Haven Premier Mattress: 9 Pros and 5 Cons

I had been researching and reading about IDLE Sleep products (and very impressed), and that research lead me to finding The Haven Bed products, which is owned by IDLE Group. So I figured I may as well check these products out too since they show promise.

The Haven Premier mattress pros include an 18-month trial period, 5 foam layers, forever warranty, made in USA, air-flow and cooling ability, premium materials without off-gassing. Cons include only one firmness, weak edge support, 100% side or belly sleepers may not be comfortable all night long.

Haven Premier Pros

  • 18 months trial period
  • Everlasting warranty
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Exceptionally thick
  • Universal medium comfort
  • USA Made
  • Affordable, 5-star hotel-like luxury sleep

Haven Mattress at a Glance

  • 5-layered plant-based memory and gel-infused foam
  • 450 GSM quilted top cover for maximum conformity
  • Organic Cotton Fireproof Barrier
  • Buoyant top layer for resilience
  • Perforated foam offers remarkable coolness
  • HD foam base adds stability

What is Haven Mattress?

The HavenBed Premier has patented gel-foam and designed to serve multiple sleeper types with luxury sleep. The bed comes with everlasting warranty and industry-leading trial period that bespoke of premium material quality and durable construction.

With its budget-friendly price range and exceptional comfort, the company backs its claim of “luxury, 5-star hotel-like, affordable sleep”.

Recently launched, the brand offers tough competition to industry giants such as Nectar and Casper. With just only two types of models, HavenBed serves a wide array of sleepers with quality snooze time.

With its lifetime warranty and 100% cashback refunds, HavenBed offers quick replacement and hassle-free returns. You can also avail free shipment or choose white glove delivery services for old mattress removal and professional assistance in setting up the new one.

Construction and Materials:

Although the company uses premium materials, it is important to know what materials you are sleeping on for health and how it will affect your comfort. The Premier is made of three-layers of proprietary foam wrapped in quilted cover for unperturbed snooze time.

Top Cover

The mattress comes enclosed in a thermal regulated, quilted top cover paired with a washable and durable base cover. It offers cushioned support while preventing any heat-trapping to provide you with a cool and comfortable sleep all night long.

Comfort Layer

The first layer is a 3-inch proprietary Haven Buoyancy Foam, custom-designed using a blend of gel-molecules for exceptional cooling. Its springy texture allows you to quickly change sleep positions without any stuck-in feel.

Since the layer is highly responsive, it offers enhanced support and pain- relief to sore muscles. The gel-infusion swiftly wicks away heat and moisture to regulate sleep temperature for those who sweat at night.

Transition Layer

Next is the 2-inch thick support transition layer perforated foam that promotes air circulation throughout the mattress. Its dense structure provides uplifting support to prevent sinkage whereas the punctured design improves breathability.

The layer is a perfect blend of cradled and conformed support to evenly distribute weight, especially when sleeping on your back.

Base Layer

Backed with a high-density 7-inch poly foam base, the mattress features stable and durable construction. Due to its anti-compression properties, the layer resists sagging and increases the lifespan, especially since it is flippable.

For longer and use, you can even rotate it every time you flip it every few months. This sturdy layer perfectly complements the bouncy top and exceptionally isolates movement for undisturbed sleep.


  1. Suitable for all bases including platform, adjustable, slats and box spring
  2. Remarkable cooling
  3. No off-gassing
  4. Cradled back & joint comfort
  5. Natural flame retardant
  6. Excellent motion isolation
  7. Universal comfort
  8. Resilient structure
  9. Sturdy support
  10. Ideal for combination sleepers
  11. Budget-friendly

Firmness and Feel

This universally comfortable mattress works well for most sleeper types, positions, and composition. The 12-inch, medium-firm caters to the vast majority of sleepers.

It keeps you well rested when on your back; however, side sleepers will prefer a softer feel whereas stomach sleepers require a bit firmer one.

Your body weight and size will also affect the comfort level of the mattress; petite people will find it a bit firm and highly uncomfortable when sleeping on sides.

However, if you are slightly bulky sleeping on your sides, you will find adequate support. However, its balance structure prevents stuck-in feel thus, you will enjoy the ease of movement for swift tossing and turning.

Although, HavenBed premier offers consistent comfort but has weak edge support, which makes getting in and out slightly difficult, especially for kids and the elderly.

A sturdy perimeter also increases sleep area as you can safely sleep at the corner of the bed, without the risk of falling off. However, you may not be able to enjoy such benefits on HavenBed Premier Mattress.


  1. Minimal motion transference makes the mattress highly suitable for those who share their bed with partners, kids, and/or pets.
  2. The three-layers of foam offer maximum cradling and cushioned support for luxury sleep that you typically enjoy 5-star hotels.
  3. Its affordable prices and easy financing options make it a budget-friendly option for those on a shoestring budget.
  4. Lifetime warranty and 18-month in-home testing speak of quality and comfort.
  5. The perforated, patented foam enhances air circulation to maintain the sleep temperature.
  6. Its cotton-based fireproof fire barrier works as a natural, chemical-free fire retardant, ensuring zero harmful gas emission.
  7. Made of premium quality materials, the mattress has little to no off-gassing to suit those with a sensitive nose and respiratory problems.
  8. The sturdy foam base adds stability to the entire construction and absorbs motion for an uninterrupted sleep all night long.
  9. The quilted top cover adds plushness and conformity to relieve aching joints and provide padded lumbar comfort.
  10. It is one of the few two-sided mattresses available on the market.


