How Do I Fix My Bed Frame Center Support: $10 Fix in 30 Mins

You can fix your bed frame center support for a few dollars by purchasing or scavenging a bit of lumber, metal straps, and a handful of screws. Cut the lumber to fit between the floor and the bottom of the center support. Cut lumber and install two or three using the straps and screws.

Scott testing the strength of cross members for a giant 13′ bed we are building!

Fix Bed Frame Center Support for Under $5

There are a few cheap solutions that cost under $5. It won’t be pretty, but who is going to see it under the middle of your bed?

Box Spring Frame Option 1: This will work for twin, full, queen, and king size

  • Buy a 2 x 4” x 8′ wood stud from the local hardware store.
  • Remove the bedding, mattress, and box spring if there is one.
  • Measure the length of one of the legs.
  • Cut one piece of wood 24” long using a handsaw or circular saw (this is the model I have used for decades).
  • Cut two pieces of wood the length of the legs less than 1.5”.
  • Attach the small pieces to the ends of the 24” lumber. Install three 2.75 – 3″ coarse-thread screws with bugle head or nails at each end of the 2×4 and make a horseshoe.
  • Place the long end on the floor approximately where the foundation cross member will rest on the two upright 2x4s.
  • Place the bed frame on the floor and position the lumber so that the uprights are evenly spaced between the side rails. Or if one sleeper is much heavier than the other it can be shifted to one side.

    If the existing leg support cannot be removed then just place the lumbar support under the side that will have more weight. You could also build two, one for each side.
  • If you wish you can attach the lumber to the cross member using metal straps nailed into the ends of the lumber to fasten them to the metal member.

UPDATE May 4, 2023: Adjustable Center Support Bracket on sale at Amazon here or buy a new one on sale 48% off here.

You can also try what I did with this $60 fix from Amazon

Scott Boyd

TIP: Metal strap options include free scrap lumber straps from the lumber yard or cut up a pop can or plumbers copper pipe hanging straps.

TIP: Ask the hardware store staff if they sell culled (unused cutoffs) lumber. This is much cheaper than purchasing a full stud of you only need 12 inches.

The guy in the video reinforced his center supports in a similar manner. Check it out if you want to see the repair.

Fix Bed Frame Center Support for Free

If you are on a budget and can’t afford the $5 for lumber and screws or nails (or you are a miser) you can use items around the house such as books. If you need “shims” you can use magazines, newspapers, or your college degree.

You can usually find free pallets or mixed scrap wood at your local hardware store and these can be used to build more cross members and beams with additional legs for support. You can spend lots of money on metal KPL slats with up to three adjustable legs on each slat, but that is far from free.

However, you can check out the next video to see how the expensive version works, but you can also do the same with your free lumber.

Scissor Jack

A scissor jack is incredibly versatile. I once spread floor joists on the first floor of a four-story apartment building after it was built. I won’t go into details, but this idea saved thousands of dollars and a week on the schedule.

These jacks are found in all cars and trucks and you can pick one up at the local auto store or junkyard for a few bucks. Place a rag, carpet, or cardboard on your floor prior to installing the jack (like this one for $27 at Amazon).

Position the jack in the middle of the center support and raise it until it is supporting the beam.

TIP: If your bed was sagging then keep cranking the jack until the sag is gone and it is level.

The video below shows how simple this is, but do yourself a favor and skip to about the halfway point of the video to avoid verbal diarrhea foolishness.

That’s all folks. Short article is for a simple, cheap, and quick center support fix. Let me know if you have another option that you would like for me to add to this article. Thanks.

If you want to learn how to make bed slats stronger please see my article here.

Scott Boyd
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