Haven Bed Adjustable Base Reviews

I have spent three days doing research for this article so it is a good thing that I am stuck in Thailand living off-grid on a farm! I have plenty of time for research, so email me if you have a product or company you want me to look into.

Haven Bed adjustable base reviews include research of all three models, the Adjustable Base, Premium, and Premium Plus. The pros include free and fast shipping, a massage option, heavy-duty construction, excellent customer service, and a warranty. Cons include no return option if you don’t like it, it is heavy.

UPDATE: On September 16, 2022 I checked the Idle Sleep website and their other sister company websites including Haven and it appears they are out of business

Scott Boyd

Haven Bed Adjustable Bases Highlights

  • Haven manufactures adjustable bases in three comfort options; Adjustable, Adjustable Premium, and Adjustable Premium Plus.   
  • Durable construction
  • Innovative designs
  • Easy to set up
  • 2 to 10 years warranty  
  • Free delivery all over the country via UPS
  • Flexible payment options 
  • Great value for money
  • US-based products 

UPDATE Feb 2022: Avoid this company as they are MIA or just gave up on this expansion from only a couple of years ago.

Scott Boyd
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The Haven Bed Company

The Haven Bed offers a range of premium quality products to rejuvenate your sleeping experience. Right from their top-notch quality mattresses right down to their luxe adjustable bases, the brand provides consumers with a plethora of comfy bedding options to meet their unique sleep needs.

The Haven Bed manufactures optimum quality adjustable bases from sturdy and sustainable metal frames. Each of its bases comprises durable materials, tested to ensure years of use. Moreover, these modernistic pieces have advanced features and user-friendly mechanisms to provide ultimate comfort.

The company aims to provide consumers with a luxurious and comfortable night’s sleep without having to pay a fortune. The folding adjustable feature of each of these bases allows you to modify the head and leg of the base according to your favorite sleeping position. 

The Haven Bed launched in 2021 in South Carolina to manufacture world-class sleep products. The brand utilizes state-of-the-art technology alongside incredible craftsmanship to ensure you rest atop incredible quality products.

The company offers free delivery all over the US via UPS. Therefore, if you are living anywhere in the US, you can receive the base right to your doorstep. While the mattresses boast a remarkable 540-night trial, the adjustable base offers none. 

Types of The Haven Bed Adjustable Bases

The company manufactures first-rate quality adjustable bed bases of three kinds;

  1. Adjustable
  2. Adjustable Premium
  3. Adjustable Premium Plus.   

All three boast top-tier quality materials and an extensive range of sizing options.

The Haven Bed Adjustable Base

Manufactured from high-grade metal, the adjustable is a super durable and sturdy adjustable bed base. The adjustable base is available in a plethora of different sizes to fit all standard bed frames. 

The super-affordable bases combine convenience with style to ensure you enjoy a relaxed night’s sleep. Here the remote control connects to the base through which you can adjust the head area of the bed according to your choice. However, cannot adjust the leg area. 

Moreover, you can combine this simple, no-frills adjustable base with any of Haven Beds mattresses to enhance your sleeping experience. 


  • The metal frame is super durable and sturdy
  • It includes a high-quality remote control
  • The frame allows you to adjust the head area to an angle of 60 degrees
  • It is the perfect adjustable base for those on a shoestring budget
  • Any adjustable bed that elevates a person’s head (called head-of-bed elevation or HOBE) can help reduce obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) Source: US National Library of Medicine


  • You can’t adjust the leg area to meet your sleeping needs
  • The adjustable base doesn’t come with any pre-installed positions
  • No additional features like US ports, hand and foot massage, and so on
Maybe this is more interesting than a LOT of boring bed frame photos. This is last week in Koh Phangan (island) in the Gulf of Thailand. My first tour in 15 months here!


Optimize the leg and head area as you please to enhance your resting time. Manufactured from top-notch quality metal, these frames undergo testing to ensure durability and sustainability. Not to mention, these bed frames are super easy to put together. 

The Haven Bed adjustable base premium comes with a top-tier wireless remote. Boasting a flashlight and pre-installed batteries, this top-notch quality remote lets you customize the head and leg incline according to your needs. In fact, you can adjust the head up to 60 degrees, whereas the leg area inclines up to 45 degrees.      

Pre-installed with four different sleeping positions, the adjustable base premium allows users to save two of their favorite settings as well. That way you can enjoy watching your favorite show or reading a book while resting your body in an optimum position.  

Haven Bed Adjustable Base


  • A long-lasting and robust metal frame
  • A wireless remote allows consumers to adjust their sleeping position without having to make extra efforts
  • The head inclines till 60 degrees, whereas the leg area reaches an incredible 45 degree
  • It comes with four preset sleeping positions, as well as saves at least two of your top ones
  • It’s comparatively cheaper than its competitors
  • A 10-year warranty


  • Doesn’t come with a USB port
  •  Lack of additional settings such as foot and hand massage

Premium Plus

Modify the Adjustable Base Premium Plus according to your sleeping profile to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep. The frame ensures longevity by boasting a sturdy metal frame. 

