Hanks Bed Frame Good or Bad Review

I was looking for another victim to review and saw that the Hanks has a lot of great reviews. So, I decided to take a look under the hood and see what is good and bad about this big seller.

The Hanks bed frame good includes a strong and sturdy metal frame that is cheap for its quality, light, easy to assemble, backed by the manufacturer, and Wayfair. The bad includes low to the ground, bottom continuous rail on the floor provides strength but many toes hit it, maybe too minimalist.

Keep reading, to see the complete list of what is good and bad about this bed. And start with the below analysis, well, my opinion on many of the 2,100+ reviews.

Table 1. Scott’s Analysis of Hanks Buyer Reviews

Review HighlightScott’s Thoughts
5Lower to the ground than I thought it would be.7 of the 10 photos show how low this is to the floor. It even shows that it is about half the height of the mattress!

I am not sure what to say about that!
5Daybed covers fit it perfectly
1Garbage, going to the dumpI am always on the lookout form bogus reviews that might have been created by other sellers.

There is no mention of any other attribute except that the rails bend. I find this highly suspect since thousands have rated this at an average of 4.8.

Perhaps the buyer and the significant other greatly exceed the weight capacity.
5I am going to summarize a lot of the review comments that are very common: Very sturdy, easy to assemble, love it,
5Small woman assembled it alone in 30 minutes. Sturdy. Thankful for the anti-slide strips to keep the mattress from sliding around on the base.Every platform base without raise rails to pin the mattress into place should do this. I don’t think it would break the bank or require much labour to install!
5Parts are clearly labelled, packaging is awesome, awesome product and price.This is one happy camper.
5“beautiful, sleek, and modern”. Only 20 minutes alone to assemble.
5It can support at least 430 pounds plus the weight of the mattress, which would likely put the total weight to over 500 lb.Over 500 lb and still sturdy, how mush did the lady with the 1 star review above weigh.

The more reviews that I read the more suspicious I am of that review. And unfortunately, what happens is that negative posts like this become one of the “most helpful” reviews.

So that BS review may of caused hundreds of people to not choose this product. Too much damage from a couple of sentences and a 1.
5Works perfect with minimalist and contemporary design.
1Bed frame broke after a couple of months.Hmmm. This was the only review that I found out of more than 2,000 that was posted by “Anonymous”.

No explanation of what happened or what part broke. I smell BS, but my nose has been wrong before so who really knows.
1Missing the instructions AND nuts and bolts.I am seeing a trend here. Every review that is obviously legit rates a 4 or 5 with a good description as to what they liked and did not like (if anything).

There are no middle of the road 2 or 3 ratings. So why are there a few 1 star reviews with no actual description of the product???

And nobody else was missing one item, so TWO missing items in one order is a giant RED FLAG. I call BS on this review too.
Oh, and don’t worry. I suspect some of the 5 star reviews too, but since there is almost a consensus on most of the attributes being 5 stars I will side with the masses on this one.
3It is too low to the floor, especially with a 10” mattress. Keep kicking my toes on the bottom rail. Great quality frame.I finally found a 3 rating.

Ok, first thing first. It is not the companies fault that you did not look at the pictures of the product before purchasing it. Or read the description (did someone buy it for you?).

I can certainly see the toe smashing issue and I am very surprised this is the first I have seen this comment. Of course, this continuous bottom frame rail is what makes it so strong.

TIP: Add foam to the bottom rail to save your toes.
1It came dented and scratched.A legitimate 1 star rating, however the problem was the shipping company, not the manufacturer.

I would assume that this would be an easy fix as it can be returned. So this is not reflective of the bed frame itself.
3Short with only a mattress. Not favorite.Another 3. This is also somewhat due to the height, but that is the buyer fault, not the frame.
2Smashing toes on bottom railI can certainly see this as an issue. Too bad they did not design it with the legs and base rail a few inches inside the edge of the bed to save some toes.
3Middle sides stick up a little and may damage the mattress. Manufacturer has zero customer service and after a week the buyer connected Wayfair who took care of it immediatelyOk, I really do not understand how a company can spend some much time, effort, and money to get a good product to market, make many sales… and then not answer the phone or emails.

In today’s review happy world this is baffling and there is no excuse for it. Thankfully if buyers purchase through Wayfair there the buyer will be taken care of.
1Concentration camp suppliers? Another bogue 1.
1Too short.Another dumb dumb. I is not the manufacturers fault you didn’t look at the pics or read the description.

Or another BS review.
1On the website it said the king is 76 x 80”, but it arrive and it is only 75.5 x 79.5” and my mattress sticks out over the sides. I have to return it.WOW, just sham wow.

Her mattress sticks out 0.25” on each side. The world is coming to an end.

