Haven Boutique Mattress Review: 9 Pros and 5 Cons

I have been picking mattresses that have been rating very well and that trend continues with this project. Although I have an eye-opener coming in a few days so check back or bookmark because you won’t want to miss it.

The Haven Boutique Mattress Review pros including motion absorption, stays cool, warranty and trial, body temperature regulation, durability, quilted top conformity, chemical-free, lumbar support, and good for heavy sleepers. Cons are too soft for primary back and tummy sleepers, weak edge support.


  1. Incredible motion absorption properties make the mattress ideal for bed sharing with multiple sleepers, including your partners, children, and/or pets.
  2.  Innovative cooling technologies wick away heat and moisture to keep the surface cool and comfortable for hot sleepers.
  3. Customer-centric policies and easy financing options make HavenBed Boutique mattress an easy purchase.
  4. Gel-infusion regulates sleep temperature in all seasons to keep you comfortable and well-rested throughout the year.
  5. Due to its premium materials and durable construction, the mattress lasts for years without any significant damages.
  6. The gel-based quilted top ensures less heat retention and maximum conformity to provide you with maximum support.
  7. The premium materials and chemical-free fire barrier suit the need of people prone to skin and nose allergies.
  8. Its plush comfort level offer excellent lumbar support to keep your spine aligned, irrespective of your sleep position.
  9. The dense structure keeps you uplifted, even if you have a heavy build.


  1. Its medium-plush firmness makes it too soft for back and stomach sleepers.
  2. The added bounce may limit its compression abilities and cause motion disturbance for light sleepers
  3. Back sleepers will experience excessive sinkage, which will cause discomfort and stuck-in feel.
  4. The weak edge support makes the mattress prone to accidents, especially in children and the elderly.
  5. You may not enjoy ample support when sleeping on your back.

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Haven Mattress Brand Highlights

  • 547-night in-home trial
  • Forever warranty
  • White-Glove Delivery at additional cost
  • Unrivaled mattress thickness
  • Affordable price
  • Medium Soft Mattress
  • USA-made

Boutique Mattress in a Glance

  • 4-layered all-foam mattress encased in the cooling cover
  • Total Mattress Height: 14-inches
  • Removable, 500 GSM IceFabric Cover quilted with gel molecules
  • Buoyant Foam Top Layer for ease of movement
  • Organic cotton flame retardant
  • Patent Memory Foam for customized comfort
  • HD foam foundation for sturdy support
  • Machine washable mattress cover

What is Haven Boutique Mattress?

The HavenBed Boutique mattress is a proprietary buoyant cooling foam bed, engineered to offer exceptional comfort. Those who sleep strictly on their sides would love this mattress for its pressure-relieving, cradled support.

The brand has made its mark for its top-quality products, lifetime warranty, and prolonged trial period.

The company buttresses its claim of “5-star luxury hotel-like, affordable sleep” by keeping the product price quite nominal.

With an eye for details and perfection, the company custom designs its memory foam to provide you with a highly innovative product.

The company creates all of its products in its state-of-the-art facility in South Carolina, following eco-friendly manufacturing processes for zero carbon emission.  

Its free delivery services, hassle-free returns, and lifetime warranty make it a highly reliable option. You can even get professional assistance in setting up your HavenBed Boutique mattress, which is roll-packed in a box.

A high number of positive online reviews prove the maximum customer satisfaction that the brand provides to most sleepers.

Construction and Materials

As we spend 1/3rd of your life sleeping, thus it is highly important to know what goes inside your mattress. Made of durable, high-quality components, this 14-inch thick mattress uses four layers of patent foams to provide you with cloudlike comfort.

Here is a layer-by-layer breakup of the HavenBed Boutique mattress.

The Top Cover

This unique, replaceable cover is made with an ice-cool fabric backed with gel molecules to regulate sleep temperature.

This added gel backing effectively wicks away heat and moisture while providing you with a cushioned comfort to relieve sore muscles.  Made of 500 GSM+, the fabric offers you luxurious comfort.

The First Comfort Layer

Next, comes a custom-designed 1-inch cooling buoyancy foam with phase changing properties. It keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter to keep you comfortable all year round.

Its springy texture offers you with excellent bounce for easy movement and equal weight distribution. The plush comfort offers a slight dip but is highly responsive to prevent stuck-in feel.

The Second Comfort Layer

Underneath the top layer is a second and thicker comfort layer custom-blended with foam and gel molecules. It reacts faster than memory foam and thus provides you with remarkable spinal alignment as you toss and turn around the bed.

The foam polymers offer excellent motion isolation so you and your partner can enjoy undisturbed sleep.

Since it contains cooling gel molecules, it offers remarkable moisture absorption capabilities important for restful snooze all night long.

The Transition Layer

The third is a 3-inch thick memory foam layer, offering you optimum conformity and hug-like support to relieve your aching joints. This patented memory foam also features thermal neutrality, which means less heat retention to suit the needs of hot sleepers.

Furthermore, it gives deep compression support, which means zero pressure formation on shoulders, hips, and legs, when sleeping on sides.

The Mattress Base

Last is a dense 8-inch thick HD foam base to add stability to the entire construction. The layer is quite firm and thus maintains the shape of the mattress even after years of use.

Its dense composition perfectly complements the two resilient layers to exceptionally isolate movement.

Haven Boutique Mattress Features

  • Works well with all foundations, including platform, slatted, adjustable and box spring
  • Exceptionally cool
  • Highly responsive
  • Ideal for side sleepers
  • Zero motion disturbances
  • Plush comfort
  • Pressure-relief
  • Stable back support
  • Maximum conformity
  • Chemical-free fire barrier
  • Affordable

Firmness and Feel

This 14-inch thick plush foam mattress works well for a majority of sleeper personas. Its soft firmness perfectly cradles your joints and conformed body curves, providing you optimum support.

