Helix Sleep Complaints are Spiking, Shipping Issues, & More

After much research, it seems to me that this is a company that had good leadership and provided a good workplace for employees. But it seems the success of the company is also now a problem as supply and management issues are taking a toll.

Helix Sleep complaints include 58 BBB complaints in the past year with about 18 in October 2020, mattress did not ship, sagging, too soft, cannot contact customer service and get the run-around when finally reach someone, 1.16 rating on BBB, the company cannot keep up with growth. The number of complaints is trending up in recent months.

Helix Sleep Better Business Bureau (BBB)

BBB rates Helix Sleep Inc. a B and there are 47 complaints filed on the Better Business Bureau in the past three years and 43 (91.4%!) of them have been filed in the past 12 months. (Update November 6, 2020: 58 complaints with 54 in the past 12 months and about 18 in October 2020).

The one good thing is that this company still cares and is trying to address the HelixSleep complaints, or at least to address BBB complaints. Sadly there are several other companies that have obviously given up and don’t even do this.

Well, the paragraph above may have been premature. TWENTY of the complaints are in the previous five months and of those TWELVE are within the past 1.5 months (this was written in October 2020). Wow, actually that means that 11 of these complaints are in the past 20 days as I am writing this on October 20, 2020.

Helix has responded or answered all complaints. So that helps them maintain a BBB B rating (no, I am not stuttering).

Table 1. BBB Complaints per Month


Customers filed complaints with the BBB for many reasons and a few samples and snippets include:

“I ordered a Midnight Luxe mattress and protector September ** 2020. The over $2000 payment was processed. Delivery promised in 1-4 weeks. We are six weeks out with no product. When trying to contact Customer Service, we get crumbs and promises that it’s coming, yet still no mattress. I’m frustrated and appalled that the company took payment before the product shipped. When you reach out to Customer Service it takes days to get a generic email. Phone calls are scheduled three weeks out. I simply want my mattress or my money back.”

Helix customer, October 22, 2020, BBB.org

Considering another company? Check these out:

“False advertising about the production of and shipping dates for the product ordered.”

Helix customer, October 19, 2020, BBB.org (Update: On September 16, 2022 I checked this link and I assume the account was deleted)
BBB review ratings and complaints. Source

I am not wasting any more time and effort on this company. If you are considering purchasing a product from this company I suggest that you read through the complaints at BBB here.

Interesting facts in this Part 1 of 3 (scroll for the others)

There are 21 owner reviews posted on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website with a 1.15 out of 5 average rating. This is certainly in contrast to the respectable B rating issues by the BBB, except I have learned during my research that the BBB ratings about C are pretty much useless.

Yet the BBB gives Helix Sleep, Inc a rating of B while the customers say 1.15 out of 5. Who do you believe? A company that knows knows nothing about its service and products or the actual company customers who purchased products???

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports only reviewed two mattresses (one is out of production) and there are only a few owner reviews, but I will include a short summary of the available information as it may be helpful to some readers.

Midnight Luxe

The Midnight Luxe has a rating of 72, which is a little low for a mattress that costs more than $1,600 for queen size. This mattress received one 5 out of eight criteria, Durability like almost every other mattress reviewed by Consumer Reports.

I really need to investigate them and find out how and why they hand out top durability scores like candy.

I again question how Consumer Reports is determining durability as I don’t image they have staff sleeping on it for years to see how it holds up.

Perhaps they have special machinery that beats the mattress for a month, I have no idea and would love to hear from you if you have any information on this.

There are two criteria rated a three; the criteria being large back sleeper and stability. Source

There are only two owner reviews filed, one would recommend to a friend and one would not. One complained that the bed frame foundation failed after two weeks and that caused the mattress to sag. Another complaint was that it was a challenge to contact customer service.

This customer stated that the refund process was easy and Helix found a local charity to donate the mattress to and it had good edge support.

Consumer Affairs

I am impressed with the low number of complaints by Helix mattress owners and their high ratings consisting of mostly 4 and 5-stars. Recently I have been finding customers venting their complaints on Consumer Affairs with 1-star ratings. This is a pleasant change.

Table 2. Consumer Affairs Helix Customer Ratings

3.94Star score out of 5

NOTE: Two of the 3-star ratings are from customers who loved the mattress and had no issues with the purchasing process or the product… BUT GAVE 3-STAR RATINGS? Wow, tough critics!

Helix Sleep Glassdoor Reviews & Complaints

Helix Sleep on Glassdoor actually looks pretty darn good with a 4.7 employee rating, but from only six reviews. I am writing this in real time so I am interested to see how legitimate this reviews look and I will share the complaints that I find.

Ok, the first thing that seems strange is that the first review is glowing and seems legitimate by a current employee. But this worker cannot think of a single “Con” of working for Helix Sleep Inc. The oldest review back in 2017 (also a current employee at the time of review) also cannot think of a Con.

I find it odd that two out of six (33%) cannot think of a single thing that they don’t like about their job.

However, the consistent theme seems to be a great place to work with engaged and caring leadership provided by the three founders. Although the more recent reviews point towards a fast growing company with leadership having more difficulty facing the challenges of rapid growth.

The fact that the three founders are trying to provide a quality workplace is a pleasant surprise compared to the Schit Show at other mattress companies. Kudos Helix.

Part 3

The Cons listed include:

  • Onboarding of new employees is a work in progress. This is to be expected as the company was quite young at the time of this review.
  • As the company grew management had difficulty keeping up to date with each team. Yup, seems about right, so create team leaders and delegate more responsibilities before it is too late.

    This review was submitted in January, 2020. And based on the recent spike in complaints at BBB I would say that leadership had better take some Quality Management Training asap before the company implodes from its own success.
  • Wow, that is it. No real issues that I can see. I would like to see some reviews from the past couple of months as I expect there would be more Cons (but that is just my two-cent guess).



Well that was a waste of an hour of my life. Indeed has indeed messed up. They somehow managed to blend two companiess. Helix Sleep Inc and Helix OpCo, LLC. Shame on you Indeed. Perhaps you should try including the full name of the company on your website rather than only Helix for example!

I cannot extract any useful information from this mess. There are 15 reviews, but I don’t know which are for what company. Well done Indeed (insert sarcastic golf clap here).

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