  1. Its universal comfort makes the mattress a little “too hard” for petite side sleepers.
  2. Being all-foam may trap heat and moisture in humid weather conditions, making it unsuitable for hot sleepers.
  3. Typical to foam mattresses, the Haven bed also has limited edge support, which makes it unsafe for kids and elderly people.
  4. Resilient but not suitable for strict stomach sleepers or those with a heavy built.
  5. Stringent side sleepers often experience discomfort due to limited cradle support and complain of pressure formation around the hips and shoulders.

Haven Mattress is Suitable For

  • Those who sleep on their backs
  • People with average-built
  • Those who turn and toss a lot
  • Sleepers who sweat during the night
  • Sleep partners or who share a bed
  • People who love the feel of an all-foam feel

Not Suitable For

  • Strict side or stomach sleepers
  • People with petite-built
  • Those who are bulky or tall
  • People looking for eco-friendly options

Features as Per Sleep Position

Back StomachSide Combination
Even weight distributionUnbalanced supportPressure-formationBouncy support
Maximum spinal alignmentImproper back alignmentSink-in feelMotion isolation

Sizes, Dimensions, and Price

Size (US Standard)Dimensions (inches)Cost (US$)
Twin39 x 75649
Twin XL39 x 80699
Full54 x 75849
Queen60 x 80949
King76 x 801149
Cal. King72 x 841149

The Buying Experience

A relatively new brand (well, all bed-in-a-box brands), HavenBed is highly competitive due to its exceptionally comfortable and affordable sleep products. The company also offers customer-friendly buying policies to support your purchases and hassle-free service/

Shipment, Delivery and Returns

The HavenBed offers free delivery right to your doorstep, using UPS ground shipment services. It takes almost 4-10 business days to deliver your product, depending on where you are in the US.

Occasionally the delivery of the king and queen sizes can get delayed. However, you receive a tracking code to keep an eye on the shipment progress.

For an additional fee, you can apply for White Glove Delivery services in the continental US to get professional assistance for lugging the behemoth into the house and up or down stairs and setting up the mattress.

You can even ask them to remove and take away your old mattress for recycling or donation. Once you received the package, all you need is to unbox it and let it expand for 48 hours.

For any reason, if you do not enjoy your Haven mattress, you can use the free returns and full refunds as soon as they receive your order back.

However, the company asks for 30-nights mandatory trial before return or replacement as it takes some time to adjust to it before making a final decision.

Warranty and Trial Periods

Unlike the industry-standard, HavenBed offers an 18-month trial period, speaks of the quality, and comfort the mattress. The company truly believes in its products that are engineered to provide 5-star, luxury sleep night after night last for a lifetime.

Its 547-days of in-home trial let you test the quality and performance in all seasons throughout the year for maximum customer satisfaction.

To back its claim of superior quality, the company offers a lifetime warranty, thus allowing you to make a defect-claim for as long as you own it.

This ever-lasting guarantee provides 100% coverage for all kinds of wear and tear that may cause due to regular use.

Does Haven Mattress Off-Gas?

All of the Haven mattresses are made of proprietary memory foams with zero carbon emission or off-gassing. Due to its premium-quality components/materials, the bed is odorless even after compressing and wrapping for shipment.

What Kind Of Mattress Base Do I Need?

The durable Haven Premier is efficiently designed to work well with all types of bed bases, including slatted, box spring, platform, and adjustable.

Since it is suitable for hard surfaces such as floor and metal foundations; you do not need to add a box spring. Its buoyant texture also offers adequate resilience and ease of movement.

Its sturdy construction holds well even when places on adjustable bases and thus does not easily break or wear off even after years of use.

What Happens If I Don’t Enjoy Sleeping On It?

Haven is one of the more comfortable mattresses available at a nominal price. Its universal firmness level offers uninterrupted snooze time for almost all sleeper types.

However, if you don’t feel well-rested after 30 days or experience any manufacturing fault, then you can either call or drop an email for free exchange or 100% cash returns.

It is also advisable to use it for the first 30 days to adapt your body to the new mattress.


All-in-all HavenBed Premier Mattress is a great choice that perfectly suits your pocket.  Its universal comfort and durable constructions make it work well for most sleepers to enjoy revitalizing sleep each night.

If at any point in time you experience discomfort or defect, you can easily ask for return with a 100% money-back guarantee.  Due to its limited edge support, it is not recommended for kids or elderly people.

Please check out my other reviews. Some are good and I shit on some pretty good so make sure you don’t buy a poor quality mattress before reading them. You can see the list of the models and companies I have reviewed here.

Photos Source: The Haven Bed

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