Typically designed for side sleepers, those who sleep on their back or stomach will prefer a much firmer mattress for spinal alignment.

However, the comfort level of the mattress is subjective to your body shape and size. Petite back sleepers will enjoy the same amount of comfort and support as average built side sleepers.

Heavyweight sleepers may dip in the mattress and experience a stuck-in feel, which will cause spinal misalignment and sore joints.

Its thick construction makes the mattress suitable for heavyweight side sleepers. They will find incredible compression support to keep them uplifted even when the pressure is applied.

The inherent buoyant properties will work well for combination sleepers and allows them to toss and turn without any difficulty.

Furthermore, you will also experience limited edge support inherent to memory foam mattresses.

This makes it quite difficult to receive adequate support when sleeping or sitting at the corners.

Kids and the elderly especially may roll off the bed when using the entire sleep area.

Suitable For

  • Those who sleep on their sides
  • Those who enjoy all-foam mattress support
  • Those on a limited budget
  • Those who sleep hot
  • Those with an average or heavy-built

Unsuitable For

  • Those who like a conventional spring mattress
  • Those who look for stable edges
  • Those who sleep on their stomach
  • Those who sleep on their back

Features as Per Sleep Position

Back StomachSide Combination
Pressure-formationSinkageBody-hugging supportBouncy support
Unsupportive backImproper back alignmentMaximum spinal alignmentMotion isolation

Haven Mattress Sizes, Dimensions, and Price

(US Standard)
Twin39 x 75899
Twin XL39 x 80899
Full54 x 751199
Queen60 x 801299
King76 x 801599
Cal. King72 x 841599

Buying Experience

HavenBed is a well-known bed-in-box company featuring a range of high quality, affordable sleep products.  Its customer-friendly policies and affordable price range makes the brand top-favorite among those looking for a safe investment for unperturbed sleep.

Shipment, Delivery and Returns

HavenBed offers free shipment and curbside delivery across the continental US via UPS ground delivery service. You can receive your mattress with 4-10 working days, depending on your location and availability.

The company also provides you with a tracking number to inquire about the proceedings of your delivery package.

If you want to get professional assistance in setting up your new mattress and getting the old one removed, you can opt for White Glove Delivery Service at a nominal fee.

Although the mattress is easy to set up; all you need to do is unbox the package, and let it decompress for 48 hours.

In case you do not like your HavenBed Boutique mattress, you can ask for replacement or claim a refund, using a 100% cashback guarantee.

However, the company encourages you to try your new HavenBed Boutique mattress for at least 30-days before placing a return request, as it takes time to get used to the new surface.   

Warranty and Trial

HavenBed provides a lifetime warranty on all its mattresses, including the Boutique Mattress that bespoke of the premium-quality and longevity of the product.

This lifetime warranty covers all kinds of manufacturing defects, indentation, or breakage due to regular use. However, the company does not make returns on intentional damage to the product.

You also get to enjoy risk-free 18-months in-home trials to test the mattress performance. It helps you analyze its functionality in all seasons, which typically gets affected due to changing climatic conditions.

This prolonged testing period offers maximum customer-satisfaction and hassle-free returns, otherwise. However, all the warranties and claims get nullified, once the ownership of the mattress is changed.

How Is It Delivered?

All mattresses are roll packed and compressed in a box for easy shipment. It also allows you to carry the mattress, all on your own, without any hassle. It is also the quickest, easiest, and safest way to get your bed delivered.

Since the mattress is made of premium-quality materials, so there are no ill effects or whatsoever due to roll packaging. The company uses UPS ground delivery system to ship your mattress right to your curbside.

How Can I Test It?

To keep the prices affordable, the company has cut down all the unnecessary costs such as store setup and third-party retailing. Moreover, 5-15 minutes of in-store testing is not quite helpful in making the right choice. Therefore, the company provides its cherished sleepers with market-longest 18-month trial.

You can test it for 547 nights to ensure the bed is a perfect match for your unique sleep needs.

Where Does it Ship From?

HavenBed ships its mattresses from the partner factories in South Carolina. Since the mattress is made-to-order, it usually takes 1-4 business days to manufacture the product and additional 3-6 business days to ship your mattress via UPS ground delivery service.

How Long Does It Take To Get Refund?

Once the company’s delivery partner collect the mattress from your home for donation or return, the company receives a confirmation email and thus, instantly process your refund. Typically, it takes 2-3 business days to get the full payment right into your account.

What Is The Weight Limit?

HavenBed mattresses are durably thick and comfortable engineered to last for a lifetime. Made of premium materials, these beds can sustain substantial weight without any issues. There is no specific limit when it comes to body shape or size, but a general rule of thumb is, it can withstand 1000 lbs.

Does it Smell After Unboxing?

Made of premium, chemical-free materials, HavenBed mattresses do not off-gas or emit harmful gases, such as carbon dioxide when unpacked. You may experience a slightly off smell that will dissipate in a few hours; it is the inherent scent of roll packing your mattress in a box.

Is it Suitable For Hot Sleepers?

Unlike other foam mattresses, Haven Boutique is ideally designed for hot sleepers. This 14-inch thick mattress with its proprietary cooling technology wicks away heat and moisture to provide you with a comfortable sleep. Its breathable cover promotes air circulation for perfect ventilation and maximum temperature regulation.


HavenBed Boutique mattress is a great choice for side and combination sleepers who are looking for an extremely plush and luxurious sleep area.

Its durable construction ensures the longevity and high-performance of the mattress that lets sleepers enjoy rejuvenating sleep each night.

Its consumer-friendly buying policy makes HavenBed a safe investment for you and your loved ones.  

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