I feel very sorry for the poor man married to her.
2I wanted a low frame, but this is too low.I think you know my thoughts on this already.
1I wish I could review this product but I don’t have it yet. So not happy with Wayfair.Hmmm, you left a 1-star review saying that you cannot do a review. Interesting.
Nothing to do with the bed frame obviously. This is the first Wayfair issue that I have seen so overall I think that is a good sign.
3The price dropped after I bought it.Boo hoo. That is life and has nothing to do with Hank’s Bed Frame.
3Two pieces were welded together and had to break them apart. Scratches. Does the job.I am not sure how there got welded together when put together for shipping, but that is for smarter minds than mine to figure out.
3I think it was assembled previouslyI can see this happening. Perhaps someone bought and assembled it, realized that it is not 3 feet tall, and sent it back saying it was not used.
Wayfair may not have been able to see that the package was opened. Anyway, that is my two-cent guess.
2Too low and looks cheap.
2Too low for the person I bought it for.Eurica!!! This is proof of what I was starting to think because there is no way this many people did not look at the pics and description.

So it is a matter of taste, not Hank’s bed frame fault.

I think the true rating for this should be closer to 4.95.
1Not what I expected.Were you expecting a pet elephant?
Because there are 11 pictures showing what to expect and an accurate description. I call BS on this review.
1Low and not as appealing as the photos.
2Too shortJust like his review.
3As described, easy to assemble.Wow, what would it take to get a 5-star review from her?
3Works well, a little lower than expected. Toe killer.
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The Good

  • Clean contemporary design.
  • It doesn’t require a box spring base.
  • Easy to set up, it takes about 30 mins to an hour.
  • Strong
  • Low height
  • Minimalist design
  • Has non-slip material on some of the slats to stop the mattress from moving.

The Bad

  • For some people it is too low to the ground.
  • You can’t use a headboard or footboard with it.
  • The twin isn’t suitable for more than one person.
  • It has only a moderate amount of storage space underneath.

Why Do So Many People Like The Hank Bed Frame?

Over 2,500 people have left a review of the Hanks, and the average rating of these reviews is 4.8/5.

This is an incredible result and means that the is well made and well designed.

From the information I could find this model gets rave reviews because:

  • It is easy to set up. Each part is labeled which makes it very easy to set up. There aren’t that many parts 
  • You can use it with a box spring if you like. A box spring can be used directly on top of the bed frame. Side note: you should do a weight calculation though. The box spring will add considerable weight and can change the maximum weight it can support. You should minus the weight of the box spring from the weight capacity of the frame if you do use a box spring.
  • Price point. It is affordable relative to others. But, it still has everything you want in a bed frame. This makes it a no-brainer price-wise for most people.

The Technical Specifications of the Hanks Bed Frame

This might be a bit of mumbo jumbo for some of us. But, below I have summarised the technical specifications. So, you can see if it will fit well in your room, how much weight it can carry, etc.

The Frame

The frame is made from steel, and the slats are wood. The slats are connected along the sides with the material, which makes it way faster to set up. The recommended mattress height is 15 inches. 


The height from the floor to the top of the slates is 6 inches. The clearance height of the bed is 4 inches. But, in the customer questions and answers, they have stated that the clearance height is 6 inches. 

I would go with the smaller measurement to give some room for error.

Twin3875250 lb32.9 lb
Full5475500 lb43 lb
Queen6080500 lb47.5 lb
King7680500 lb54 lb

Depending on how heavy you are, the twin likely isn’t suitable for two people. If you are sleeping two people then the two of you need a combined weight under 250 pounds to sleep on it safely.

If you both weigh a bit more, then you should go with the full, queen, or king sizes because they can withstand up to 500 pounds. There are also much sturdier frames that sleep for larger individuals.

A bed with a higher carrying capacity that I recommend is the [other product, other details about the product]. 


There are twelve slats. The slats come in two sets of six because the slats are connected along the outer sides by the material. There are two non-slip strips of tape. When installing your mattress you peel off the upper layer of the non-slip tape to expose the sticky grip.

Headboard and Footboard

The Hanks doesn’t come with a headboard or footboard. It also doesn’t come with a bracket and isn’t bracket compatible.

It is the same for a footboard, with no brackets included and not compatible. So, you should go with a different model if you want a bed that can use or comes with a footboard and headboard brackets. 


Given the extremely good ratings for the Hanks bed frame, it is safe to say that it is of high quality. As previously mentioned, the average rating of over 2500 reviews is 4.8 out of 5.

That is one of the highest ratings that I have found and three of the 1-star reviews are bogus, in my opinion.

Price Point

Price Per Frame Size


*Prices as of July 2020.
** Free to Continental US


The Hanks bed frame is light, very easy to install, and is at a nice price point. It is ideal for people who like a simple mattress foundation, but that also looks and works great. 

The cons are that it doesn’t have much space underneath for storage, and isn’t compatible with a headboard or footboard. Overall, this is an excellent bed, and I thoroughly recommend it.

It looks to me that you cannot go wrong with this model.


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