Hiett Platform Bed Frame Review: Good or Bad Overall Analysis

The Hiett platform bed frame review shows it is best for couples on a budget and have a combined weight of less than 400 lb and looking for a simple minimalist bed frame with much storage space. It is reasonably sturdy and is best for innerspring mattresses rather than foam. Slats are thin metal.

The Good

  • Good instructions for adding universal brackets for attaching headboards. The bracket has many slots so it should work with most headboards. NOTE: brackets sold separately.
  • Free shipping to Continental US, though this is becoming the standard really.
  • Cheap and reasonably solid and sturdy. Good product for the price.
  • Super easy assembly.
  • Lots of storage space underneath.

The Bad

  • The warranty is only for three years, and it is a limited warranty.
  • The 30-Day Return Policy requires the frame to be in the same package and undamaged. And you have to pay for the return shipping.

    And you need to confirm with customer service that you can get your money back rather than store credit. Check out the fine print in Wayfair’s Return Policy on their website here.
  • The “Owner’s Manual” is crap, but if you need an owner’s manual for this product you probably need to marry someone who can this together for you.
  • The claimed 1,200 lb capacity is foolish. The frame might handle that weight, but not the few skinny metal wire slats.
From Wayfair
CommentsSqueaks after five months3This is a common problem with most metal bed frames that are fastened together with screws or nuts and bolts.

It is not the frame that is failing,

Unless the frame joints are all-welded this is to be expected. Simply accept the fact that a couple of times each year you need to spend ten minutes to tighten the nuts.
Center sagging after only nine months. The couple is over 600 lbs and have children in the bed often.3This is too much to ask for a cheap bed frame. The 1,200 rating is crap with those little metal slats. Solution: Buy a proper heavy duty bed like the Thuma (my review of it is here).
No predrilled holes for headboard or footboard brackets and this is not clear on the website.4It is also not clear in the owner’s manual, assembly manual, and any of the other PDFs that are available.

I find this highly annoying and misleading as it seems that it is ready for brackets, but you need to drill holes in the frame to attach any brackets.

No big deal for many, but a huge deal to others. I consider this a fail.
Serveral people crying about how terrible the product is, due to damage during shipping.1-3This is the failure of the shipping company, not the manufacturing company.

There really should be a separate rating system as it is not fair for FedUp’s ineptitude to reflect directly on the manufacturer.
Sturdy, well built, easy to assemble, squeak free, etc.5Thousands of buyers have praised the bed frame for those attributes and I don’t have months to spend on summarizing them.

I think it is safe to say that this is a good purchase for this price range.

Remember, for every 10 complainers there is usually only one who will take the time to praise the product.

And there are only a few complainers and thousands of praisers for the Hiett Platform Bed Frame, and that speaks loud and clear to me.
Not the product in the pictures1-4These poor reviews all seem to be due to a change in the design. There is no way to know when inventory expires and immediately upload the new photos.

I could be wrong, but I would give the company a break on this one. Obviously there should have been some system implemented to notify the customer of the change, but that is a big challenge online.

This is unfortunately one of the complications of moving the shopping experience almost entirely online.

There are many better options, including these ones:

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Why is the Hiett Platform Bed Frame so Popular

The Hiett frame is an incredibly hot item with more than 10,000 reviewers on Wayfair. If a conservative one buyer out of five writes a review that is more than 50,000 sales of this single product.

That is a staggering number. I think the biggest reasons for the popularity are:

  • Price: This is a very low price for what I would consider a medium-duty minimalist metal platform frame.
  • Sturdy: Buyers have reported that this is a very sturdy frame up to 500 lb. The sturdiness and squeakiness is a little more suspect after this weight threshold.
  • Assembly: A non-mechanically inclined and common sense deficient teenager should be able to easily assemble this frame even after playing beer pong for two hours.

Before you buy one check out my 15 tips first here and my top how to choose advice here.


This may be boring for most of you, but I know you engineers and OCD folks are gonna carefully evaluate each sentence. And that is good for me as I spent a foolish amount of time on this review.

Please send my your comments if you have information or questions our readers would benefit from.


The frame is hollow square metal and the full size and larger have two smaller units fastened together to make one larger bed frame. This increases the number of legs to help distribute the weight.

The metal slats are solid wire style, which is better suited for innerspring coil mattress than foam. However, I have not found any complaints when buyers use foam mattresses directly on the platform slats.

I would not try using a foam mattress any thinner than 10″ due to these wide gaps.

Size# of
at 200lb
at 400lb
Twin XL633.366.7

The height is not adjustable so the frame would be quite high to use with a box spring and mattress unless you are tall or have a short box spring and mattress.

Any mattress height is fine, but the thicker the better and coil works better do to the rather large gaps in the slats.

The optimum mattress height for people 5’10” and taller is 14″.

Size and Weight

Each size is 14″ from the floor to the top of the platform and have 13″ of clearence for plenty of storage undereath.

Twin XL
  • The claimed 1,200 lb capacity seems overly hopeful with the thin metal slats. Perhaps the frame can handle that much weight, but I see several comments in the reviews of couples weighting 700 – 800 pounds complaining that the center is sagging.

    Well, if you are looking for a bed frame to handle this much weight you need to consider a truly heavy duty bed frame such as the Thuma. You can read my review here.


The slats are thin metal running north and south with rather large gaps. The company claims that it is compatible with foam mattresses, but I would not use any less than a 10″ thick foam mattress.

Headboard and Footboard

The frame does not come with a headboard or a footboard, and there are no predrilled holes in the frame to accept universal brackets to accept either. However, the legs can easily be drilled to accept universal brackets.


The material used is simialr as other frames on trhe same price range. Hollow metal frame and legs with think solid metal wires for slats. Bolts with wing nuts are used to fasten the frame into the functioning position during installation.


The Hiett platform slats are thin solid metal wires running head to foot and spaced, well, a little to far apart for thin foam mattresses. The faps may also be an issue with thicker foam too so this is best for innerspring mattresses or use a thin box spring and mattress.

A box spring would also greatly helpt to distribute some of the weight off of the slats in the center to the edges where the frame is strongest.


Assembly is easy and there is a decent single page instruction “manual” in PDF format available. However, it does not clearly show how to attach two units together. I am going to “assume” that attach with keyway means they just fit together. Let me know otherwise, please.

No tools are required as there only a few bolts fastened with wing nuts.


There are an astonishingly more than 10,000 views and the average rating is 4.7, which is very high for a bed frame. The most common comment states how sturdy the frame is, so that is a huge benefit with lightweight metal frames.

Price Point

Price per Frame Size

Twin XL$77.99
California King$123.99
* Prices as of July 10, 2020


The frames fold up and are shipped in one box and are free to Continental US.

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