much lighter, airier presence.

There are many reasons to be on board with this trend. However, some people who shun heavy, dated headboards still don’t see the value in going with a cast iron headboard. Those who fall into the camp of flouting headboards entirely prefer the versatility of a “floating bed.”

Are you on the fence about going for a handmade iron headboard? It’s time to look at the pros and cons of an iron headboard versus no headboard!

Update Jan 7, 2023: The Dumme model is on sale for 26% off here at Amazon.

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Handmade Cast Iron Headboard Pros

You’ve seen photos of elegant, airy iron headboards while planning your dream “sleepscape.” You may now be wondering if this design is really the best option for your specific bedroom. Let’s dive into the benefits of adding a dash of elegance with a cast iron headboard!


This may be the strongest point in support of adding a cast iron headboard to your bedroom. An iron headboard is simply elegant. What’s more, this style of headboard allows you to create a look that is both dramatic and minimalist at the same time.

You can also match a handmade cast iron headboard to nearly any type of furniture to create an eclectic look that doesn’t lock you into the trap of purchasing a complete bedroom set. Ultimately, a handmade cast iron headboard creates a very polished look without a huge commitment.

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There are many options for you to create custom designs with the company to create a unique headboard that only you have to show off to family and friends.

Even if you select a design from a companies catalog there are likely not many in the world as the artisans can only create so many each year.

As an example, Volcano Iron Beds company in Greece sells its products on Etsy and they offer 23 headboard designs and 75 products overall. Total sales in the last year is only 117 units of all their products.

That may be 36 headboards per year, and they ship to all countries, so perhaps only 10 per year int the US, which is less than half of the models they sell. So it is very unlikely that your neighbors or friends will have one.

Better Positioning and Functionality

It’s pretty tough to live with a bed that doesn’t have a headboard if you’re the type to sit up while reading or watching television. The reality is that your pillow is very likely to slide down constantly when it’s propped up against a smooth wall or headboard.

A metal or iron headboard creates a nice buffer between your pillow and the wall that enables you to stay propped up without that constant sliding effect. This is much better than trying to prop pillows up against a smooth wall.

Not to mention what happens if the bed slowly creeps away from the wall due to your body angle pushing the foundation.

Pillows propped up against iron and wood headboard

Easy to Clean

Simply wipe with a damp rag to capture dust and beer and pizza stains from the late-night snacking. Using a damp rag will capture the dust on the rag rather than suspending it in the air only to settle in the bed and on the pillows.

Another option is the us a vacuum cleaner with an attachment, such as the round one with fuszzy “hair” to minimize a dust storm.

TIP: Close the windows, door, HVAC, and turn off any fans or anything else that creates air movement prior to dusting. This reduces the amount of dust that will become suspended in the air while cleaning.

Things Won’t Fall in the “Abyss”

Something that you may not realize about sleeping without a headboard until you actually sleep without a headboard is that things often slip down into that tricky area between your bed and the wall.

I don’t know about you but I have often lost my books, reading glasses, and cell phones to the abyss between the bed and wall. This isn’t so maddening if it is a twin or full bed, but trying to reach these items under a larger queen or king is a PIA (pain in butt).

TIP: As a Canadian, I learned many practical uses for hockey sticks, and this is another great example as they can poke or shoot dropped items from under the bed in seconds flat. It doubles as a good option for the bedside baseball bat too :).

A headboard actually creates a very important barrier that keeps your pillow and other items on your mattress. A headboard also adds some weight that makes it less likely that your mattress is going to separate away from your wall as you toss and turn or move around in bed.

It only takes one night of losing a pillow or cell phone to the abyss to see why a headboard is actually pretty important.

Nothing is falling down behind this bed and wall with the iron headboard

Handmade Cast Iron Headboard Cons

As with everything else in the world, there are cons to every pro. I see many people talking about products and they are all pushing the pros because they all use affiliate links to make money from the products.

So I find many websites don’t even list any cons. Obviously, these websites are biased with there writings. I think that it’s important to discuss the cons of everything for a fair unbiased opinion that may help readers make a smart decision that works for them.

Potential Installation Issues

You will need to consider how to attach the headboard to your existing bed if you are looking to add this option to your room. Many bedframes have universal mounting brackets installed or available for purchase for metal foundations.

If you have a wood foundation the headboard can be fastened with bolts and nuts through the headboard legs and the wood frame.

TIP: If the headboard does not have holes for bolts or screws then you can use clamps such as four 1.4″ PVC electrical conduit clamps and screw to the wood bed frame. Confirm the best size strap for the diameter of your metal legs.

Or you can use copper pipe metal straps and screws. You can find the straps in any hardware store in the plumbing section, and it is cheap.

No Extra Room for Customization

One of the reasons why you might want to skip a headboard is that you’d prefer to customize what’s behind your mattress. This can include something like a built-in shelf or a strand of plug-in lights.

Some people also like the idea of using a wall color or texture directly behind a bed that makes a statement on its own

TIP: Build or buy night tables and or wall shelves if you want shelving or built-in lights or other custom options to make your slumber time more comfortable.

Night table next to cast iron headboard

Limited Options for Bed Placement

Yes, logistics can play a role in whether or not an iron headboard will work for you. It’s possible that you’d like the option to position your bed directly in front of a window.

That might mean that you only have enough clearance to pull this off without a headboard. Placing a bed with a headboard in front of a window typically doesn’t look great.

It can also block your ability to open and close your window easily. Additionally, you may choose to position your bed in front of a built-in shelf that would be obscured by a headboard.

This was not an issue with my iron bed and headboard while I was a teenager living in the basement. But later when my room was converted into an office the bed moved upstairs.

And the headboard blocked some of the windows, which was fine when the windows here horizontal sliders. But it is now an issue with the new vertical sliders (single hung to you construction folk).

This is a solution to covering the window with the headboard, when it is possible.

Makes Moving Difficult

A headboard may not be your thing if you move frequently. That’s because committing to a headboard for temporary digs means that you may have to come up with a new plan when you change apartments or houses often (think military and nomads like me).

The frequent mover might consider taking it easy on his or her friends by purchasing a collapsible platform bed frame. These are light and don’t require tools. You moving buddy will appreciate it, trust me haha.

Making Your Decision

It’s clear to see that there’s really no “right” or “wrong” answer when it comes to adding a headboard versus letting your bed float. This list of pros and cons should help you to have a better idea of what will work in your specific room.

Just remember that the specific headboard you choose will also play a role in how optimized your entire sleep setup ends up being. Do your best to source a quality headboard that you’ll be able to keep for a while.

It’s also important to address just how easy a specific headboard style is to match furniture as you plan out the interior of your bedroom. A good headboard leads the room in style instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.

If you are interested in reading more about the Greek artisans who are crafting headboards for Volcano Iron Bed company you can check out my review of their company and see some of their headboards here.

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