In addition, it comes with an ergonomic and wireless remote control. The futuristic remote consists of a flashlight and allows buyers to enjoy switching through four pre-programmed sleeping settings. Moreover, users can save up to two of their favorite settings to effortlessly change the position upon lying down. 

Here you can incline the head to a spectacular 60 degrees, whereas the leg reaches up to 45 degrees. In addition, this adjustable bed boasts two USB ports where you can put your phone on charge. A bonus point is the independent massage setting via which you can relax the knots in your body after a long day. 


  • A sustainable and sturdy metal frame ensures longevity
  • A wireless remote comprising a flashlight and pre-installed batteries
  • The frame lets you adjust the head area anywhere between 0 to 60 degrees. And the leg inclines up to 45 degrees
  • Cool extra features like head and foot massage and saving up to two favorite settings. I love the massage chairs at airports, so this is awesome!


  • More expensive than other options

Dimensions and Cost 

Size (US)Dimensions
Single39×75.1×14 649
Twin XL  39x80x14649
Full Size54×75.1×14 679
Queen 60×80.1×14749
King 76×80.1×14849

Premium Dimensions and Cost

Size (US)Dimensions
Single39×75.1×14 1145
Twin XL  39x80x141227
Full Size54×75.1×14 1300
Queen 60×80.1×141470
King 76×80.1×141670

Premium Plus Dimensions and Cost 

Size (US)Dimensions
Single39×75.1×14 1295
Twin XL  39x80x141377
Full Size54×75.1×14 1450
Queen 60×80.1×141620
King 76×80.1×141820

Financing Options

Are your pockets as empty as mine? But you just moved and the moving company sent your foundation to Timbuktu? Or you got a little wild last night and destroyed your foundation and land on the floor? There are lots of reasons why some of us need a new bed frame right away, even if our finances are not ready for that extra cash outlay.

Well Synchrony HOMETM offers Haven customers 60 months of equal payments with zero interest. That is pretty cool. So if you buy a Premium Plus queen for $1,620 that is about $27 per month. Ok, I could go without coffee and a biscuit a few days a month to cover that extra cost.

Or go without a few pints each month. This was at the Hub Cafe in Koh Phangan. Draft beer is hard to find here 🙁

Adjustable Bases Comparison

PremiumPremium Plus
Head inclines
up to 60
Head inclines
up to 60
Head inclines
up to 60
The leg
Leg inclines
up to 45
Leg inclines
up to 45
Wired to
remote with
remote with
No preset
4 preset
4 preset
No memory
2 memory
2 memory
No USB portsNo USB
No messageNo massageHead and
foot massage
2 year
10 year
10 year

You will need help carrying the single box into the house as they are HEAVY. For example, the Premium Plus weighs:

Twin: 105 lbs

Queen: 143 lbs

King: 205 lbs (but this is two boxes as it is two twins)

The Haven Bed Buying Experience

The Haven Bed Bases are known for their supreme functionality and long-lasting use. Moreover, it also offers multiple setting options to meet the varying needs of multiple sleeper types. Therefore, Haven Bed not only offers high-quality products but also user-friendly policies that make Haven Bed a leading brand in the online industry. 

Customer Service

At 8:30 on a Saturday morning, I used Haven Bed’s website chat feature. I had few expectations, but to my surprise, there was a very helpful person on the other end. Not a robot, not an “English is my 5th language” worker from Delhi, but an actual helpful person with very good English skills.

I threw a few curveballs, but she was able to dig up the info and was very pleasant. I was not expecting great help on a Saturday morning. I copied and pasted the transcript of the chat in case anyone is curious about how it went. It is located at the bottom of this article.

TIP: If you have any questions that I haven’t answered here the quickest way to get the answer is to use the chat feature on the website anytime between 8 am and 11 pm EST 7 days a week. And please feel free to let me know what you learn so I can add it to this page.

Shipment, Delivery, and Returns

Haven Bed delivers its top-notch quality adjustable bases via UPS. Their services extend throughout the nation for no fee at all. They ship from South Carolina and Illinois so if they have your product in stock it should only take a couple of days to ship.

The shipping time for much of the US is 3 or fewer days

If you are not home, the delivery team leaves the package at the curbside. However, you can track the progress of your shipment to ensure you are at home to receive the base. It is closely packed in the box so the base is easy to carry around the house. Moreover, it is easy to set up and takes only five minutes.

Unfortunately, Haven Bed adjustable bases cannot be returned. This is pretty common as there is not as much profit in these products and they are what they are…

A metal frame. What is there to like or not like? Nobody will see it. If we are considered about the look we buy a beautiful wrought iron or wood frame to show off to our friends and family.  

The Warranty and Trial

Haven adjustable beds feature two different kinds of warranties depending on the model you purchase. If you go for the adjustable base, you get a 2 years warranty. On the other hand, the adjustable base premium or the adjustable base premium plus offers a 10 years warranty. 

Furthermore, Haven Bed adjustable base warranty covers all manufacturing defects and dents. Haven Bed adjustable beds do not have a trial period.

Helpful Information

I put together some information that I think can help some readers to determine if this is a product to consider buying. Please shoot a message to me if you want me to add additional information. I really do answer emails and help folks out as much as I can.

Can I Use The Haven Mattresses on their Adjustable Bases?

I was not going to include this as it seems logical that the answer is yes. But based on some of the questions I get in my email box I thought that I should add this just to make sure we all know. Better to ask now than after an order is placed.

How Hard Is it to Assemble?

Each of the three models takes a few minutes to put together. Your shipment comprises a folded hinged frame, the legs, and a couple of additional parts. I have requested permission to post the assembly instructions so that you can see what you are getting yourself into if you purchase one. So stay tuned for that. 

What Company Will Ship the Base to Me?

The company delivers its products all over the US via UPS for free and its shipment takes 4 to 10 business days to reach your doorstep. But if you check my chart you will see that most customers in the USA can expect the product on a delivery truck for three days or less. 

Can I Lift the Adjustable Bed Up and Down Stairs?

It is a single box fitted in a box to ensure narrow stairwells should not be a problem, but it is a long box with steel in it so ask a friend or family member to help. Don’t be a dufus like me and do it yourself and scratch up the walls as you stumble up the stairs.

Can This Adjustable Base Ruin Your Mattress?

Typically, brands offering adjustable bases will also introduce a line of mattresses that fit atop the base. In such instances, these mattresses will hold their shape properly and won’t prematurely require a trip to the dumpster.

If you wish to use an existing mattress that has innerspring construction then I highly suggest asking the manufacturer to make sure can handle it and doesn’t void the warranty (and get the company’s response in an email and save it in a CYA… just in case).

Common Complaints

Haven Bed boasts an almost perfect score on their website. 

However, one consumer complained about their lack of communication. I had a hard time even finding this complaint, so if you know of more please let me know.

A Heaven Bed consumer on Reddit wrote,

The Haven Bed (I believe their parent company is Idle Sleep). I ordered a mattress about a month ago and I cannot believe the lack of communication and disorganization. For example, one representative told me it was UPS’s fault for the lack of delivery and that UPS definitely had the mattress and they were the ones dragging their feet on the order. However, after talking to another rep in depth, I discovered it was Haven’s own factory that was at fault. Therefore, the lack of accountability was fun. I’m giving up and cancelled my order.

Source: Reddit

Chat transcript with Customer Service below

Marian Sat, 01/16/21 08:50:38 am America/New_York Welcome to The Haven Bed.

Today, in our New Year Sale you can save a huge 30% off any mattress and get two free pillows or get a free accessory Bundle worth up to $850 with any mattress purchase ✨

Let us know if you have any questions!     

Visitor 08:50:38 am Hi, I am wondering what state you ship from?     

Marian 08:51:55 am Hi! my name is Marianne, Happy to help!     

Visitor 08:52:10 am Hi Marianne     

Marian 08:55:34 am We proudly ship from our factory partners in Illinois and South Carolina.     

Visitor 08:56:07 am Ok, so only one day to the Atlanta area?     

Marian 08:57:46 am Mattresses ship directly via UPS Ground, so you should receive your mattress within 4-10 business days, depending on where in the USA you are located. Latex models will have a 4-6 week expected lead time due to a more detailed manufacturing process, and they can take longer during the shipping process, as they will arrive at UPS Freight first. We will send you an email with your tracking details as soon as your order ships.

Please bear in mind that deliveries may take longer during and after public holidays, severe weather conditions, and during the Covid-19 pandemic     

Visitor 08:58:58 am Thanks, how much does the Premium Plus base weigh? I didn’t see it online

Marian 09:03:33 am Thank you for your patience, are you pertaining to the Adjustable Base Premium

Visitor 09:04:04 am Yes, with massage so the Plus model

Marian 09:07:52 am Still checking to confirm

 Visitor 09:08:11 am ok thanks

Marian 09:13:04 am Please give me a moment thank you

Visitor 09:13:17 am a sure thing

Marian 09:13:33 am may I know the size?

Visitor 09:13:48 am Oh, sorry. Queen

Marian 09:16:45 am 143lbs

Visitor 09:17:25 am ok, thank you. I will need help to move it if I buy it haha. All in one box?

Marian 09:17:43 am Yes

Visitor 09:18:52 am ok, thank you very much… do you have the weight of the king (two twins) right there? I am most likely buying a queen, but I may also replace my mattress and if so I might go King
if you don’t have it right there that is ok, no problem

Marian 09:19:44 am King: 12” x 80” x 76” – 100lbs

Visitor 09:20:33 am lighter than the queen? I guess because it is two twins. ok, interesting. thanks!

Marian 09:20:39 am Sorry I was thinking of the mattress

Visitor 09:21:05 am Haha, ok, that makes more sense. Thanks for your help

Marian 09:21:49 am My pleasure! anything else I can help you with?

Visitor 09:22:34 am I am going to continue to think about this and I will let you know if I have additional questions

Marian 09:23:01 am I appreciate your time, thank you for chatting. Have a nice day!

Visitor 09:23:16 am You too!
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